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Release time: 2024-05-20   Source: Xinhua News Agency

"Focus on improving the modern tourism system,Accelerate the construction of a tourism power,Let the tourism industry better serve a better life、Promoting economic development、Build a spiritual homeland、Show the image of China、Promoting civilization mutual learning。”

The National Tourism Development Conference was held in Beijing on May 17,It will convey the important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping on tourism work。

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping made a series of important instructions,To accelerate the construction of a strong tourism country、It provides an important guidance for promoting the high -quality development of the tourism industry。19th is the 14th "China Tourism Day",Let's revisit the general secretary's guidance for tourism work,Draw wisdom and power from it。

["Efforts to create Yichang、Livable、Yile、A good environment of Yiyi "]

March 2024,General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Changdehe Street, Hunan to inspect。Enter the shop、Inquiry price、唠 常,Watching non -heritage art display、Listen to the comprehensive management of water environment ... General Secretary communicates with everyone from time to time。

This time in Hunan Investigation,General Secretary pointed out,Promote the deep integration of culture and tourism,Guarding the green mountains and green waters of Sanxiang's land、Blue Sky Pure Land,Convert the natural scenery and humanistic style into the lasting charm of the tourism industry。

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March 19, 2024,General Secretary Xi Jinping was The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction European Online Sports Betting 2024websiteinspected on Changdehe Street, Hunan Province,Tongdao owner and tourists friendly。Photo by Wang Yan, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency

Green Water Anshan is Jinshan Yinshan。As General Secretary Xi Jinping was inspected in the Wetland Park in Xixi National Wetland Park, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, in March 2020: "The original ecology is the capital of travel,Developing tourism cannot sacrifice the ecological environment,Can't engage in excessive commercial development,Can't engage in some buildings that affect the ecological environment,Can't engage in private clubs,Let the park share the green space shared by the people "。

"Where does the happiness of the people come from? It comes from a good living environment。”

April 2021,General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Xiangbi Mountain Park, Guilin City, Guangxi,Overlooking the mountains and rivers,Look at the business along Bu Dao、Postal service facilities。This tourist city of this landscape,It is a treasure land given by nature to the Chinese nation,General Secretary instructed everyone to take care of it。

"To adhere to the people -centered,、Yiji Changwen,Improve the style of style,Efforts to create Yichang、Livable、Yile、A good environment of Yiyi,Create a world -class tourist city。"General Secretary's remarks,Delow the in -depth thinking of tourism for the people。

["Promote the development of culture and tourism,Create a wealthy industry "]

September 2023,General Secretary Xi Jinping comes to inspection at the North Polar Village, Mohe, Mohe, Mohe, the northernmost tip of our country.。

"A sailing smooth and flat house,Everything Ruyi Happy Home。"Entering the home and breakfast of the villager Shi Ruijuan's house,The General Secretary refers to the voice of the couple of the door at the door。Seeing the development of Arctic Village and the good living conditions of the masses,2024 European Cup Match Best bets on Euro 2024Result Betting PredictionsGeneral Secretary is very happy。

"The tourism resources here are unique,Local Party Committee and Government must provide policy support,Adhere to the two karma of the economy and tourism in the forest,Let the northern border scenery landscape、Ice and Snow Resources brings a steady stream of income to the folks。"General Secretary said。

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In the afternoon of September 6, 2023,General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the homestays of Shi Ruijuan's house in the North Polar Village, Beiji Village, Daxing'an Ridge, Heilongjiang。Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Peng

Grapegou on Turpan, Xinjiang,General Secretary pointed out, "To properly handle the relationship between economic and social development and ecological environmental protection,Promote the development of cultural and tourism integration,Create a rich people industry "。

In Xinxian County, Henan,General Secretary emphasizes "Develop rural tourism, do not engage in big demolition and construction,Adaction to local conditions、Director of the situation,Reform traditional villages、Protection "。

At the further promotion of the high -quality development symposium of the Yangtze River Economic Belt,The General Secretary talked about "Actively Promoting the Development of Culture and Tourism Deep Integration,Build a group of Binjiang City with natural landscape characteristics and historical and humanistic connotations、Small town and beautiful villages,Create Yangtze River International Gold Tourism Belt "。

From landscape,to the forest,Then to ice and snow,General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection footprint spreads throughout the river north and south,Mets clear requirements for the development of tourism for the development of tourism in various places。

["Every red tourist attraction 2024 European Cup Match European Online Sports Betting 2024Result Betting Predictionsis a vivid classroom that often learns and new"]

2019 Golden Autumn Festival。General Secretary Xi Jinping came to the Capital Revolutionary Museum of the Capital, Henan, Anhui and Soviet District, Henan,Learn about the revolutionary history of Hubei, Henan, Anhui and the Soviet Union。

Museum exhibitions have many precious revolutionary cultural relics,General Secretary stops to inspect,Communicate with you from time to time,Recalling the years。

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This is the "Red Flag Flying" theme sculpture (drone photo) on the Hero Hill near the Capital Museum of the Capital Revolutionary Museum of the Capital Revolutionary Museum of the Capital Museum of the Capital Museum (drone).。Xinhua News Agency

Subsequent,General Secretary takes a car to visit Tianpu, Tianpu Township, Xinxian, to investigate and investigate。In the "Hom House" Homestay Store,The General Secretary carefully checks the service facilities,The same shop owner Han Guangying sat around and talked together。

Han Guangying told the General Secretary,He is the descendant of the Red Army、Revolutionary martyrs' family members,In recent years, it has achieved income increase in rural tourism,It also drives the folks to develop a homestay to take the road to get rich。

General Secretary listened to,I said happily: "Relying on rich red cultural resources and green ecological resources to develop rural tourism,Active rural economy,It is a good way to revitalize the countryside。”

When serving as Vice Chairman of the State,Comrade Xi Jinping has made a deep interpretation of red tourism。

March 2011,Comrade Xi Jinping came to Shaoshan, Hunan,Dedicated a flower basket to the bronze statue of Comrade Mao Zedong,I admired the former residence of Comrade Mao Zedong。

In Shaoshan,He pointed out,"Revolutionary traditional resources are the precious spiritual wealth of our 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsBest bets on Euro 2024party,Each red tourist attraction is a vivid and vivid classroom that is often learned and new,Contains rich political wisdom and moral nourishment ","Make these revolutionary traditional resources as a vivid textbook for patriotism and party education"。

["Best European Cup prediction websiteBest bets on Euro 2024Let travel become people feel Chinese culture、The process of enhancing cultural self -confidence "]

"The cultural industry and the tourism industry are inseparable,We must adhere to the Wen Plastics Travel、Yiji Changwen,Promote the development of cultural and tourism integration,Let people appreciate the beauty of culture in the beauty of nature、Treat the beauty of the soul。"September 2020,General Secretary Xi Jinping preached at a symposium at an expert on education, culture, health and sports.。

October 2023,General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province for investigation。Enter the site of the southern foot of the historical and cultural district of Taoyangli、Ceramic Museum、Ming and Qing Kiln Group,The General Secretary is interested in understanding the process of making porcelain technology、Ceramic cultural inheritance innovation and external communication,Careful communication with non -genetic inheritors。

"Taoyangli historical and cultural district strictly follows protection first、Requirements for repairing the old as the old,Heritage interaction of ceramic culture protection and the development of cultural tourism industry。"Millennium kiln fire is endless,The General Secretary Remember the Essentials。

In World Cultural Heritage Shanxi Yungang Grottoes,General Secretary also mentioned the relationship between protection and development,and further explain the meaning: "Developing tourism should be based on protection,Cannot over -commercial,Best European Cup prediction websiteBest bets on Euro 2024Let travel become people perceive Chinese culture、The process of enhancing cultural self -confidence。”

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May 11, 2020,General Secretary Xi Jinping learns about the protection of historical and cultural heritage at Yungang Grottoes in Shanxi。Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Huanchi

Reading 10,000 books,Wanli Road。Now,Tourism that is mainly tourist tour can no longer satisfy tourists seeking new、Seeking Qi、Seeking knowledge、Demand for joy。

October 2020,General Secretary Xi Jinping was inspected in Chaozhou, Guangdong,Feelings "Chaozhou has a long history、Humanities Get,Is a national historical and cultural city,Many people come to visit travel "。

"To protect the old town with historical and cultural value,Express urban characteristics,Enhance cultural tourism connotation,Let people receive more education。"The General Secretary of the General Secretary is the" problem -solving move "for the deep integration of cultural and tourism。

["Stimulate people to innovate and create vitality,The most direct method is to enter different civilizations "]

"Tourism is the spread of civilization、Exchange Culture、Bridge to improve friendship,It is an important indicator for the improvement of people's living standards ";

"Tourism is different countries、Important channels for different cultural exchanges and mutual learning,It is the development of the economy、Effective means to increase employment,It is also an important industry to improve people's living standards ";

"Stimulate people's innovation and creativity,The most direct method is to enter different civilizations,Discover the best of others,Inspiration of your own thinking ";


May 15, 2019,President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference at the Beijing Best European Cup prediction websiteNational Convention 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsCenter,Published a keynote speech entitled "Deepening Civilized Exchanges and Construction of the Community of Asian Destiny"。Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren Photo

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,President Xi Jinping talked about travel when visiting and meeting foreign leaders many times。

Not long ago,President Xi Jinping has been to France、Serbia and Hungary for state visits。

During talks with French President Macron,Emphasizing "the two sides must speed up the" two -way rush ",Continue to organize various activities of the China -French Cultural Tourism Year "; when meeting with a reporter with Serbian President Wugci,Announced "Expand personnel in various fields,Comprehensive deepening culture、Education、Sports、Travel、Local Cooperation "; During the visit to Hungary,The two countries will strengthen the coordination and communication of tourism policies,Common travel routes、Create a consensus on creating tourism products。

Tourism is to show the image of China、An important way to enhance the mutual learning of civilization。

"China has a long history、Gorgeous Mountainsawa、Gorgeous Mountainsawa、Diverse style,We warmly welcome tourists from various countries to visit China for sightseeing。"President Xi Jinping sent an invitation to the world。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao