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Release time: 2024-05-20   Source: Henan Daily

The starting ceremony of the project of the Zhengzhou New Materials Higher Research Institute at Peking University was held

Lou Yangsheng Wang Kai Gong Qihuang attended

May 18,The starting ceremony of the project of the Zhengzhou New Materials Higher Research Institute at Peking University was held in Zhengzhou。Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng、Governor Wang Kai、President of Peking University Gong Qihuang attended。

Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Peking University、Vice President Zhang Jin represents Peking University to Henan Province、Zhengzhou City's long -term care and Best bets on Euro 2024support Best bets on Euro 2024for the development and construction of the school。He said,Henan's rapid economic and social development in recent years,Technology innovation vitality is continuously enhanced。Peking University has a solid foundation for cooperation with Henan Province,In technology innovation、Cultural inheritance、Talent Exchange and other fields have carried out in -depth cooperation。Peking University will further discipline、The advantages of talent resources and the location advantage of Henan Province and Zhengzhou City、The industrial foundation is closely 2024 European Cup Match 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsResult Betting Predictionscombined,Actively explore the development model of deep integration of political industry, university and research,Construction of the Zhengzhou New Materials Higher Research Institute of Peking University becomes the leading country、World -class new material technology innovation platform,Provide more intellectual support for the high -quality development of the local economy,Help the cultivation and development of my country's new quality productivity。I hope that both parties of the school and the ground will work together,The iconic project of the research institute European Online Sports Betting 2024into school -land cooperation Best bets on Euro 2024was made at an early date。

Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee、The Secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee An Wei said in his speech,In recent years,Provincial Party Committee、The Provincial Government has thoroughly implemented the instructions of General Secretary Jinping to inspect the important instructions of Henan's important speech,Firmly will implement innovation driver、Science and Education and Education Province、Talent Strong Provincial Strategy Put in the "Top Ten Strategy" first,High starting point Promote European Online Sports Betting 2024the layout of science Best bets on Euro 2024and education resources to reshape,The province's science and education undertakings realize leapfrog development、The results of innovation are constantly emerging。Zhengzhou City resolutely implements the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial government decision deployment,The Zhengzhou Research Institute of First -class University as a key starting point and effective way,Driven the development of the city's innovation and development。The construction of the Zhengzhou New Materials Higher Research Institute at Peking University,It will be Henan、Zhengzhou science and education The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitecause and innovative development European Online Sports Betting 2024inject new strong motivation。Zhengzhou will continue to deepen strategic cooperation with Peking University,Work together to make the research institute into innovative type、Internationalization、Marketization、Service -based education and research institutions,Provide powerful scientific and technological innovation support for the high -quality development of the economy and society。

Provincial leader Sun Shougang、Chen Xing、Song Zhenghui,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Peking University Jiang Guohua attended。

The Zhengzhou New Materials Higher Research Institute of Peking University is Best bets on Euro 2024by Best bets on Euro 2024the People's Government of Henan Province、Joint co -construction of Peking University and Zhengzhou Municipal People's Government,It is Peking University to conduct cutting -edge science and technology research at Yuyu、Application Technology R & D、Innovative product development、The cutting -edge position of the cultivation of emerging industries。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao