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Release time: 2024-05-17   Source: People's Daily

Fones can be done,。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core insists on technology is the first productive force、Talent is the first resource、Innovation is the first power,Comprehensively strengthen the party's leadership of talent work,Firmly establish a strategic position of talent leading development,Promote historic achievements in the new era、Historical changes occurred。General Secretary Xi Jinping published a series of important discussions around talent work,deeply answered why building a talent for talents、What is a talent for talent、How to build a major theory and practical problem for the power of talents,It provides a fundamental follow -up for talent work in the new era。Recently published "Xi Jinping's Excerion of Talent Work Discipline" (hereinafter referred to as "Excerpts"),7 topics,Income of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discussion 248 paragraphs。Learn these important discussions carefully,For the new strategy and new measures for the new era of talent work in the new era,In -depth implementation of the new era talent and strong country strategy,Accelerate the construction of an important talent center of the world and innovation highland,To comprehensively promote the construction of a strong country、National Revival Greater Realm provides strong talent support,It has very important significance。

1. Adhere to the party's comprehensive leadership of talent work

Qianqiu Jiye,Talent -based。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Do a good job in China,The key lies in the party,The key lies in people,The key is talent。Adhere to the party's comprehensive leadership of talent work。This is the fundamental guarantee for talent work。"Excerpt" the first topic,concentratedly included the important discussion of General Secretary Xi Jinping。

Pay attention to cultivating talents、Unity Talent、Leading talents、Achievement talent。"The governance of the world is in talent。"In the course of struggle for more than 100 years,Our party always attaches importance to cultivating talents、Unity Talent、Leading talents、Achievement talent,Unity and support the talents of all aspects for the cause of the party and the people。New Democratic Revolution,The party proposed to "absorb a large amount of intellectuals",Actively brings together outstanding talents in all aspects to the revolutionary team,To achieve national independence、People's Liberation has laid a solid foundation for talent。After the founding of New China,The Party Central Committee issued a call for "marching to science",A large number of training science and technology talents,A group of major scientific and technological achievements represented by "two bombs and one star"。After reform and opening up,The party advocates "respecting knowledge、Respect talents ",Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of scientific and technological personnel、Activity and creativity。Especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Making talents with the core of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core is to realize national revitalization、Major judgment of the strategic resource that won the initiative of international competition,Give play to the leading role of major talent project,Deepen the reform of the talent development system and mechanism,Stimulate the vitality of all kinds of talents,The enthusiasm and initiative of all departments in various regions and departments are unprecedented,Conditions for career development and policy innovation for talents are unprecedented,Talent's support for the development of our country is unprecedented,The talent team grows rapidly,Continuous enhancement of talent efficiency,Talent comparative advantage steadily enhances,The land of China is becoming a variety of talents.、A big hot soil。Long -term effort,my country already has a magnificent scale、Good quality、Structure is continuously optimized、Talent team with an increasing role of role,my country Talent Working Station is at a new historical starting point。

Adhere to the principle of party management talents。,East -west North and South Middle,The party is the leadership。Do a good job of talent work in the new era,The key is to adhere to the principle of party management。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,Party management talents are the strategy of party leaders to implement talents、Promote high -level technology self -reliance,Strengthen the political leadership of talent work,All -in -one supporting talent、Help talent,Tomberly builds talents、Achievement talent,Wisdom of Wisdom with Talent、The sincerity of love、Talent's gallbladder、Rongcai's elegance、Gathering Caica,Focus on gathered outstanding talents in all aspects into the great struggle of the party and the people,Efforts to build a magnificent scale、Reasonable structure、Talent team with excellent quality。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Party committees (party groups) at all levels must improve the unified leadership of the party committee,Organizational departments lead the total,The functional departments performed their duties、Pocket cooperation,Talent Best bets on Euro 2024work pattern extensive participation European Online Sports Betting 2024in social forces。The party committee and organization departments at all levels must be under the leadership of the party committee,Monetic measures to promote talent work in overall plan。All departments and departments must be based on actual、Highlights,Solve practical problems with strong reflection of talents。To improve the government、Society、Unit diversified talent investment mechanism,Increase the development 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsof talent development,Improve the benefits of talent input。The propaganda department of party committees at all levels,Education at all levels、Technology、Industry、Security、Human Resources、Cultural Tourism、State -owned asset、Finance、Foreign Affairs and other departments,To give full play to functional functions,Practice the tasks of talent work together。

Strengthen the ideological and political leadership of talents。To do a good job of talent, we must adhere to the correct political direction,Continuously strengthen and improve intellectual work,Encourage talents to carry deep patriotism、Study to report to the country,Active responsibility for the mission given by the times。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,Party committees and governments at all levels must establish a strong sense of talent,Do a good job of unity、Leading、Service work,Sincerely care about talents、Love care talent、Achievement talent,Guide the majority of talents and love the party to report to the country、Dedication of dedication、Services。To strengthen the political leadership of talents,Do a good job of various types of talent education and training、National conditions training and other work,Enhance their political identity and heart force,Realize the number of increases and the organic unity of people's heart。Leading cadres must take the lead in contacting experts,Strengthen ideological communication and emotional communication。Take the initiative to deal with experts and scholars、Make friends,Frequent questions for them,Listen to their opinions and suggestions。Be good at dealing with intellectuals,Stubborn friends who are intellectuals、Friends。To improve the work method,Learn to deal with intellectuals outside the party.。

Full respect for talents,Good at giving full play to the enthusiasm of all kinds of talents。Respect labor、Respect knowledge、Respect talents、Respect creation,It is a long -term policy for the party and the country。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,We must conscientiously implement the party's intellectual policy,Respect knowledge from the bottom of my heart、Respect talents,To fully trust politically、Active guidance in thought、Care care in life、Care care in life,Be a good "Logistics Minister",Most of them do practical things for them、Do good deeds、Difficult things,Create good conditions for talent to play clever,Create a loose environment,Provide a broad platform。To optimize the talent commendation and reward system,Increase advanced typical publicity strength,Promoting the formation of respect for talents in the whole society。Party committees and governments at all levels should shoulder the responsibility for leadership and organizational innovation and development,Good at mobilizing innovative elements in all aspects,Good at giving full play to the enthusiasm of all kinds of talents,Together for building an innovative country、Building a world scientific and technological power condensed together。

2、Firmly establish a strategic position of talent leading development,Accelerate the construction of a talent for talents

National Development depends on talents,Ethnic revitalization rely on talents。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,It is necessary to accelerate the implementation of talents in the country,Firmly establish a strategic position of talent leading development,Comprehensive gathering talents,Focus on consolidating the foundation of innovative development talents。"Excerpt" the second topic,Fully reflects General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic painting。

Talent is the first resource。Over the present,Talents are the foundation of the rich country、Xingbang plan。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,To develop our career,It is necessary to gather the talents in the world。Do a big career,It is necessary to have this kind of vision、This courage、This atmosphere。Today's World,Comprehensive national strength competition is becoming increasingly fierce,The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change are breeding the rise,The energy of the transformation breakthrough is constantly accumulating。Economic globalization surface is a product、Capital、Information, etc. flowing widely globally,But in essence, the power of this flow is talent、is the ability of scientific and The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitetechnological innovation。Comprehensive national strength competition said that it is talent competition。Talent competition has become the core of comprehensive national strength competition。Who can cultivate and attract more outstanding talents,Who can occupy an advantage in the competition。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Talents are important indicators to measure a country's comprehensive national strength。We must enhance the awareness of worry,Pay more attention to the self -cultivation of talents,Accelerate the establishment of talent resources competition advantages。Talent must be used as the first resource to support development,Continuous improvement 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsof talent development environment、Best European Cup prediction websiteStimulate talents to create vitality,Vigorously cultivate and build a large scale、Reasonable structure、Excellent innovative talent team。

Promoting the strategic support of Chinese -style modernization。Comprehensively promote the construction of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization、National Revival Great Valley,Education、Technology、Talents are basic、Strategic support。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,Current,my country has entered a comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country、New journey to the second century -old target,We are closer to the grand goal of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any time in history,It is also more thirsty for talents than at any time in history。Realize our goal of struggle,High -level technology self -reliance is the key。Talents are the most active in innovative activities、The most positive factor。Promote independent innovation,Talent is the key。No strong talent team as a backing,Independent innovation is water.、No wood。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,We must adhere to technology as the first productive force、Talent is the first resource、Innovation is the first power,In -depth implementation of science and education strategy、Talent Strategy Strategy、Innovation -driven development strategy,Open a new field of new fields for development,Continuously shaping the new advantage of new kinetic energy。To adhere to education priority development、Technology self -reliance、Talent Leading Drive,Accelerate the construction of a strong country for education、Science and technology power、Talent strong country,Persist in educating people for the party、For the national education,Comprehensively improve the quality of self -cultivation of talents,Focus on creating a tip of innovative talents,Juguki British talents。Construction Education Strong Country、Science and technology power、Talent strong country has internal consistency and support,It is necessary to organically combine the three、Integrity to advance。

Develop talent resources in the best priority position。my country is a big human resources country、Intelligent Resources Big Power,But the structural contradiction of the talent team is prominent。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,Based on the new development stage、Implement the new development concept、Build a new development pattern、Promote high -quality development,Must develop talent resources at the best priority position,Vigorously build a strategic talent force,Focus on consolidating the foundation of innovative development talents。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Innovation Road,Only in the person。Innovation driver is essentially talent drive。Talents must be found in innovative practice、Cultivate talents in innovative activities、Gathering talents in the innovation cause。To respect the rules of talent growth,Solve the structural contradictions of the talent team,Build a complete talent ladder structure,Cultivate a large number of strategic technology talents with international levels、Science and Technology Leaders、Youth Science and Technology Talents and Innovation Team。Just use talent,Give full play to innovative advantages,The development of our country is very promising,The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation refers to the next day。

Accelerate the construction of an important talent center in the world and innovation highland。The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China clarified by 2035 that my country entered the forefront of innovative countries、Strategic goal of building a talented country。The Central Talent Work Conference is proposed,In -depth implementation of the new era talent and strong country strategy,Accelerate the construction of an important talent center of the world and innovation highland。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,Since modern times,my country does not seize the historical opportunity of the industrial revolution,After the war, war and the power bully,leading to the long -term backwardness of science and technology and talents in my country。Now,my country is in the most stable politics、The most prosperous economy、The most active period of innovation,The strong leadership of the party and the political advantage of my country's socialist system,Basic Research and Application Basic Research Realizing Major Breakthrough,Obst to achieve important results for strategic high -tech research facing major national needs,Application research leads the industry to move towards the mid -to -high -end,Create favorable conditions for us。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Must be able to grasp the strategic active,Do a good job of top -level design and strategic planning,Accelerate the construction of an important talent center of the world and innovation highland,Provide talent support for basically realizing socialist modernization in 2035,For the full building of socialist modern power in 2050。To make a strategic layout,Construction of high -level talent highlands,Construction platform that attracts and gather talents,Pilot the comprehensive reform of the talent development system and mechanism,Concentrated countries' high -quality resources focus on the construction of a number of national laboratories and new R & D institutions,Initiating the international major scientific plan,Provide talents with international first -class innovation platforms,Accelerate the formation of strategic fulcrum and geese array。

3、Adhere to the "Four European Online Sports Betting 2024Faches",Cultivation of talents in all directions

Cultivate high -quality European Online Sports Betting 2024talents with a large number of ethics,It is the long -term development of the country and the nation。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,It must be anchored in the forefront of innovative countries in 2035、The vision goal of the talent power of the talent,Comprehensively improve the quality of self -cultivation of talents,Use all kinds of talents。"Excerpt" third、Four topics,A full reflection of the exquisite discussions of General Secretary Xi Jinping。

Adhere to the frontiers of the world technology、For the main battlefield of the economy、Facing major national needs、For the health of the people。This is the target direction of doing a good job。Engels said: "Once there are technical needs in society,This need will be more scientific than ten universities。"Now,my country's economic and social development and people's livelihood improvements are more needed for scientific and technical solutions than in the past,All need to enhance the first motivation of innovation。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,To adhere to the forefront of world technology、For the main battlefield of the economy、Facing major national needs、For the health of the people,Accelerate the realization of high -level technology self -reliance。Must support and encourage the majority of scientists and science and technology workers to follow the trend of the development of science and technology,Before the benchmarking level,According to the needs of the country's urgent and long -term needs,Dare to propose a new theory、Open a new field、Exploring the new path,More strategic、Key major scientific and technological achievements,Keep overcome the key core technology of "Card Neck",Constantly march into the breadth and in -depth science and technology。

The road of self -cultivation of talents。Ten Years of Tree,Centennial Tree Man。my country is a big country,Number of talents、Quality、The requirements of the structure are all -round,Meeting such a huge talent needs must be cultivated mainly by yourself,Improve the supply of talent supply autonomy。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,Adhere to the use of talents in all directions,It is the key task of doing good talents。my country has the world's largest higher education system,The broad stage of development of various causes,It can continue to cultivate a large number of outstanding talents,Can be fully cultivated by master。We have to have such determination、Such self -confidence! We must seize the focus of comprehensive improvement of talent training,Persist in taking the Lideshu as the fundamental task,Focusing on the newcomer of the era of rejuvenation of national rejuvenation。It is necessary to speed up the construction of Chinese characteristics、World -class universities and superior disciplines as the top priority,Vigorously strengthen the basic discipline、Emerging Discipline、Cross Discipline Construction,Aiming at the forefront of the world technology and major national strategic needs to promote scientific research innovation,Constantly improving the quality of talent training。We must adhere to the road of self -cultivation of basic research talents,Strengthen the training of high -level talents in the country,continuously build a large -scale basic research backup forces。To cultivate a large number of philosophers、Social scientist、Literary artists and other talents,To build a philosophy and social science with Chinese characteristics、Prosperity and development of socialist literature and art provides solid talent support。

Accelerate the construction of national strategic talents。Strategic talents are standing at the forefront of international technology、Leading technology independent innovation、undertake national strategic technology tasks,It is an important force to support my country's high -level technology self -reliance。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,To focus on the construction of strategic talents as the top priority,Efforts to create a group of scientists at the world level、Science and Technology Leaders、Engineers and high -level innovation teams,Pay attention to the cultivation of front -line innovation talents and youth science and technology talents。To adhere to the practical standard,Discovered in the leaders of the major national science and technology tasks found deep scientific literacy、Long -term struggle on the front line of scientific research,Vision open,Prospective judgment、Discipline understanding ability、Scientists with strong leadership in combat organization,Consciously discover and cultivate more high -level composite talents with potential of strategic scientists,Forms a strategic scientist growth echelon。Special deployment mechanism for the key core technology of the "card neck" to establish a "card neck",Give full play to the national laboratory、National Scientific Research Institution、High -level research university、The role of the national team of the leading enterprise of technology,Accelerate gathering、Focus on supporting first -class science and technology leaders and innovation teams。The focus of the policy of cultivating national strategic talents is on youth science and technology talents,Give young talents more trust、Better help、More powerful support,Support young talents to pick big beams、When the protagonist。To explore the formation of Chinese characteristics、World -level engineer training system,Efforts The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteto build a love party to report to the country、Dedication of dedication、Have outstanding The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitetechnological innovation ability、Engineers who are good at solving complex engineering problems。

Use all kinds of talents。Get the person,It will be stored in the way to store it。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,People are the most critical factor for career development。The cause of the party and the people must continue to develop,It is necessary to better use all aspects。To let go of the vision to choose talents、Talent。Special talents who are urgently needed in urgent need,There must be a special policy,Do not require full blame,Don’t talk about seniority,Don't measure it with a ruler。Talents in all aspects of all aspects must be used,Persist in using it as the first,Accurate and efficient configuration,Make sure talents get the best configuration、Maximum performance。To establish the concept of phased talent,Don't ask for all、But what I want to use。We must build a platform for the entrepreneurship for all kinds of talents,Construction fully reflects knowledge、The income distribution mechanism of innovative elements such as technology,Let the career inspire talents,Let talent achieve career。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,The more talents, the better,The bigger the ability, the better。The road to entertain is widely opened,Attract outstanding talents in all aspects、condensed,Efforts to form everyone desire to become talented、Everyone works hard、Everyone can become talented、Everyone's good situation to show its talents。

4、Deepen the reform of the talent development system and mechanism,Fully stimulates all kinds of talent innovation vitality

Adhere to the reform of the development of the talent development system,It is an important guarantee for talent work。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,To really love、Careful cultivation、Carefully use talent、Carefully use talent,Innovative talent training、Evaluation、flow、Inspiration、Introduction、Guarantee mechanism,Accelerate the advantages of the talent system with international competitiveness,Maximum the feelings of the majority of talents、Struggle spirit、Create vitality inspiration。"Excerpts" fifth topic,concentratedly included important discussions of General Secretary Xi Jinping。

Convert my country's system advantage into talent advantages。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,We are reconstruction talent training、Use、Evaluation、Service、Support、Incentives and other mechanisms have made great efforts,Get positive results。At the same time,The reform of the talent development system and mechanism is "broken" without enough、"Li" is not enough,Talent development system mechanisms with both Chinese characteristics and international competition advantages have not yet been established。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,To persist in problem orientation,Efforts to solve many years of trouble、Reflecting strong problems,Break the training of talents、Use、Evaluation、Service、Support、Incentives and other institutional mechanism obstacles,Convert our system advantage into human talents,Accelerate the formation of training mechanism that is conducive to talent growth、It is conducive to the use mechanism of people's talents、Incentive mechanisms that are conducive to talent exhibitions、Competitive mechanism that is conducive to talent standing out。It is necessary to follow the requirements of new productivity,Changtong Education、Technology、The benign cycle of talent,Improve talent training、Introduction、Use、Reasonable flowing working mechanism,Starting to open up the block card of restraint new productivity development,For the development of new productive forces、Promote high -quality development and cultivate urgent need for talents。

Improve the talent training mechanism。The road to the self -cultivation of good talents,It is necessary to promote the reform of the system and mechanism and policy innovation。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,To improve the talent training mechanism,Follow the laws of socialist market economy and talent growth,Guided by national development needs and social needs,Focus on cultivating the spirit of talent innovation and innovation ability,Based on improving ideological and moral quality and professional spirit,Forms a collaborative education mode。To deepen the schooling system、Management system、Funding Input System、Reforms in the examination enrollment and employment system,Deepen the internal management system of the school、Personnel compensation system、Reform in the teaching management system,Deepen the talent training mode、Reforms in teaching content, methods and methods,Education at all levels and various types of education is more in line with the laws of education、More in line with the rules of talent growth。

Reform talent use mechanism。How to use talents,The employer has the most right to speak。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,It is necessary to fully authorize to the employer as needed and actual.,True grace、Given in place,Give full play to the cultivation of the employer in talent training、Introduction、Positive effects in use。We must strive to eliminate the obstacles of the system and mechanism,Leave right to the employer,Relax for talents,Let the talent innovation and creation fully burst out,Make talents in all aspects get their own place、Show it long。To get more courage to promote the transformation of scientific and technological Best bets on Euro 2024management functions,According to the strategy、Grab reform、Grab planning、Positioning of service,Change style,Improvement ability,Reduce European Online Sports Betting 2024money、Division、Direct intervention in the fixed project,Strengthening planning policy guidance,Gives more autonomy to scientific research units。The subject of the employer must give play to the subjective energy,Enhance service awareness and guarantee ability,Establish an effective self -constraint and external supervision mechanism,Make sure that the authority is decentralized、Good use。The employer must earnestly fulfill the main responsibility,Unsure authorized、If the responsibility is not in place, accountability。

Establish a more flexible talent management mechanism。For a long time,Some departments and units are used to holding talents,Many policies and measures still focus on tube,At the service、Support、There are not many measures such as incentives、Method is not spiritual。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,To improve the talent management system,To be talented、Trust talents、Respect talents、Talent for good treatment、Tolerant talent。It is necessary to follow the rules of talent growth and scientific research law,Further break the "official standard"、Traditional thinking of administrativeization,Can't simply apply administrative management methods to treat scientific research,Can't manage scientific research talents like administrative cadres。To reform major science and technology projects and organizational management methods,Gives scientists greater technical route decision right、More funds control rights、More resource scheduling right,Let go let them fully release their talents and energy。To reform scientific research project management,Optimize integration talent plan,Let the talents do learning、Study,Extreme results、Good results。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Guarantee time is to protect innovation! To establish a guarantee mechanism for scientific researchers to focus on scientific research,Let the scientific personnel put the main energy into scientific and The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitetechnological innovation and R & D activities。Never let the scientific and technological personnel spend a lot of time on some unnecessary sending to the event,Flowers on unnecessary review and evaluation activities,Flower in formalism、All kinds of bureaucracy activities!

Improve the talent evaluation command stick。my country's talent development system and mechanism.,"The text、Title、Education、Awards "phenomenon is still serious,Talent "Hat" Flying,In terms of talent evaluation、Digue and exaggeration and other bad atmosphere。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,It is necessary to clarify how to "stand" the evaluation method and standard after "breaking the four Wei",Improve talent differentiation evaluation and long -term support mechanism,Constructing an evaluation system that conforms to the law of talent growth。In terms of talent evaluation,To "break the four Wei" and "new standard",Accelerate the establishment of innovative value、Ability、Contribution -oriented talent evaluation system,Basic cutting -edge research prominent original orientation,Social public welfare research prominent demand orientation,8224_8243,Evaluation system that is conducive to the concentration of research and innovation in science and technology talents。Pay attention to the combination of personal evaluation and team evaluation,Respect and recognize the actual contribution of all participants in the team。We must continue to take measures to cool down for "hat heat",Avoid simple academic titles、Talent title determines salary and benefits、The tendency to configure academic resources,Promoting talent "hats"、Talent title regression academicity、Honor nature。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Innovation does not ask for origin,Heroes regardless of the source。To make good use of talent evaluation this "command stick",Improve the performance assessment and evaluation mechanism of scientific and technological personnel,Creative activities of scientific researchers from unreasonable funding management、Liberation of talent evaluation and other systems,Let the scientific and technical hero heroes who have true talents are useful!

5、Cultivate good talents in the growth of talents,Forms a vivid situation of various types of talents to create vitality compete

Good environment,If you are talented、Career Fast。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Persist in creating knowledge that loves talents and respects talents。This is a social condition for talent work。Respect labor、Respect knowledge、Respect talents、Respect creation,Vigorously cultivate innovative culture,Establish the correct view of talent,Promote the Glory of Labor、Valuable skills、Create the great times of the times,Create everyone can become talented、Everyone's good environment is exerting their talents。Sixth、Seven topics,fully reflects the important discussions of General Secretary Xi Jinping。

Create encouragement innovation、A good atmosphere of tolerance failure。Scientific and The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitetechnological innovation, especially the original innovation, has always been a life of nine deaths,Can't follow others and strode and tend to。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,It is necessary to follow the laws of scientific and technological innovation and the rule of talent growth,Create encouraging bold innovation in the whole society、Courage The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteto innovate、A good atmosphere of tolerance and innovation,We must pay attention to success,More tolerance failure,Playing the role of talents、Talent provides a wider 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsworld,Let them do their best、Only use it、Use something。To optimize and improve talent policy,Maximum the enthusiasm of the innovation of science and technology talents,Respect for the innovation and autonomy of scientific and technological talents。To establish a trust -based talent use mechanism,Allow failure、Failure tolerance,Improve the scientific scientific research organization system,Improve the scientific research task "unveiled the list"、"Horse Racing" system,Implement the target -oriented "military order" system,Encourage scientific and technological leaders to be in charge。To create a good academic environment,Promoting academic ethics and scientific research ethics,Strengthen intellectual property protection,Actively implement the distribution policy guided by increasing knowledge value,Explore the equity of innovative talents、option、Dividends and other incentive measures,Let them have their own place。

Da Xing Cultivation Talent, Talent, Talent, and Talent。The cultivation and growth of talents has its own laws,To create an environment that can be used for talents and respects talents,Provide good social conditions for talent development。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,We must actively create respect for talents、Social environment for seeking sages and thirst,Just equality、The institutional environment of competition selection,Appropriate treatment、A strong living environment,Cultivate the fertile soil of talent growth,Create good conditions for the business of talents to study the business,Make the talent root system more developed,One stubble one after one stubble。Take measures in many ways,Create the condition of creating the heart and staying,Let all kinds of talents feel at ease、Anti -body、Anye。To improve the working mechanism,Enhance service awareness,Strengthen education guidance,Build an innovative platform,Good at discovering talents、Unity Talent、Use talents,Promote outstanding talents to stand out,Let more "thousands of miles" compete for Pentium。

Vigorously promote the spirit of scientists。Scientific achievements cannot be separated from spiritual support。Since the founding of New China,The majority of science and technology workers set up a monument for scientific and The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitetechnological innovation on the land of the motherland,It also created a unique spiritual temperament。Scientist spirit is the precious spiritual wealth accumulated by scientific and technological workers in long -term scientific practice。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Persist in promoting the spirit of scientists,It is the spiritual leadership and ideological guarantee for doing talent work。Must be promoted to the motherland、The patriotic spirit of serving the people,Yong climbing peak、Dare to be the first innovative spirit,Pursue truth、The spirit of seeking rigorous studies,Carest on fame and fortune、Dedication of dedication,Ji Zhi Jie Customs、Collaborative Spirit of Unity and Cooperation,Gan is a ladder、The spirit of educating people after learning,Education and guidance of all kinds of talents is determined to fight for patriotism、Exploring innovation。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,Whether the enthusiasm of a person can be effectively exerted,In addition to material incentives,Mental appearance is important。In the new era, it is necessary to inherit the patriotic spirit with the mission of national nation's fate,More need to continue to carry forward the spirit of scientists with patriotism as the background。The majority of talents must inherit the older generation of scientists with Xu Guo、The glorious tradition of the people is the people of the people,Thoughts of "the Great of the Country",Write the paper on the earth of the motherland,Apply scientific research achievements in the great cause of comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country。

General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on talent work,The intention is high,Rich connotation,Deep thoughts,It is an important part of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics。We want to combine learning "Excerpts",In -depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 20th and 20th Plenary Session of the 20th Central Committee of the Party,Deep understanding of the decisive significance of "two establishment",Enhance the "Four Consciousness"、firm "Four Confidence"、Get "two maintenance",Accelerate the construction of a talent for talents,Gathering outstanding talents in all aspects into the cause of the party and the people,To comprehensively promote the construction of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization、The great cause of national rejuvenation has made greater contributions。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao