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Release time: 2024-05-14   Source: Henan Daily

60 years,A spirit of a spiritual river is endless,From Lancao to the land of Shenzhou,It flows in the blood of the Chinese Communists for generations。

42 years old,A short but brilliant life,Observed on the land that has been attacked by wind and sand,It is engraved in the memory of the Chinese children。

Subsidies in one section,Looking back at Jiao Yulu -Sri Lanka,Bright as early。years will pass with smoke and dust,But the spirit of the hero forever; memory will be diluted by time,But the lofty belief forever。"Who does the common people not love the official? Turn tears Jiao Tong into rain。"" Enter the new era,More and more people still miss、Call Jiao Yulu。

Taking Jiao Yulu spirit as a mirror,Party member、Cadres from the inside out、Repeated photos from top to bottom,In -depth investigation of myself in my ideological realm、Quality Ability、Make -style image and other problems and deficiencies,Find a gap、Add measures、increase force。

What can we reflect from this mirror?


​​May 8,Lan Kao Bi Kong is like washing,Herbal lush lush。Comrade Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall,White shirt、Gray -made suit、Blue Workers Instant ... There is an endless stream of people visiting,Everyone stops in front of a wall。

Black Black Big Big Big Word,Under the spotlight shine,It seems to have a lot of power -this is a provision formulated by Jiao Yulu drafted in 1953: "Ten Cadres"。

Not allowed to use national or collective food to eat and drink,Please give gifts;,Use food to make wine and sugar;,The previous drama tickets in the auditorium 10 cannot be sold to government cadres ... The regulations are meticulous、Clear,Almost all aspects of the integrity and self -discipline of party members and cadres in that era。

"Cadre Ten Inconsistent" came out,What are the stories behind?

Written on the exhibition board、Detailed: Originally,When Jiao Yulu just arrived at the Lancao job,There is a common practice of sending drama tickets to the leaders of the Best bets on Euro 2024county party committee。One time,The ticket inspector learned that Jiao Guoqing was the son of the county party secretary,Let him watch "White Show"。Jiao Yulu attaches great importance to it after discovery,Immediately took my son to the theater to admit the mistake and make up for two cents of the ticket money。

"Taking this as an opportunity,Secretary Jiao pays close attention to discipline and style,Drafted this rule we saw today。"" "",Young interpreter comes。

Years Yoyo,vicissitudes of the sea,Everything is changing,It does not seem to change again。"Cadres Ten Inconsistent" span time and space、Time Mi Xin,It provides reference and reference for the promulgation of the "eight regulations" in the future,The influence on the strict and strictly governing the party is far -reaching。

The party was born because of the original intention、Wing for the mission、Strict control and strong。Revolutionary War Age,Our party has heated the hearts of the masses with "half quilts"。After the founding of New China,A large number of hero models represented by Jiao Yulu,In the hearts of ordinary people, the immortal monuments were set up。

"The reason why Secretary Jiao is loved by the people,It is that he always uses the feeling of public servants of a Communist Party、Together style、Struggle spirit、Treat the masses with moral love。"86 -year -old Lei Zhongjiang Elderly,When recalling the situation where I encountered Jiao Yulu in the past,Still full admiration。

"He is wearing a blue jacket that has faded and white,body weight loss,Face is a bit black because of liver disease,But only one job,The spirit is immediately inspired。”

Cao Cao Feng Sand,Forestry Fix,Everbright work plus malnutrition,Let Jiao Yulu’s liver disease is severe every day。But for the early eradication of waterlogging、Fengsha、Salt "three harms",He always dragged the disease to work desperately,"All the people in the heart、Only without himself "。

"Secretary Jiao is to let the people of Lancao European Online Sports Betting 2024live a good life。Although he left,But will always live in the heart of the Lancao people。"Lei Zhongjiang said。

"Si Jun Ye Ye,Hepatobiliary as long as washing。"" 60 years later,Party discipline learning and education is like a heat flow on the Chinese land。Party members may wish to learn from "Ten Cadres",Taking Jiao Yulu's spirit as a mirror,Isn't it deeply deeply affectionate to the people? If you can take a picture, you can not be confused by personal interests、Not moved by selfish desire、Not trapped by private affairs?

Now,The distance between some party members and cadres and the people is getting farther and farther。If party discipline education is not strengthened,Crooked wind will destroy the advancedness and purity of the party members,Long this time,It is bound to shake the party's governance foundation。

The ideals and beliefs of loyalty to the party、sincere feelings for the people for the people,These in the mirror,It is the nostalgia of millions of people、The reason for calling Jiao Yulu。


a handle of iron,Muching the child smoothly and shiny,锹 is already rusty。In the middle of the rod,A circle of white cloth tightly wrapped together,Stars Stars,I don’t know if it was sweat or blood that year.。

This is when Jiao Yulu leads the masses to control the sand,Agricultural tools that have been used once。1962,Lancao natural disasters are serious,"Winter spring wind and sand crazy,Xiaqiu Shui Wangwang,One year of labor for half a year of bran,Help Lao to escape the waste with children "。Autumn,Floods have flooded more than 300,000 acres of crops,The county's grain output drops to the lowest level over the years,The masses are miserable。

In the most difficult barrier,Jiao Yulu came to Lancao。He has been a militia,Except traitor,Fighting Bandit,Has Industry。1962,He is 40 years old,Become a leading cadre,But the party and the people need,He will take the initiative to be a "pointed soldiers" with a charging array。

Treatment of Fengsha,Need to explore the wind outlet; treat waterlogging,2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsNeed hydrological information。In order to find out the wind sand、Water damage rules,Master first -hand information,Jiao Yulu has regulated 120 cadres、Old farmers and technicians form a "three harm" investigation team,Determine to touch the natural situation of Lancao。

Dafeng and heavy rain,others rush into the house,Jiao Yulu runs out。Wind、Rain、Instead,He checked the wind、Exploration Sand、Watching the potential,Lead the investigation team back and forth,84 air outlets in the county、1684 dunes and large and small ditch and river channels can be clearly touched,Drawing into a detailed drainage flood discharge。

With construction drawing,Also leaders。How can I fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses? How can we complete the "three harm" tasks as soon as possible?。

—— Promote less meeting,Do more work,Speak less space,Do more practical things;

—— Pay attention to promoting advanced models,Establish Hancun、Qinzhai、Zhao Duo Building、Double poplars "four red flags",Call for the people of the county people to learn examples,Heroes of the "three harms" heroes;

—— Take the lead in eating and working with farmers.


More than a year in Lancao,Jiao Yulu ran 125 villages。Along the footprint of Secretary Jiao,The people of Lancao struggle,Finally solved the waterlogging、strong control of wind sand。

I remember calm in the nostalgia,I remember more valuable;,Then commemorates more powerful。Dust of the years,Through Jiao Yulu's mirror,We see,Is the spirit of the officer entrepreneurship、A good style of really hard work,Refracting our bravery、The road of fearless forward。

As an official,Benefits one party。Now,Some cadres for the merits for a while,Fishing、Yin eats food; some cadres "mixed days" in their posts,Push off in trouble、layers of "shake the pot"; some cadres "shoot their heads" decision,Unrealistic、False fake。Such cadres,Only waste valuable resources,Drag the local development。

"Valve" that tighten discipline,Taking Jiao European Online Sports Betting 2024Yulu's spirit as a benchmark,Grab it in the real、Running to the target,Establish a correct concept of political achievements for party members and cadres,Political life within the party will naturally be upset,work、Political achievements will also be able to withstand practice、People's、History test。

Lan Cao、Weishi、Luoyang ... Work in Jiao Yulu、Everywhere I have lived,People clearly see,The precious spiritual wealth he stayed,It still works so far。

Practice Jiao Yulu spirit,The majority of party members and cadres throughout the province are constantly observing innovation、Fighting Exam,For better responsibility for fighting for courage、Jian Gong and Establishment、More colorful historical mission,Promote the modernization of Chinese -style modernization of Henan practice to gather strong forces。


Qingming season,Lancao Jiao Yulu Martyrs Memorial Park,The sound of the piano is melodious,Flower and Mu Fu Shu。A sea of ​​flowers,Several pale purple tung flowers embellish them,Especially eye -catching。

"Secretary Jiao,The villagers from Xuchang Village brought Paper Flowers to see you。"staring at" die for the people,Although the inscription is still glorious ",Xu Yongshun, a villager in Xuchang Village, Xiuyang Town, Lancao County, slowly bow,choke on a few degrees。

"Fly the sky to fly yellow sand,No green everywhere。"This was a true portrayal of Lancao。The 1960s,In order to prevent wind sand、Improve the quality of the soil,Jiao Yulu led the people of Lancao to start a large number of Pao Tong。

In Zhuzhuang Village,He planted a pimple seedlings。"He said,Don't look at this seedlings low,But the root is good,Waiting for it,May be faster than other trees。"82 -year -old villager Wei Shanmin recalled。

"Treat it,turn a piece of white into a green! "Langcao people work together,Former saline -alkali land,A tender green puffer seedlings grow in the wind。

This belief has always continued。"Did the sand have been sealed? How many trees did the Pubo Best European Cup prediction websitetrees live?" After Jiao Yulu died,In order to be worthy of his career before his death,With the efforts of the people of the county,Within one year,190,000 acres of Tonglin locks the wind and sand。

The more trees、Lin Yuen,60 years like a smoke cloud。Now,Growing on the vast earth,The long yellow sand turns into a 10,000 -acre good field,The trace of Pao Tonglin can be seen everywhere。

Pao Tong is speechless,Silently protects the development of Lancao。Due to growing in the semi -sandy soil,Wood pattern is even、Good audiovisuality,Lancao Pao Tong attracted the attention of experts,Become a Guqin、The superior material of the national musical instrument boards such as Guzheng。

Tongmu as the core,Lancao promotes the integration and development of national musical instruments "Industry+Tourism+Culture",Create Zhongzhou、Jiao Tong、Junyi、Qiangsheng and more than 30 well -known brands,Not only best -selling nationwide,Also exported to Japan、Singapore、United States、UK and other countries,Even the Vienna Golden Hall,It has also sounded the movement played by the Lancao Tongmu instrument。

"Plants planted trees,Later generations become rich。Villagers can live a good life,All are the roads given by Secretary Jiao。"Standing in the residential house of the blue tile white wall,Xu Yongshun, a villager in Xuchang Village, Xuyang Town, said emotionally。

From the Life Tree、Disaster Tree to get rich、Shake Money Tree,Paoli,Carrying the deep feelings of Jiao Yulu, the people of Lancao,,Direction a new road for the rich people in the industry,Map the responsibility of Secretary Jiao's work for the people。

It is to show mountain dew、"Realing performance" of surface scenery,Still doing it for a long time、Ze was "dive" by future generations,The people of the people have their own rod scale,Party members and cadres must compare them often、Thinking。

The transformed semi -sand soil,Under the ingenuity of the Lancao people,Greater melon、sweet potato、Peanut "New Three Treasures",Famous province inside Best bets on Euro 2024and outside,Products in short supply。

Come to Baiyunshan Village, Sanyizhai Township,In front of you is an endless tomato greenhouse。This is the largest sliced ​​tomato origin in East Henan Province,Nearly 200 seats in greenhouses,Annual output of tomatoes 10 million kg。

Tomato with the planting anti -season,The veritable "tomato richest man" was born in the village。"Planting tomatoes requires soil breathability and drainability,These conditions we all have here。The soil is semi -sand,The growth and development of the tomato root system,Novel variety、Good taste,Tomato is of course sold hot。"Villager Chen Li said。

The road to wealth in Baiyun Mountain Village is just a microcosm of Lancao。In recent years,Lancao County is getting bigger and bigger in the rural rejuvenation、Going more and more smoothly,Around the growing characteristic and rich people's industries,Shape the regional advantage brand,Vigorously support modern home furnishings、Special planting、Animal Husbandry Breeding、Ethnic Musical Instrument and other industries development,Help the masses on the fast track of increasing income and getting rich。

"See! Jin Chancan is not flying sand or wheat waves,White is not saline and alkali,Water is not flooding or fish and duck rollover。"" Jozong Ying said with a special professor at Jiao Yulu Cadre College,"Langcao People's Duqizhi,Dare to teach the sun and the moon for new days。Secretary Jiao, Secretary Jiao,Your words of good words break through time and space,It has been realized now! "

Yuluo、Yulu Avenue、Yulu Elementary School、Jiao Yulu Memorial Forest ... Every place,In each name,All hidden calls、Deep thoughts。

Meng Xia's grass and wood long。Before the square,"Jiao Tong", which was planted by Jiao Yulu in the past,Wells around the branches; around it,20 "Jiao Tong" grafted and breeding seedlings have just been planted for several months,Positive growth。

Not far away,A group of young people surrounded Wei Shanmin who arrived for the year,Listening European Online Sports Betting 2024to the story of planting trees with Secretary Jiao when he is young。

That moment,Tree shade germination,Personalized,Time and History Meet。

Root land,Deep leaves; rooting people,Elders Changqing。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao