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Release time: 2024-05-11   Source: Henan Daily

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Comrade Jiao Yulu (Fifth right in front row) takes photos in Weishi County, Kaifeng City。 The picture is provided by Wei's Jiao Yulu Dear Exhibition Hall


"Isn't this Secretary Jiao Yulu! Where is this photo now?" Zhao Li, the curator of the deeds of Wei Yilu Jiao Yulu, saw a group photo saved by a visitor mobile phone,Very excited,"We have never seen this photo before!"

On the afternoon of February 6, 2024,There are 3 days before the Spring Festival of the Dragon,Wang Xiliang of Shizhuang Village, Xiaochen Township, Living in Guishi County, came to Weishi Jiao Yulu's Deeds Exhibition Hall,When I saw the historical data of Secretary Jiao Yulu working in Wei's work,Suddenly thought of,There is also a photo of a group photo in my mobile phone.,Hurry up to the director of the exhibition hall Zhao Li。

May 7,The reporter saw this photo at the deeds exhibition hall of Weishi Jiao Yulu,and interviewed the photo of the photo Wang Xiliang。

The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction website"The eighth person in the second row from right to left,It is my lover's grandpa Shi Zipeng。"Wang Yiliang said,"This photo puts on my lover's brother Shi Haiwei's family。My lover's brother Shi Hai Li has always followed Grandpa to study doctor when he was young。”

"When my grandfather is still working at the hospital,The photo has been hanging on his office wall,He often tells us about this。"Shi Hai Li, who works at Kaifeng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is very familiar with this photo,"This is the presided over by Comrade Jiao Yulu to hold the time when the old Chinese medicine medicine work conference in Weishi County was held,There is a county party committee、The comrades of the County Science and Technology Association and many old and old Chinese medicine participating meetings,The main content of the meeting is to discuss scientific research issues,Second, the development of traditional Chinese medicine culture,Third, arrange TCM work with European Online Sports Betting 2024apprentices。Grandpa takes the photo back to his hometown after retirement,After the death, the family will collect it properly,Last year we found it again when we renovated the old house。”

"Seeing that there is Secretary Jiao Yulu in the photo,We know very precious,But I did not expect that this was the only work photo he left in Wei's。"Shi Haiwei, the grandson of Mr. Shi Zipeng, said,"The comrades of the County History Research Office and the Jiao Yulu Dear Exhibition Hall came to understand the situation,We decided to donate photos to the exhibition hall at that time,Let more people see the figure of Secretary Jiao's labor。”

According to the description of the three people,This old photo of 62 years of dust and the story behind it gradually clear。

Photos was taken in September 1962,Is a black and white photo,62 years ago。There are 29 people in the CCP,Except Jiao Yulu and the relevant responsible comrades in 4 counties、3 children,There were also well -known old Chinese medicine and apprentices in Weishi The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteCounty at the time。Jiao Yulu squats in the middle of the front row,The stool in the second row is given to several old Chinese medicine medicines for older Chinese medicine。At that time, Jiao Yulu had just passed the 40th birthday,His manuscript,Files and perseverance,It seems serious and capable。

In that period,In order to implement the instructions of the Party Central Committee "must pay attention to Chinese medicine",Just returned to work for 3 months,Jiao Yulu, deputy secretary of the county party committee and in charge of health work,Host held a working meeting of the old Chinese medicine medicine with the old Chinese medicine medicine in Weishi County。After the meeting,Jiao Yulu, who has never liked taking pictures,Rarely with the participants,Leaving this precious group photo in the county party courtyard (now Dai Jiao Yulu deeds exhibition hall)。

Jiao Yulu does not like to take pictures,Everyone around you knows。4 photos he left in Lancao,There are 3 photos taken by 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsthe staff while he doesn't pay attention。This root is in the field,Tingzhang is in a crisis juncture,The county party secretary that hung the people in the heart,But I don’t like to put myself into the lens。

"We have been collecting the literature materials related to Jiao Yulu in Weishi,This photo is Jiao Yulu during the 6 years before and after Weishi County,The only job photo found so far。"Zhang Jianying, Director of the Shi Zhi Research Office of Weishi County said,"6 years working in Weishi County,It can be said that Jiao Yulu's life is the most difficult、The most dangerous job、The most abundant period of experience。”

Introduction to Zhang Jianying,1949,Jiao Yulu transferred to the deputy secretary and district chief of Weishi County Camp District Committee from the former brigade of Pengdian District。In order to completely eliminate the bandits of the camp,Jiao Yulu led the leadership of the bandit anti -hegemony,Praised by the people of the people。

In addition to bandits,Divide control。The camp Best bets on Euro 2024area is also a well -known poor sand nest,"The wind rises with yellow sand flying,Di thin seedlings are not long "。The hard life of the people,Jiao Yulu see it in his eyes、Visit the poor and ask the poor。He goes to the village to enter the household,Visit the poor and ask the poor,In -depth investigation summarizes the "tree planting and sand prevention、Embrace willow and sand "" promotes farmers with forests、Scientific work ideas and methods of raising forests with agriculture。These wind treatment experience accumulated in the camp area,It provided a good reference for the wind sand salt and alkali that later controlled the Lancao。

In order to find the historical materials of Comrade Jiao Yulu's work in Weishi,Zhang Jianying once visited according to the experience of Comrade Jiao Lu,I found a lot of text information,But there is no photo at the time of Wei's work。"I went to Beijing to find,Also go to Shanghai、Chongqing found,Zhengzhou has been there several times,All can find it,I didn’t find European Online Sports Betting 2024a photo in Weishi。Discovery of this photo,Make up for so many years of regret。”

Current,With the help of many enthusiastic people,Among the 28 people except Jiao Yulu in the photo,For descendants of 6 people,The remaining 22 people, including 3 children, are still being searching for。Let us look forward to more about Jiao Yulu、The story about Jiao Yulu and Wei's was discovered。

62 years passed,Jiao Yulu has been converted into the former site of the Office of Weishi County Party Committee to be converted into Wei Yulu's deeds exhibition hall,More and more people come here,Listening to Jiao Yulu's struggle and original story in We's。Light and Shadow Streaming Between Rotary,The photo in the middle of the exhibition hall is in the photo photo,The tall figure seems to be slowly coming out,Towards the vine chair,Sit down at the desk,Continue to express the voices of unliked to the party and the people to the people and the people。

What is a person's eternal life? The people always remember him。

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