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Release time: 2024-04-29   Source: Henan Daily

The most beautiful year is youth,How did your youth open in? April 28,League Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Youth Federation、Provincial Federation of Provincial Federation held in Zhengzhou to hold youths from all walks of life in the province to help the "Top Ten Strategy" Youth Construction Symposium,Invite outstanding young representatives to gather together、Growing up together,Welcome to the upcoming May 4th Youth Festival。

2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsThere are different experiences,Youth is equally flashing。Period to talk about,Show this generation of young people for ordinary and extraordinary、Pay and harvest、Thinking and Action of Personal and Times。

Leading youth R & D personnel to exchange with more than 50 industry leaders,Collect more than 60 key technical problems in the industry ... such a set of numbers,Exold the work of the Executive Laser Manufacturing Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Academy of Sciences。"I feel very full every day,Always feel that time is fast。"Jiang Haoqing said,The Best European Cup prediction websitesame frequency as the time requirements,The ideal stage is extremely wide。

Getting on the difficulty,This is the attitude of the youth。On the one side is a high salary and comfortable life,On the one hand is unknown and destined hardship,Luoyang Hengne Biotechnology Co., Ltd. technical expert Xia Jinlei chose the latter。2015,He resigned from the work of a famous enterprise,Drop of the biomedical industry of our province,Create multiple innovation platforms,Get 132 intellectual property rights,Promote more scientific and technological achievements from "laboratory" European Online Sports Betting 2024to "application field"。

"Continuous accumulation of energy during walking",Professor Zhou Rongfang, a professor at the School of Marxist College of Zhengzhou University, summarizes the way she has passed。Tell the students "what is happiness" with "Jiao Yulu Spirit" and touched hundreds of millions of netizens、The first pioneering university ideological and political lesson "linkage teaching method" ... She tells young people "the principle",Shock another soul with one soul,The seeds of nourishing faith。

There are also many ordinary and extraordinary people: Gao Ke,Post -95 female The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitetransformer power transportation,Three months to pick the lights for more than 60 regulations for the lower 60 regulations,37 notebooks、More than 20 million words of work notes witnessed her efforts; Zhang Guifang,The Secretary of the Party Branch of the Village Party Branch from the Youth of the City,Build a small and micro landscape in the village,Use painted villages to make "gray -headed faces" colorful; Kong Kangkang,Literary workers,Deliven to create cultural IP,Talk about Henan History、Chinese Story; Hao Zizhu,College students,Social Practice 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsActivity in the "Sanxiangxiang"、"He Xiaoqing" Volunteer Services Sensing Mes.、Guarding the green mountains and green water ...

Different youth opening methods,Hidden common simplicity: you who struggle,The most beautiful!

This year is the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the first youth commando in the country。At the symposium,China Railway Equipment Major Special Materials Research Youth Assault Team、China Construction Seventh Bureau Central Plains International Convention and Exhibition Center Youth Commando、China Aerospace Science and Technology Henan Aerospace Two -dimensional Best bets on Euro 2024pumping valve technology Youth Commando as a youth commando representative who fought on the "Top Ten Strategy" line,Wave the banner,The gesture of youth。

April Flowers in the World,Youth Jian Gong was at that time。"I am youth、Michels of Struggle,Consciously integrate ideal pursuit into the party and the country's cause,Integrated into modernization of Henan's hot practice ... "A copy of the" Top Ten Strategy "Youth Construction Initiatives in the province",Call the story of the majority of young people in the province in this beautiful new era that does not bear the youth。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao