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Release time: 2024-04-24   Source: People's Daily Client



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Grassroots strong is national strong,Grassroots Anze National Ann。Grasp the basic work of the modernization of grassroots governance,General Secretary Xi Jinping Remembrance。

From the countryside to the community,Deeper into the grassroots level kept,View always pays attention to "reduce the burden on the grassroots"。

1 month ago,Hong Kong Zhongping Village, Xiangbei,The General Secretary entrusts "Perseverance and Grasp this work"。April 22,Shancheng Chongqing,Democratic Village Community, Jiulongpo District,The General Secretary emphasizes again: "Determination of the burden on the grassroots level must be clear,Can't be pressed at the grassroots level,What jobs should we bear at the grassroots level,To make a clear responsibilities。”

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Package back.

5 years ago,The same is April,Also in Chongqing,Research on poverty alleviation。General Secretary pointed European Online Sports Betting 2024out: "To resolutely rectify formalism、bureaucracy,Let the grassroots cadres from the festival、Wenshan Huihai、Welcome to get rid of it。"That year,It is the "grassroots burden reduction year" determined by the Party Central Committee。

Reduce burden and empowerment,Improvement of governance,5 years of attack,Seeing Toughness,showing effect,Thinking。

This is a call from the grassroots.

"The endless meeting、Endless form、Endless checks ",At one point is the fatigue portrayal of some grassroots cadres。

2018,A material that reflects the work and psychological burden of grass -roots cadres handed to the case of General Secretary Xi Jinping。

"This situation must be changed!" July,General Secretary makes important instructions,Later in August that year、Make important instructions in succession in December,Directly point out that there are too many inspections,Excessive inspection and assessment is too frequent,Unbearable burden at the grassroots level,It is clearly required to solve some formalist problems that plague grassroots levels。

The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteSolve the prominent problems of formalism and reduce the burden on the grassroots,Coordinated planning、Integrated advance,Become a new practice of comprehensively and strictly governing the party。

Deeper thoughts,It is the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,General Secretary Xi Jinping's book is keenly noticed,"Formism、Bulletin does not really suppress it in the rectification of 'Four Winds',Even becoming the image of the party、Outstanding questions that affect the relationship between party and mass groups "。

Two notices, punch one after another, and hit the lesion.

At the end of 2018,Notice of the Central Office of China Office,Coordinated and standardized supervision and inspection and assessment work,Strict control、frequency; March of the following year,The notice is issued again,Sword finger formula drags the grassroots,Draw the way to the Red Line: Make sure to send it to the document below the county level、The meeting held by 30%-50%,Strictly control the "one -vote 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsveto" item,Can't sign "responsibility" ...

"Belly reduction year" at the end of the year,Related documents and meetings of the provincial and municipalities compressed 39%respectively、37%,Central and state organs compressed 39%respectively、33%。

"The short opening of the county will become the norm" "I feel that the mobile phone has become lighter",Grass -roots cadres who stretch their shoulders have more time to walk streets、Serving the masses。

This is a perseverance.

The Central Political Bureau Special Democratic Life Meeting at the end of the year at the end of the year ",General Secretary Xi Jinping's memories: "This job is done well,But it should not be just a year,I have already opened a head,Let's do it all the time,Don't come again when there will be a Wenshan Haihai Big Tide,To deepen and expand the burden reduction work at the grassroots level,Make the burden reduction results better benefit the people。”

This time I came to the Democratic Village Community,General Secretary walks into the community party and mass service center,2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsAsk the community cadres which convenience services here、How about the treatment of community cadres、Usually I am busy at work,Detailed understanding of community burden reduction effects in recent years。

formalism、bureaucracy is like "psoriasis",Correction is a tough battle,Also a long -lasting battle。General Secretary keeps it on my heart。

Fighting poverty alleviation, I told to be vigilant "Great Leap Forward":

"Add yards layer without customer conditions,It seems positive,In fact, it violates the rules、Right and Return,It does not reach the speed of desire。”

Anti -impact epidemic, serious criticism of formalism:

Some local city and county bureaus office "each make one or several forms in each,Require grassroots cadres to fill in and report quickly,The content of these forms is actually almost the same,But there is no file、A department helps towns to solve the urgent need even a mask、A bottle of disinfection water!

Scientific research innovation, repeated emphasis on "guarantee time":

"Never let the scientific and technological personnel spend a lot of time on Best bets on Euro 2024some unnecessary sending to the event,Flowers on unnecessary review and evaluation activities,Flowers in formalism、All kinds of bureaucracy activities! "


All aspects,Pile pile parts,General Secretary Caring for cadres、Pay close attention to style,V distinctive establishment of the burden reduction for the grassroots、Struggle orientation of incentive cadres。

This is the leader under the above rate.

The reason for the following is,Only visual。General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out: "From the leaders, especially from the central and state organs,Loose burdens for grassroots cadres "。

March 2019,Under the unified leadership of the Party Central Committee,Established the central level of the formalism at the central level of rectification as a specialized work mechanism for the bustling at the grassroots level。This is in the history of the party,Is the first time。

It is from this year,Listen to the annual work of the grassroots burden reduction every year,An important matter of becoming the Political Bureau of European Online Sports Betting 2024the Central Committee。

Central files are also clearly proposed,Investigate the formalist problems that trouble the grassroots level,"From the leadership agency, start with the central and state organs"。

Formatism of rectification、bureaucracy,Caring for the strong signal of the masses of grassroots cadres and the masses,The "nerve ending" from the Party Central Committee to the National Governance System。

Burning at the grassroots level,loosening is the restraint of formalism,Tightened is the state of hard work。With a horses without the saddle、The toughness of not loosened,Deepen the development of the formalism as the grassroots burden,It will definitely promote the construction of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization、National Revitalization Greater Realm provides a stronger style guarantee。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao