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Release time: 2024-03-04   Source: CCTV Net

"our leaders at all levels,Our civil servant team,It is necessary to have this kind of barren cow spirit,Opening wasteland is not only capable of weight、hard -working and endured、Can farm,I think another is the spirit of dedication,is what Mr. Lu Xun said,Eat grass,Squeezed out milk。”

March 6, 2014,When participating in the Twelfth National People's Congress of the National People's Congress, the Guangdong delegation for review,General Secretary Xi Jinping commented with a smile,Vividly explain the spiritual character and excellent style of the people's public servants with the metaphor of the barren cattle。

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Best bets on Euro 2024The sister -in -law cattle sculpture at the entrance of Best bets on Euro 2024the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee.

Opening wasteland, also known as pioneering cattle and sister -in -law cows.

Since 1984,A head arrives at the ground,Four feet hard back,Pulling a tree root behind you,The sister -in -law cow sculpture, which is doing its best, is erected in Best bets on Euro 2024the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Courtyard,Shenzhen's innovation and development since the reform and opening up、symbol of overcoming difficulties。

The General Secretary took an important lesson for leading cadres with the spirit of the barren cattle。

other,General Secretary also puts forward clear requirements for the spiritual quality that leaders need to have on different occasions。

Best European Cup prediction website2018 National Two Sessions,When participating in the review of the Shandong delegation for review,For a representative, when talking about promoting high -quality development, you must have the idea of ​​"success without me",General Secretary requires leading cadres to firmly establish the correct concept of political achievements: "Both do make people see、Touch it、Real facts for getting benefited,Also as a way to make it as future generations、Basis、Good things for long -term。”

"You don't have to be in me",Is a kind of mind、A realm,It contains the spirit of selfless dedication。

In the magnificent historical process,generations of generations of Chinese Communists stubbornly Best European Cup prediction websitefight、Motivation of Motivation、Motivation of Motivation,Created today's achievements。Monomic Dedication has always been the spiritual background of the Chinese Communists。

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May 3, 2017,General Secretary Xi Jinping came to China University of Political Science and Law for inspection。This is the "Do not forget the original intention to follow the party" theme group day activity carried out by the General Secretary at the Student Activity Center to participate in the second grade 2 class branch of the National Business Economic Law。

Whether it is "countless party members like Jiao Yulu、Cadres dedicate to the selfless dedication of the party and the people ",Makes the country more and stronger、The nation European Online Sports Betting 2024is more and more prosperous、The people are getting happier; young party members such as Huang Wenxiu abandon work opportunities for big cities,Take the initiative to please go to the poor village,Dedicated life to the career of poverty alleviation ... Chinese Communists and Forgotten、Dedication of hard work、The spiritual characteristics of fulfilling their duties are always the same。

Best European Cup prediction website2018 National Two Sessions,General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the Guangdong delegation to participate in the review,His words: "The Communist Party is how happiness for the people,What aspects of the people feel unhappy、Unhappy、Dissatisfied,In which way we work hard,Thousands of ways to solve problems for the masses。”

On the eve of the National Best bets on Euro 2024Two Associations in 2024,The General Secretary proposed the "Action Guide" for practicing the spirit of dedication for young and middle -aged cadres。

March 1,At the opening class of the Central Party School (National Academy of Administration) in the spring of 2024,The heavy responsibility for the new journey is on the shoulders、A great young cadre,General Secretary emphasized "must keep in mind the original mission、Stubborn hard work,Strive to run a good history of history ","Must be a selfless dedicor who is determined to create a blessing for the people"。

Language Heart Long,I hope deep。Finals thousands of miles,Psychological see -out。

Now,The sister -in -law cow at the entrance of the large courtyard of Best bets on Euro 2024the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee is still standing,The land it stands has long been crescent。On the wall next to the sculpture,The word "Going towards the direction of building a pre -demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics" shines bright。

Whether it is to promote high -quality development,Still build a new development pattern,The spirit of selfless dedication is still the courage to go without the courage,Injecting surging kinetic energy for the development of the party and the country,Create a must -have in the new era of glory performance。

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