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Release time: 2023-09-14   Source: Henan Daily

Theoretical preaching、Health Clinic、Agricultural Technology Lecture、Skills training ... In order to thoroughly study and implement the party's 20th spirit,Vigorously promote the spirit of Lei Feng and the spirit of volunteer,Give full play to the scientific theory of communication science in the new era of the new era、Cultivate newcomers in the era、Promote the fresh air、The role of service grassroots people,Help the implementation of rural revitalization strategies,Earlier this year,The Provincial Civilization Office led the organization to carry out the "Volunteer Services Rural Tour" event in our province,The colorful and colorful Huimin volunteer service activities have been warmly welcomed by the peasants。

Preaching Civilization Fashion

"Love the party, love the country, love our home,Follow the rules and discipline not illegal。illegal activities do not participate,Persistence of people who use the law ... "September 11,Best bets on Euro 2024The legal volunteer service activities organized by the "Civilization Practice" organized by the Provincial Department of Justice were held at the New Era Civilization Practice Station of Donghuling Village, Shuanglongwan Town, Shushi County,French volunteers compile legal common sense into smooth,brought a vivid preaching to the people at the scene。

The main line of promoting the 20th spirit of the party,Focus on the interpretation of rural revitalization policies,The vast number of volunteers will combine volunteer services with publicity and preaching,Around civilized native wind、Moving the customs and customs、Helping farmers and farmers and other topics,Forms that farmers like to hear,Promoting the party's innovation theory fly into millions of households。

Zhengzhou City Planning and Carrying out the "'New Journey to the Party Fitting for the Party" 2023 Zhengzhou Excellent Women's Demonstration and Promotion Campaign ",Invite the three eight red flag bearers to record the videos of the 20th major spirit of the party and open a column show on the public account;The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction website,Enter the crane wall、The vast rural areas in Xinxiang and other places,Popularize scientific fertilization to farmers、Livestock and poultry manure treatment、Comprehensive utilization of crop straw; the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions recruits the establishment of "Henan Provincial Employees Study and Implement the Party's Twenty Grand Lectures" in the province,Divided into the New Era Civilization Practice Center (Institute、Station) Preach the spirit of model workers、Craftsman's spirit ...

A lively preaching,It's like spring wind turning rain,Let the party’s good policy walk into the hearts of farmers、Entering thousands of households,Leading the majority of grassroots party members and the masses on the vast stage of rural rejuvenation,Created in the province to participate in rural revitalization、The strong atmosphere of supporting rural revitalization。

"Cultural Feast" with love "Runze people's heart field

"Can you sing well?" "Okay!"

On the stage,Literature and art volunteers sing high; under the stage,Audience applauding thunderbolt。2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictions"July 1st",Provincial Culture and Tourism Department's "Volunteer Volunteer Service Volunteer Rural Trip" in the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism Entering the New Era Civilization Practice Center of Wugang City,I have presented a "cultural feast" for nearly a thousand local people。

Rural revitalization must be "shaped",More "casting the soul"。The "Volunteer Services Rural Division" activity has been launched,Relevant units from all over the province adhere to cultural people,Organizational volunteers go deep into the countryside to carry out literary and art volunteer services,Promoting civilization and native style by creating creation、Poverty alleviation、Build a well -off、Ecological civilization、High -quality literary works such as beautiful villages and other subjects,Tell the rural story。

In Luohe City,"The Earth Huan Song Yongyuan Huiyue in the countryside" Theme village through the public culture cloud、Chinese Culture and Travel Volunteer Service Platform for live broadcast,Cumulative watching more than 100 million people;

The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteIn Xinxiang City,"Happy Growth" Summer Literature and Art Volunteer Service Activity,Calligraphy for rural youth、Art、Music、Dance、Classic recitation and other forms of literary public welfare classroom,Makes rural children grow up happily in colorful literary activities;

In Jiaozuo City,Literature and art volunteers use the vibrato short video platform live broadcast when they go to Xiaofen Village, Zhaoli Township, Boai County,Bringing more than 100,000 yuan for tea farmers ...

A goal with satisfying the spiritual and cultural life of the people,Continuous grounding、Warm Men Heart、Cultural benefits of strong confidence,The majority of literary and art volunteers have sent literary works to the door of the masses with the performance forms of the masses、Send it to the hearts of the masses,Let the peasants feel happiness、The sense of gain is significantly improved。

Hollowing the real tricks to solve "urgent and sorrowful hope"

From the youth volunteer rural bank、Wolf Volunteer Village Line,Go to Literature and Art Village、Science and Technology Science 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsPopularization Rural Division;、Volunteer to help the disabled to serve the countryside,Go to Ecological Environmental Protection Village、Health and Health Rural Division; 16 items of the "Volunteer Services Rural Division" activity,Focus on the masses' "urgency and sorrow"、Pay attention to people's livelihood events,Ensure that the volunteer service is really sent to the farmers "on the heart"。

Send health,Love Clinic is at the door of the house。Provincial Health and Health Commission Famous Medicine Volunteer Service Team,Volunteers from various college branches,Divided into various places to carry out a series of activities for famous medical masters to help grassroots ability improvement,Carrying free consultations for more than 12,000 grassroots people in the province。

Sending guarantee,Love assistance to entrust college dreams。The Provincial Department of Housing and Urban -Rural Development organizes the third "help you grow‘ build ’, you’ s round dream “assistance”,Funding 48 families in Best bets on Euro 2024the mall county in difficult universities 4000 yuan per person,to reduce the burden on the family,Successful completion of studies。

Send service,Judicial Services supports "Heart -Warm Umbrella"。The Provincial Department of Justice has continued to carry out "Law Aid Hui Hui Life、Help migrant workers "," rule of law public welfare examination "," spring warm migrant workers "and other more than 10 special -featured volunteer services,Since this year,9796 cases of legal aid cases for migrant workers,strongly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of migrant workers。

"Henan will take this event as an opportunity,Further promote the spirit of volunteer,Guide more people to actively participate in volunteer service activities、Participate in helping the rural revitalization actions,With high -quality volunteer services to build glory to modernize Henan。"The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Civilization Office said。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao