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Release time: 2023-07-25   Source: Henan Daily

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July 24,As the "August 1" Army Festival is coming,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee、The first secretary of the Provincial Military Region Party Committee Lou Yangsheng went to Zhengzhou Police District for investigation,Guide to the majority of the Liberation Army in the Henan Province、Officers and men of the Armed Police Force、Army literary personnel、Militarian reserve personnel extended holiday greetings。

At the militia training base of Zhengzhou City,Best bets on Euro 2024Louyang Shengchen Watch the Militarian Best European Cup prediction websiteUnmanned Team、Flood Control Rescue、Shooting target、People's Air Defense and other course training,Encourage them to adhere to actual combat training,Practice basic skills、Enhance the combat power,Make sure you can draw at critical moments、top、Win to win。In the Central Plains Ministry of Military Affairs,Lou Yangsheng understands the construction of militia、Double support co -construction、Preparation of duty,Emphasize the sense of responsibility with "always rest assured",Put your first chess、Fight the active battle,The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteEarly discovery European Online Sports Betting 2024of various types of risks、Early disposal,Maintenance of national security、Social Stability、People's tranquility。In the survey,Lou Yangsheng listened to the preparation of flood prevention and rescue preparation in Zhengzhou Police District,Emphasize to carry forward continuous combat、The spirit of not afraid of fatigue,Strict implementation of "123" and "321" work requirements,Strengthening the Army Land,In information sharing、Coordination of military strength、Coordination of military strength、Materials coordinated、training and exercise to strengthen The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitecollaboration,Flood European Online Sports Betting 2024prevention and disaster resistance,Make sure to stabilize the flood、Safety flood。

In Zhengzhou Police District,Lou Yangsheng listened to the comprehensive construction and support of local economic and social development in the Zhengzhou Police Area,For the power system for Zhengzhou Police Area、Training System、The construction of the command system gives full affirmation。Lou Yangsheng emphasized,One must be loyal。In -depth implementation of the idea of ​​falling into the internship Jinping Qiangjun,Unsifying the absolute leadership of the party for the people'Best bets on Euro 2024s army,Comprehensively implement European Online Sports Betting 2024the military strategy policy of the new era,Resolutely maintain and implement the responsibility system of the Military Commission,firm belief,Building the army soul,firmly listening to the party command。Two to enhance the combat power。Juli training for war,Persist in task traction、Actual War Traction,Comprehensively improve the level of training for military training,Constantly improving support and guaranteeing combat capabilities。Third to consolidate the foundation。Grabbing thought and politics、Battle Preparation、Military Best bets on Euro 2024training、Daily management and other Best European Cup prediction websitework,Focus on building a strong team、Jianqiang team,Comprehensively improve the overall quality of the officers and soldiers,Promoting comprehensive progress of grassroots construction、Comprehensive and strong。Four, do not humiliate the mission。Give full play to troops、Technology、Equipment、Emergency and other advantages,Promoting the fine tradition,I have touched the strong wind,Disaster relief in flood prevention、Emergency rescue and other urgent and dangerous tasks in front of the task of struggling to fight for the first time、The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteResponsibility as,Resolutely carrying the guarantee side of The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitePing An、Guarding Party Stable and Stealing Ambassador。Five Outstanding Party Management of Armed Forces。Party committees at all levels to truly carry the main responsibility,The main leaders of the Party Committee carefully fulfill the duties of the first secretary,Military and Local departments at all levels and departments at all levels、Responsibility,Promote various systems to implement it,Fortunately consolidate the good situation of the development of military and political unity。

Chen Xing, An Wei, Xu Yuanhong, and Zhao Jun Best bets on Euro 2024participated in the investigation.

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao