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Accelerate the construction of a strong agricultural country

Promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas ※

Xi Jinping

December 23 to 24, 2022,Central Rural Work Conference was held in Beijing。General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of the State、Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech。 Xinhua News Agency reporter Rao Aimin/Photo

The main task of the Central Rural Work Conference is: comprehensively implementing the 20th spirit of the party,Summarize the work of "agriculture, rural areas" this year,Research and deployment of work next year,Speed ​​up the construction of a strong agricultural country for strategic deployment。

After the closing of the 20th National Congress of the Party,I went out for the first time and went to Yan'an, Shaanxi、Henan Anyang to see rural revitalization,Think about how to accelerate the construction of agricultural power in the new journey of building a socialist modernization country all the way、Promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas。Let me talk about this meeting,It means that the Party Central Committee strengthens the distinctive attitude of "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas",A strong signal of heavy farmers and strong farmers。Below,I will accelerate the construction of agricultural power、Strengthen the work of "agriculture, rural areas"。

a、Anchor to build a strong country target,Effectively grasp agricultural and rural work

When the 20th National Congress of the Party is drawn in a magnificent blueprint for the full building of a socialist modern power,,The overall deployment of agricultural and rural work。Generally speaking: In the next 5 years, the "agriculture and rural" work should comprehensively promote rural revitalization,Basically realized agricultural modernization by 2035,Build a agricultural power in the middle of this century。This is the strategic deployment made by the Party Central Committee to comprehensively build a socialist modern power country。Powerful country must first strengthen farmers,Agricultural Qiang can be strong。Without a strong agricultural country, there is no modern power; no agricultural and rural modernization,Socialist modernization is incomplete。We must deeply understand the strategic deployment of the Party Central Committee,Putting accelerate the construction of a strong agricultural country on an important location for building a socialist modern power。

Agricultural power is the foundation of the socialist modern power。Agriculture is the foundation,Foundation does not firmly unstable。No matter how high the degree of social modernization is,Stable supply of food and important agricultural products of more than 1.4 billion people is always the first major event。Meet the needs of the people's good life,cannot be separated from agricultural development。Comprehensive construction of socialist modernization countries,From the starting point and settlement point is to make the people live better and better。Modernization goes forward、The richer the material life,The more the people like the pastoral scenery of the mountains and rivers, the more the pastoral scenery,Agriculture in addition to ensuring food and important agricultural supply,Its ecological conservation、Leisure sightseeing、The function of cultural heritage can play an active role。Agriculture is an industry for employment of nearly 200 million people,The countryside is a home where nearly 500 million farmers live in,Only the agricultural and rural areas are done,The majority of farmers live in peace and work,They have sufficient sense of gain、Happiness、Safety A sense。Realize high -quality development,It is also inseparable from agricultural development。Only agriculture is strong,Agricultural product supply is guaranteed,Price stability、Human Heart Stability,Economic situation can only hold it。Expansion of modern development space,Agricultural and rural areas are great vast world。Hundreds of millions of farmers entered into modernization as a whole,It will release huge creative energy and consumption potential,Injecting a strong motivation to economic and social development。Unblocked Gongnong, Nong, urban and rural cycle,is a large cycle of domestic economy、The important aspect of enhancing my country's economic toughness and strategic depth。Expansion of domestic demand、Steady growth、Promoting development,Construction of agricultural power is an important force point and breakthrough。Agriculture is the basis of national security。Agricultural insurance is life safety、Survival Safety,It is extremely important national security。Today's World,Speed ​​evolution without a big change in a century,Repeated delay of the new crown epidemic,Continuously upgraded from external suppression and curb,Various uncertainty and difficult to predict factors significantly increase。Once there is a problem with agriculture,The rice bowl is taken by people,Look at others' faces to eat,What are the modern construction? Only agriculture is strong,Food safety is completely guaranteed,We are steady overall、Stocking Bureau、Opening the new bureau to have sufficient base gas and strategic active。

Now,Agricultural and rural areas are still the shortcomings of modernization in my country。Enter the new era,The Party Central Committee adheres to the tradition of "agriculture, rural areas",Based on the work since the founding of New China,By carrying out poverty alleviation、Implementation of rural revitalization strategy, etc.,Use limited resources to stabilize more than 1.4 billion people's meal problems,All farmers get rid of absolute poverty、Simultaneously enter a comprehensive well -off,"Three -rural" work achievement is huge、recognized in the world。At the same time,Contributed to insufficient per capita resources、thin foundation、There are more historical debts and other reasons,"agriculture and rural" is still a weak link,The same type of industrialization、Informatization、Urbanization comparison,Agricultural modernization is obvious lag。The main manifestations are: relatively low agricultural production efficiency,Agricultural labor productivity is only 25.3%of the non -agricultural industry; agricultural comparative benefits are low; the international competitiveness The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteof agricultural products is obviously insufficient,2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsThe price of agricultural products such as domestic food generally exceeds the international market; rural infrastructure and public services lag behind cities; urban and rural residents' income ratio is 2.5: 1、Consumption expenditure ratio is 1.9: 1。This is the Party Central Committee emphasizing the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization、An important reason for accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural country。

Construction of agricultural power,The basic requirement is to realize agricultural modernization。A strong agricultural country we want to build、Agricultural modernization,Common features of existing general modern agricultural powers abroad,More Chinese characteristics based on your own national conditions。The so -called common features,It is to follow the general law of agricultural modernization,Construction supply guarantee strong、Strong technology equipment、Strong business system、Strong industrial toughness、Agricultural power with strong competitiveness。The so -called Chinese characteristics,is based on our country's national conditions,Resource endowment based on more people and less places、The historical heritage of farming civilization、The era requirements of harmonious coexistence between people and nature,Take your own way,Not simply copies foreign modern agricultural power mode。

October 26 to 28, 2022,General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of the State、The Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province、Investigation of Anyang City, Henan Province。This is the afternoon of the 26th,Xi Jinping has a cordial communication with the villagers in Nantou Village, Nantou Village, Gaoqiao Town, Ansai District, Yanian City。 Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yan/Photo

Chinese characteristics of agricultural power,I think it should mainly include the following aspects: First, rely on your own strength to fix the rice bowl。China with more than 1.4 billion people,must be self -reliant to protect your own rice bowl at any time,Adhere to the production capacity and catch together、Quantity Quality Grabbing、Production ecology together,Enhance the toughness and stability of the supply chain of the agricultural industry chain。The second is to develop agriculture by relying on the double -layer operation system。Based on the large number of small farmers, the basic farmers' situation,Based on family operation,Adhere to the combination of unity,Socialized services for small farmers extensively,Actively cultivate new agricultural business entities,A moderate -scale operation of agriculture with Chinese characteristics。Third, developing ecological low -carbon agriculture。Perseverance of green is the background of agriculture、Must be abandoned and fishing。Must be abandoned and fishing、Burning and Field、Big Water and Da Fei、Old Road, Demolition and Demolition,Realize agricultural production、Rural Construction、Rural life Ecological virtuous cycle,Ecological Agriculture、Low -carbon villages become reality,To save resources、Environmental Friendship,Keep the green water and green mountains。Fourth is the continuous farming civilization。my country has a bright and long -term farming civilization,It must be ensured that the root veins are endless,To achieve complete and effective rural social form,Cultural Gene、Beautiful morals inheritance and promotion,Farming civilization and urban civilization reflected,Coordinated development of material civilization and spiritual civilization,The majority of farmers are self -confidence and self -improvement、Excited,Full of spiritual strength。Five is to solidly advance common prosperity。Realize the development of urban and rural integration、equalization of basic public services,Rural has modern living conditions,Farmer development、Live a richer and better life。At the same time,We build a strong agricultural country,It is also the global sustainable development、Eliminate Poverty to Contribute China Power。

July 12 to 15, 2022,General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of the State、Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, inspects in Xinjiang。This is 14th,Xi Jinping in Ximen Village, Xincheng Village, Xinsheng District, Gaochang District, Gaochang District, Turgan,Let's be with the people of all ethnic groups。 Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren/Photo

Accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural country is the strategic deployment of our party to do a good job in the work of "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas" in the new era,Must maintain strategic fixed force、for a long time。Current,To be anchored to build a target of agricultural power,Scientific planning and promotion of the work of "agriculture, farmers"。First, strengthen the top -level design。Formulate to accelerate the construction of agricultural power plans,For the next 5 years、2035、Objectives in the middle of this century,Develop roadmap and construction chart,Effective effectiveness of planning。Planning should be connected with the existing plan,Keep working continuity,Can't "turn the cake"。Strictly implement the plan,Resolutely prevent the plan from not taking the plan。Second step -by -step、Stable and stable。Building an agricultural power is a long and arduous historical task,It is necessary to advance steadily and steadily in stages,Perseverance with the spirit of nail nails。Currently focusing on comprehensively promoting rural revitalization,Make more foundations、Long -term things。Third to adapt to local conditions、Pay attention to effectiveness。All places must be based on the resource endowment and development stage,Give full play to its own advantages,service overall needs,Make a contribution,The most urgent development from local agriculture and rural areas、Farmers reflected the strongest actual problems to start,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers、Active、Creativity,One item is one item、Do one piece for one piece,Do not make a brain to get rid of the actual "tall" or the face of the face project。

2、Safety and safety supply to ensure food and important agricultural products is always the top priority to build a strong agricultural country

Agricultural instability,Random if there is no food。This scene is repeatedly staged in ancient and modern Chinese and foreign。History,Qi Guo induces Lu Guo to abandon grain and plant mulberry,During the critical time, the grain is broken and served in Lu State;,Destroy Wu while its grain is overwhelming。Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis this year,More than 30 countries in the world restrict European Online Sports Betting 2024food exports,2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsSome countries are therefore socially turbulent and even regime change。Only the initiative of solid food security,can the initiative of the rejuvenation of the stable and strong country。

Agricultural Qiang,The first is that the capacity of food and important agricultural products must be strong。These years,We rely on our own strength to stabilize Chinese rice bowls,More than 1.4 billion people eat and eat。Now,Grain demand rigid growth,Pressure of the rice bowl。Must consolidate the foundation of food safety,Both the material foundation,Strengthening hiding food、Tibetan grain for skills,It is also necessary to grasp the mechanism protection,Increase production capacity、Structure Optimization、Toughness enhancement、Income guarantee、Responsibility compacted。

Raising grain production capacity is still the first task。my country's food production has been maintained on 1.3 trillion kg of high platform for 8 consecutive years,The more difficult to go forward, the more difficult。To implement a new round of 100 billion kg of grain production capacity enhancement action,Hurry up to formulate an implementation plan,Implement the task。The key to raising capacity is the two key pests of cultivated land and seeds。To resolutely keep the red line of 1.8 billion mu of cultivated land,Resolutely curb "non -agricultural chemical"、Effectively prevent "non -grainization"。Persist in the principle of great use of Liangtian Grain,Liangtian Hao Tu should prefer food,Fruit tree seedlings try to go uphill as much as possible,Vegetable gardening more depends on facilities agriculture and factory planting。Governance "non -grain" policy is strong,It is necessary to consider the protection of food production and important agricultural products、The relationship between farmers increase income,Leave a certain transition period,Strengthen policy guidance。To gradually build all the permanent basic farmland into a high standard farmland,Put forward the implementation measures as soon as possible,The money you should take is to get in place,Construction quality and management and protection mechanism must also be in place,Make sure to build a piece and one piece。Select a breakthrough out of the seeds,Continuous force、Cooperative Settlement,Effectively grasp the results of the seed industry to achieve results,Hold the main variety in your own hands。Biological breeding is a big direction,To accelerate the pace of industrialization。

Ensure food safety,Not only do you want to look at usual,It is also necessary to improve the ability of emergency protection,System combing production、Processing、circulation、Reserve、Trade and other aspects of possible risk points。

Farmers can make money for farmers,Grain production is only guaranteed。To improve the income guarantee mechanism of farmers farmers,Improve price、subsidy、The policy system of the "Trinity" of insurance,Improving the agricultural capital supply stability and price response mechanism,Stabilize farmers' expectations、Reduce production risk。To innovate the production and operation method of grain,Extension of the industrial chain,Realize the amount of money -saving efficiency。To enhance the compensation mechanism of the interests of the main production area,Explore the method of compensation for the multi -channel interests of the production and marketing area。Neither allows farmers to plant grain farmers to suffer economically,Explore the method of compensation for the multi -channel interests of the production and marketing area。

Guarantee food safety,It is necessary to force the two ends when increasing production and loss。Current,Food harvest、Storage and transportation、Processing、Sales、Consumption every link has "running and dripping",The situation is quite serious。According to the relevant agency estimation,Foods lost every year more than 22.7%,about 920 billion kg,If you can save half of the loss,enough for 190 million people to eat for a year。There is a lot of articles for consumption links to do,Not only does it stop "waste on the tip of the tongue",Deepen "CD -ROM Action",Also promote a healthy diet。Per capita consumption of consumer oil and "red meat" in Chinese residents,The recommended standards for the recommendation of the dietary guide are about double and 2x。Food saving reduction can effectively reduce supply pressure,can also reduce resource use,Good Mo Da。To establish a concept of increasing production,Promote the full chain saving loss,Improve normalization、Long -term work mechanism,There must be a specific grabbing point in each link,The more you lose a serious link, the more you need to catch it。We must continue to deepen food saving various actions,Enhanced rigid constraints,Increase the work strength,Don’t give up micro -last、I don't want to do it,Get greater results as soon as possible。

June 8, 2022,General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of the State、Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping inspected in Sichuan。This is the morning of the 8th,Xi Jinping inspects the high standard rice planting base in Yongfeng Village, Taihe Town, Dongpo District, Meishan City,Understand rice test breeding and planting promotion。Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Huanchi/Photo

Solve eating problems,Can't stare at the limited cultivated land,Open your mind,Establish a big food concept。"Eating" is not just consumer food,Meat egg milk、Fruit vegetable fish、Mushroom bamboo shoots, etc. are all food。Outside of cultivated land,There are still more than 4 billion acres of forest land in my country、Nearly 4 billion acres of grasslands and a large number of resources such as rivers and lakes。To build a diversified food supply system,Under the premise of protecting the ecological environment,Expand from cultivated land resources to the entire land and resources,Expansion from traditional crops and livestock resources to more abundant biological resources,Forest、Grassland、Rivers and Lakes Sea Essence,Requires calories from plant animals microorganisms、Effective protein,Multiple ways to develop food source。Facilities agriculture is very promising,To develop sunlight greenhouse、Plant factory and intensive livestock and poultry breeding,Promote the construction of land -based and far -reaching sea farming fishing grounds,Greed up the field of agricultural production space。

While ensuring food safety,It must ensure that other important agricultural products are stable and safe supply,Especially grasping soybean and oil production,Grasp the pig and "vegetable basket" project。These are all 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsdeployed,European Online Sports Betting 2024The key is to grasp the implementation。

Party committees and governments at all levels must carry the "big country of the country" on the shoulders。Measted a local leading cadre to be unable to have、Unqualified,Can not just look at GDP、Can you catch a few items,More mainly depends on whether it is in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee,Full、Accurate、Comprehensive implementation of new development concepts,Local obedience to the whole,Try to do things assigned by the Party Central Committee such as food security。Grain safety party and government responsibility requirements are clear,Now the key is to strictly assess,Urges all places to truly carry responsibilities。

3、Comprehensively promoting rural rejuvenation is an important task for building a strong agricultural country in the new era

Construction of agricultural power,At present, we must do a good job of rural revitalization。The focus of the work of "agriculture, rural, rural" has achieved historic transfer,Human investment、material resources allocation、Financial protection must be transferred to rural revitalization。This incident has just broken the question,The more difficult and heavy task is still behind,Never relax,Can't change the channel。The total requirements are still comprehensively promoting the industry、Talent、Culture、Ecological、Organize "Five Revitalization"。"Five Revitalization" is interconnected、Support each other、Organic unity of mutual promotion,To make a coordinated deployment、Coordinated advance,Grab the key、Make up shortcomings,Also emphasizes precision、Adactions to local conditions,Stimulate the multiplication effect and chemical response,Improve the effectiveness of comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization。

Industry revitalization is the top priority of rural revitalization,It is also the entry point of actual work。Rural without industrial,Difficult to gather popularity,Not to mention retaining talents,Farmers' income income is not wide,Cultural activities are difficult to carry out。Promoting industrial revitalization,Three words of "souvenirs" threatened。"Soil" is based on the soil and soil of one side,Develop local resources。Be good at analyzing the new market environment、New technical conditions,Use new marketing methods,Open the field of vision to make good use of local resources,Pay attention to the development of new functions of the agricultural industry、New value of rural ecology,If you develop ecological tourism、Folk Culture、Leisure sightseeing, etc.。"Special" is about highlighting regional characteristics,Reflection of the local style。Jump out of the local area,Created as recognized by consumers、features that can form a competitive advantage,If it is adapt to local conditions to build Apple Village、Fungus Township、Huanghua Town, etc.。"Production" is about the real built -up industry、Formation cluster。To extend the agricultural product industry chain,Develop agricultural product processing、Fresh storage、Transporting sales, etc.,Form a certain scale,Leave the value -added income The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteof agricultural products in the countryside、Leave it for farmers。Industrial gradient transfer is a trend,When developing characteristic industries in various places, we must seize this opportunity。In short,To rely on agricultural and rural characteristic resources,A variety of functions to develop agriculture、Digging the diversified value of the countryside,Effects of the integration and development of the one, two, and three industries,Strong faucet、Make up chain、Promotion、Tree brand,Promote the upgrade of the full chain of the rural industry,Enhance market competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities。

Promoting industrial revitalization,The industrial assistance policy must be implemented。Recent,The Audit Office carried out the implementation of the national rural revitalization key help county industrial assistance policy implementation and fund audit。Audit results indicate,There is still the foundation of industrial development in some areas.、Liannong and agricultural mechanisms are not continuously stable、Industrial supporting support policies are not effective enough and effective,Not conducive to the development and growth of characteristic industries and stable income from people from poverty alleviation。All departments in various regions must strictly implement the responsibility system for rural revitalization,For existing problems,Take effective measures to grasp rectification,Promote the implementation of various tasks of rural revitalization。

Consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation is the bottom line task for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization。Current,The new crown epidemic、Influence such as the decline in domestic and international economy,Consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation results In encountering some new situations。We must continue to compact the responsibility,Give full play to prevent early warning response to prevent the recovery and assistance mechanism of help returning to poverty.,Connect the poverty alleviation population and the assistance policy in poverty alleviation areas、Measures are in place,Achieve a smooth transition,Resolutely prevent the appearance of the whole village from returning to poverty。More effort to enhance the development of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation people,Take increasing income from poverty alleviation as the main direction,Think of ways in promoting poverty alleviation areas,Promote all kinds of resources、Assistance measures to promote industrial development and expand employment focusing together。We must pay attention to stimulating the ambition to stimulate poverty alleviation people to rely on their own strength to develop,Inspired by making hard work and getting rich,Prevent "Lazy Han"。Encourage the implementation of subsidies for development categories,To advocate more and more supplement、less dry and less supplement、Nothing to make up。Encourage the implementation of construction projects,Also distinguish between the government to do it、What is the peasant,Do not do that cadre to dry again、What the farmers see。Now,5 years of transition period has been two years,To plan the specific institutional arrangement after the transition period,Promote the connection between the prevention policy of preventing poverty and assistance and the European Online Sports Betting 2024normalized assistance policy of low Best European Cup prediction website-income population in the countryside,All eligible objects are included in normalized assistance,Research Establishing the normalized assistance mechanism of underdeveloped regions。Poverty alleviation population that should be helped by policy pocket,It is necessary to gradually separate the population that can stabilize poverty through normal assistance,Classification management。

We must persist in increasing farmers' income as the central task of the work of "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas",Thousands of ways to broaden farmers to increase income and get rich channels。To develop a comparative advantage obvious、Strong driving ability、The county -rich industry with a large employment capacity,Multiple measures to promote employment of migrant workers,Digging the potential of operating income and employment income。To improve the mechanism of the joint agriculture with agriculture,Pay attention to leaving more value -added income to farmers,Let the farmers pick "Jin Bian"。To increase the policy of benefit farmers and rich farmers,Subsidies for farmers can increase,The level of social security can be improved,Various resource elements in rural areas can activate as much as possible,Make farmers pockets more and more drum、Life is over red fire。

4、Relying on the two -wheel drive of technology and reform to accelerate the construction of a strong agricultural country

Construction of agricultural power,The weapon in technology,Key depends on reform。It is necessary to cooperate with scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation,Open the new field of new fields,Shape new kinetic energy and new advantages,Accelerate the breakthrough and quality jump of quantitative quantitative。

Current,my country's agricultural scientific and technological innovation has entered the world's first array,But the contribution rate of agricultural science and technology progress is still not small compared to the world's advanced level。Our resources are so many,The demand for agricultural products in the large -scale market is growing,Now it is more important to pay more attention to and rely on agricultural science and technology innovation,Not only must you make up for the shortcomings and weaknesses,Also determined to play the backward advantage、Realize "Curidal Super"。Fore close to the forefront of the world agricultural technology,Vigorously improve my country's agricultural science and technology level,Accelerate the realization of high -level agricultural technology self -reliance。

Agricultural scientific and technological innovation must focus on improving the overall performance of the innovation system,Solving each other is a battle、Low level repeat、Unlike high conversion rate。Leading with key core technology of agricultural agriculture,Urgent needs of industries,Focus on chassis technology、Core Source、Key agricultural machinery equipment、Synthetic drugs、Cultivation Land Quality、Agricultural water saving and other fields,Give full play to the advantages of the new national system,Integrate all kinds of advantageous scientific research resources at all levels,Strengthen the status of corporate scientific and technological innovation.,Build a clear ladder、division of labor collaboration、Moderate competitive agricultural science and technology innovation system。To create a national agricultural science and technology strategic force,Support the construction of major innovation platforms in the agricultural field。Agricultural science and technology innovation cycle is relatively long,I have to be willing to work hard、Increased investment,Give long -term stable support。

April 10th to 13th, 2022,General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of the State、Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, inspects in Hainan。This is the afternoon of the 10th,Xi Jinping inspects in the Yazhou Bay Seed Laboratory in Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, Sanya City。 Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren/Photo

Agricultural science and technology work should highlight the application -oriented,Accelerate the transformation of results,Write the paper on the ground。Farmers decentralized operations are still the fundamentals of agricultural operations in my country,Agricultural science and technology promotion task is very heavy,Must and the market must coordinate。The grass -roots agricultural technology promotion system must stabilize the team、Improve quality、Return to the main business,Strengthen public welfare service functions。At the same time,It is necessary to encourage the development of various social agricultural science and technology service organizations,Innovative marketization agricultural technology promotion mode,Open the "Last Mile" to enter the village to enter the village。

Accelerate the construction of a strong agricultural country,Urgent need to reform the power、Add Vitality。Deepen rural reform,We must continue to hold the main line of the relationship between farmers and land,Enhance the base of the collective ownership、Conservation and realization of the rights of collective members of farmers and activate the elements of resource elements,Do a good job of separation and perfection of the rights of rural collective resource assets,Let the farmers share more results in the reform。

Current,The second round of land contracting in various places is expired one after another,It is necessary to do a good job of the contracting period and extend the various tasks for 30 years,Make sure that most farmers' original contracted rights remain stable、Successful Package。Where conditions permit can be under the premise of the farmers,Explore the sorting of concentrated slices of farmland,Solve the problem of fine fragmentation。Moderate scale operation is the direction of modern agriculture,To support conditional small farmers grow into family farms,Support Family Farm for Formation of Farmers Cooperative、Cooperatives run an enterprise according to development needs,Accelerate the improvement of the agricultural socialized service system,Serve the small farmers for good、Drive。Land of land operation rights、Concentration、Significant operation must grasp the degree,Can't rely on administrative means to forcibly transfer farmers' land,Personal Apocalypse、Unrealistic large -scale or even large -scale operation,Prevent forcibly forcibly recover the farmer's contracting place to engage in "anti -lease reversal"。

Be careful to promote the reform of the rural homestead system system.,Focus on ensuring living、Control the random construction、Active idle,Constantly explore and improve collective ownership in the pilot、The right to qualification for farmers、The right to use the right to use 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsthe homestead and its separate implementation form。To The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitedeepen the pilot of the rural collective operating construction land,Improve the distribution mechanism of the value -added income of land,Enhance the systemic systemic。

The reform of the reform of the rural collective property rights system is to meet the requirements of the socialist market economy,Certain property rights relationship、Science of governance architecture、Stable business method、Reasonable operation mechanism for income distribution,Make full use of the rural collective own resource conditions、Business ability,Exploring Resource Package、Property rental、intermediary service、Diversified ways to participate in asset shares develop new types of rural collective economy。The development of a collective economy must respect the wishes of the masses、Follow the laws of the market,Can't take the old road of "Return to a lot"。To improve the rural collective asset supervision system,Strict control of collective business risks,Resolutely curb new debt,Fully guarantee the right to know the collective members、Participate right、Supervision right,Never make the collective economy into a "small vault" for a few people。

To conform to the general trend of urban and rural integration and development,Fully guarantee the right to know the collective members、System barriers for two -way flow,Promoting development elements、Various services to go to the countryside more,Take the lead in breaking the dual structure of urban and rural areas in the county。To encourage social capital to go to the countryside to become the main body of agricultural business,But you must keep operating agriculture、Basic requirements for benefiting farmers,Prevent horse racing circle。To accelerate the citizen of agricultural transfer population,Improve the basic public service system,Let the city be willing to enter the city,Fast and better integration into the city。At the same time,To ensure the legitimate rights and interests such as the land and land in the city,Encourage to voluntarily exit voluntarily in accordance with the law。

Promoting rural reform,Must be patient with history,See it and push it before,If the conditions are immature, don’t rush to move。To the land、The basic rights and interests of farmers such as cultivated land, especially changing the production lifestyle for thousands of years,Be careful,Perseverance of the public ownership of the land does not change、The red line of cultivated land does not break through、The bottom line where farmers' interests are not damaged。

5. Vigorously promote the construction of rural modernization

Rural modernization is the inherent requirements and necessary conditions for building a strong agricultural country,Building livable and livable and beautiful villages is the deserved meaning of agricultural power。​​Agriculture is promoted due to the settlement of human beings,Villages gather due to agricultural activities,Village is not only a space carrier for agricultural production,It is also the homeland of the majority of farmers born in Sri Lanka。Building a strong agricultural country to promote agricultural modernization and rural modernization,Realize the village from the table and the inside、Comprehensive improvement of both shapes and gods。

These years,Getting some results in rural construction,But the rural infrastructure is still imperfect,The level of public service is not high,There are a lot of accounts。It is necessary to aim at the goal of "basically having modern living conditions in the countryside",Organize the implementation of rural construction actions,Especially to speed up epidemic prevention、Pension、Education、Public service facilities construction in medical treatment,Improve the completeness of rural infrastructure、Public service convenience、Settlement environment comfort,Let farmers live a modern civilization life。The trend of urbanization in my country、Change of the changes in urban and rural patterns to judge,Scientific planning village layout,Prevent "there are no villages and people" from causing waste。Rural construction must fully consider the sustainable financial resources and the acceptable farmers,Persist in quantity to obey quality、progress obedience to effectiveness,Concentrated strength first grasp the inclusiveness、Basic、Fundamental people's livelihood construction,Priority construction projects that are convenient for life and promote production,Standards can be high or low,But it cannot be missed。Villages in various places are in accordance with geography in history、Climate、Humanistic conditions continue,We must be in awe history、Watch Xiang help、Awe Ecology,Reserves the romantic and villagers and nostalgia。Village construction is built for farmers,To improve from the bottom up、The implementation mechanism of farmers' participation,Listen to the opinions of the masses,Care farmers' feelings。

To improve the autonomy of party organization leaders、rule of law、The rural governance system combined with German rule,Makes rural areas full of vitality, stable and orderly。We must adhere to the distinctive orientation of the grassroots level,Promoting governance and service center of gravity move down、Resource sink,Promote the expansion of the villages and villages,Integrated power、Improvement ability,Make sure to be able to live、Good use。To deepen the practice of villagers led by party organization,Innovative rural governance grasping carrier,Improve the promotion points system、Listing、Digitalization、Anti -administrative governance methods such as proceeding and other pragmatic management。

Promoting rural modernization,Not only the material life must be rich,Mental life is also rich。The construction of rural spiritual civilization should be combined with excellent farming culture,Combining the common value concept of daily use with the peasant masses,Promote the good neighbors of Dunbi、Watch Xiang help、Honesty and Ceremony of Tone Celebration。To strengthen the education of the rule of law,Guide farmers to do things in accordance with the law、Finding the way in the event of an incident、Usage to solve problems、Resolving contradictions depends on the law。Rural moving customs and customs are often unremitting,Find a specific method of actual promotion,Innovative use of village rules and people's treaties,Advance and restraint measures,Mian Mian force,Successive customs,Perseverance,You The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitemust see a good effect。

6、Strengthen the party'European Online Sports Betting 2024s comprehensive leadership of accelerating the construction of agricultural power

Comprehensively promote rural revitalization、Accelerate the construction of a strong agricultural country,The key lies in the party。It is necessary,Improve the leadership system and working mechanism,Provide a strong guarantee for accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural country。

Fifth -level secretary grasping the rural rejuvenation is the clear requirements of the Party Central Committee,It is also an effective mechanism for accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural country。The city and county levels should take the "agriculture and rural" work as the highlight,Hua Da energy to catch,Especially the county party secretary should be the "front line general command",The secretary who does not pay attention to the "agriculture, rural areas, and rural" is not a good secretary,Secretary who can't grasp rural work is not a competent secretary。To improve the assessment and inspection mechanism,Promoting work implementation with responsibility、Policy Implementation。

Party committees at all levels should increase the training of agricultural cadres,Improve the work skills of the "agriculture and rural" work,Improve work style,Create a politics excessive、Adapt to the requirements of the new era、The "three rural" cadre team with the ability to lead the construction of agricultural power。Party and government cadres at all levels must investigate research、Seeking truth -saving and pragmatic as the basic skills,Can't get out of actual,If you take it for granted、Pat your head; strengthen the system concept,Coordinated handling two difficulties or even difficult problems,Can't "press the gourd to get a scoop"。Trees to solid the masses、Perform the mass line,Frequently go to the home of the peasants and go.、Take a look,Deeple to the masses、Root the masses,Ask to be in the people、Ask the people,Care about the masses to be safe and cold and cold、But seeking what to use,View our work from the joy and sorrow of the peasants。

Talents are the most precious resources,is the basic nature of accelerating the construction of a strong agricultural country、Strategic support。Weak development of some rural development,The key lies in the lack of talents,About Development Guide、Industry leader、Policy understanding people。Party committees and governments at all levels must adhere to the combination of local training and external introduction,The development opportunities of the vast world of the countryside attract people,Keep people with the beautiful environment of rural pastoral livable environment。To cultivate a number of rural talents,Focus on strengthening the village party organization secretary and new agricultural business entity leader training,Comprehensively improve the quality of farmers,Education and make good use of local talents。At the same time,To introduce a group of talents,Orderly guide college graduates to the countryside、Benefit returning home、Migrant workers return home、Entrepreneurs enter the hometown,Create opportunities、Unblocked channels、Create environment,Help solve career development、Social security and other worries,Let it leave it、Can start a business。To establish the concept of phased talent,No all、But seeking what to use。To promote talents in the county to open and use,Putting the talents and professional and technical talents of the key cultivation of party, government cadres and professional and technical talents in the countryside,Let them take the responsibility on the front line、Exercise growth。Through multiple efforts,Focus on creating a sinking down、Keep it、The rural talent team that can be used,Strengthen the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization、Accelerate the construction of the intellectual support and talent support of the construction of agricultural power。

January 26 to 27, 2022,General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China、President of the State、Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, came to Shanxi,Viewing and condolences at grassroots cadres and masses。This is the afternoon of the 26th,Xi Jinping in the Cultural Plaza of Duan Village, Sangnian Town, Fenxi County, Linfen City,New Year for the folks,The people of all ethnic groups in the country、Blessings of the Chinese New Year to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese。 Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Xueren/Photo

Rural grassroots party organizations are the basis for the party's work and combat effectiveness in rural areas。To improve the village -level organization system led by the village party organization,Building rural grass -roots party organizations into a strong fighting fortress for effectively realizing party leaders,Village -level autonomous organization、Collective Economic Organization、Farmers Cooperation Organization、All kinds of social organizations, etc.,Solidate the peasants to listen to the party、Sensory party grace、Take the party。This round of the "two committees" of the national villages has been completed.,To fully train and improve the ability of village teams to lead the village's revitalization,Continuously optimize the leader team,Paiqiang uses the first secretary of the village and the work team,Pay attention to selecting outstanding young cadres to grow at the grassroots level of rural areas,Give full play to the role of the vanguard of rural party members。Current,Village Party Organization、The person in charge of the Autonomous Organization generally realized "one -shoulder",Some also served as the person in charge of the village collective economic organization,The supervision and management of them must keep up with,Resolutely prevent the emergence of "small official giant greed" and "village tyrant" that cannot be inferior to heaven。To promote the effective connection of grass -roots discipline inspection and supervision organizations and village affairs supervision committees,Extend the disciplinary inspection and supervision work to the village。We must continue to reduce the burden on rural grassroots cadres,In -depth rectification of formalism、bureaucracy,Reduced the name a lot、Deformation and walk -like assessment and evaluation、Inspection and inspection, etc.,Let grass -roots cadres have more energy to do practical things for farmers。

Comrades,Agricultural power,Is to fight、Dry it、Struggle。From now on,It is necessary to take energy,Comprehensively promote rural revitalization,Accelerate the pace of modernization of agriculture and rural areas,Work hard to speed up the construction of agricultural power。

※ This is General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the Central Rural Work Conference on December 23, 2022。

Responsible editor: Wang Yixiao