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Release time: 2023-01-28   Source: People's Daily

Coming for even day,Civilization Practice Center of the New Era of the whole country actively develops rich characteristics、Fortunately colorful、A year -old volunteer service activity: "People's name" vividly preach the party's 20th spirit、Volunteers go deep into the community to send medicine and medicine、Literary workers present wonderful performances ... Many intimate、warm heart、Warm volunteer service activities created a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere for the Spring Festival。

Send the party's 20th spirit to the grassroots

January 22,New Year's Day,"Volunteer Service Send Guan Ai Civilization Practice Tree New Wind Ending New Symbol Literature and Art Evening" is held in Taishan City, Guangdong Province。"We Are All Dream Chaser", "Our New Age", "Spring of the Bay Area" and other programs showing Taishan people patriotic love、The style of hard work,Let the audience resonate with the scene。The party invited the representatives of the new era civilization practice brand project "Secretary Lecture Hall", "Happy Community" and "Red Chefs for Qiao Township" to European Online Sports Betting 2024tell the fruitful European Online Sports Betting 2024results of the development of Taishan,Share the moving story of the people's struggle for the people of Taishan。Yu Weiqiang, Secretary of the Party Branch of Guishui Village, Taicheng Street, said: "In 2023, Taishan Yingchun Flower Market attracted many citizens to visit Guishui Village、Buy flower,The income of the villagers has increased,Village collective economic income has also increased。In the future, we will insist on party building leaders,Vigorously develop various undertakings of rural revitalization,Effectively increase the income of the villagers。”

It is reported,Since the beginning of November 2022,Guangdong Province relies on 28,000 new era civilization practice centers in the province,Launched a series of learning publicity and education activities,Deepering the grassroots to carry out layers of popularization、Interactive preaching,Promote the 20th spirit of the party to take root。

Recent,22 red lecturers in Wannian County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province,Formed a red lecturer group to the new era of civilization practice (station) in the new era of various townships to carry out theoretical preaching。Zhu Wenpeng, director of the New Era of the New Era of Wannian European Online Sports Betting 2024County, said,Many people who return 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionshome during the Spring Festival,We seize this opportunity,Deepen in the townships to give preaching,Answer questions that the masses care about,Very welcomed by the masses。

Liangshan County, Shandong Province Invite Lecturers、The name of the people、Theoretical expert,Acting in the "Liangxiang Liangshan · Air Theory Classroom" column,The main content is,Open the heat、Dip dirt、Earthquake preaching activities。

Shaanxi Province Zichang City adopts a volunteer service method of "preaching+literature and art",Take the stage to the door of the masses,Changing the "Fixed Poster" to "Flow Stage",Use the book、Folk Song、Allegro and other people like people like to see,Preaching the 20th spirit of the party,More than 120 games have been preached at present。

Send the party's care to the masses

"This big cold day,Thank you for remembering me。"January 23,The villager Wang Zhuying, a villager who lives in Caijia Village, Tongji Street, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, excitedly said to the doctor Zhao Guangliang。Wang Zhuying is 85 years old,I live in my own year。During the Spring Festival,"Knight Doctor" Zhao Guangliang and the volunteer of the volunteer service team Best European Cup prediction websiteof the "Family The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteDoctor" volunteer service team in the area under the jurisdiction regularly go to Wang Zhuying's home for health monitoring,and focus on explaining how to do home protection for the elderly。

It is understood,Jixi District Tongji Street Establish a "Family The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteDoctor" volunteer service team,Actively carry out the "knock doctor" Caring action,Since 2022, a healthy free clinic for the elderly in the jurisdiction、Home services have more than 600 times。To better protect the elderly through a happy and peaceful Spring Festival,"Family Doctor" Volunteer Service Team to conduct free home service for the elderly,Know the health status of the elderly,Meeting multi -level、Diverse home care service needs。

Beijing Haidian District Planning to launch a new era of civilized practice "Community Mutual Aid Little Blue Box" project,Huaxin Street, Dongli District, Tianjin set up a "shared medicine box" in the New Era Civilization Practice (Station) ... During the Spring Festival,Civilization Practice Center in various places in various places target the needs of the masses on medical medicines,Relying on the Civilization Practice Institute (Station) in the new era,Establish a "shared medicine box"Best bets on Euro 2024,Mobilized residents in Best bets on Euro 2024the jurisdiction to actively donate excess medicine,Form a good fashion for mutual help。

"Thank you‘ shared medicine box ’ in the village,Let us get the medicine as soon as possible。"Jiang Xianshou, a villager in Daoxiang Village, Lancun Street, Shimo District, Qingdao City, said。Jiang Xianshou's father is infected with the new crown virus,High fever was launched on the afternoon of New Year's Eve,The antipyretic medicine in the family is taken to finish the earlier infected wife,At this time, the surrounding pharmacies stopped opening because of the holidays。Just when you are in a hurry,Jiang Xianshou thought of the "shared medicine box" at the new era of civilization practice station in the village。"The medicines in the small medicine box are very complete,I received the medicine as soon as possible,It's really timely。"Jiang Xianshou said。

Help build a peaceful and harmonious society

Increased activities such as weddings for the Spring Festival、Increased traffic safety hazards, etc.,​​Civilization Practice Center of New Age of various places actively carried out publicity work and volunteer services,Vigorously advocate a new style of civilization,Help build a peaceful and harmonious society。

The Civilization Practice Best bets on Euro 2024Center of Jiawang District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province Best bets on Euro 2024carried out the "Civilized Market" and the Spring Festival Grand Campaign,Concentrated setting up "New Year's Blessed", "convenient service", "legal consultation", "healthy free clinic" and other volunteer service stalls,Carry out publicity and preaching activities such as "civilized wedding" at the same time。The first "civilized market" held on January 16 attracted a large number of citizens,Among them, activities such as "waste batteries change books" are welcomed,Citizens come to exchange with waste batteries,Participate in green environmental protection with actual actions,Response the reading of the whole people,Help the new fashion of civilization。

During the Spring Festival,Huizhou City, Guangdong Province arranged a series of civilized practice activities,Introducing the "Three Su" family style and family training special lectures and exhibitions、"Reading Lighting Childhood" Parent -Child Story Council and other volunteer services,Focus on promoting the customs and customs,Guide the masses to consciously oppose the waste and waste、Bad customs and other bad customs,Promote civilized transportation、Civilized Best European Cup prediction websitetourism、Civilized viewing, etc.,Call for citizens to be a communicationman Best European Cup prediction websiteand practitioner of civilized fashion。

Jiangxi Province Yingtan City Transportation Street Longyuan Community New Era Civilization Practice Station to carry out the theme publicity activity of "Breaking the Organization of Organizations and Moisturizing",Guide residents to consciously resist the big operation、Waiting for a waste、Wind to compare with each other。

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Bayannaoer City Linghe District to carry out Ping An Festival Volunteer Service,Organize traffic safety volunteers to carry out safe transportation publicity、Volunteer services such as security knowledge education。The Civilization Practice Center of the New Era of Xichang City, Sichuan Province holds the "Happy West Changchun Warmthyst" civilization practice volunteer service activity,Organizational volunteers provide information consulting for the returnees at various transportation venues、Civilized persuasion、Volunteer services such as luggage handling,and distribute traffic safety、Propaganda information such as anti -fraud knowledge,Help creating a safe and harmonious social atmosphere。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao