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Release time: 2022-11-14   Source: Henan Daily

"There is a large pond garden in the palace temple area of ​​Yinxu Archeology、Waterway and related architectural ruins。"November 10,The "Archeological China" platform of the State Administration of Cultural Relics released new progress in Yinxu Archeology and Oracle Research,revealed more comprehensive、True、Fresh business culture,Attention to the world。

Henan is an important birthplace and core area of ​​Chinese civilization,It has unique historical and cultural resources。Provincial Party Committee、Provincial government stands high,Vigorously implement the integration strategy of literary and travelers in the province,Explore the origin of Chinese civilization,Historical and cultural advantages,Fully shape "Walking Henan · Reading China" brand,"Fourteen Five -Year Plan" period,Henan will build the "Belt, One Core Three Mountains and Five Districts" cultural tourism development pattern,Constantly accelerate the pace of construction of strong cultural provinces。

The 20th report of the party proposed: Promoting cultural self -improvement,Fresh new glory of socialist culture。"Wen" Dingzhongyuan,shining brilliant。Source of Civilization,Light The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionswebsiteof the Exhibition Times,Children of Central Plains are embarking on the new journey,Frequent new glory。

Ji Gu thick soil questioning the source of Chinese civilization

End of autumn and early winter,It is the golden period of the field archeological excavation。November 11,Archeologists at the site of Hebishin Village squatting in the explorer,Take a picture of a pile of aggregate、Number、Drawing。"After finishing the record,These aggregate will be moved into the room for species identification。"The Executive Team of the Archaeological Team Gao Zhenlong said。Like them,Henan archeologists scattered all over the province,Read the "Book of Wordless Books" with a shovel,Exploring the password of civilization。

Starting from Yangshao Village, Modern Chinese Archeology,Chinese civilization exploration starts from Henan。

Henan archeology properly occupies the national C position。As of now,A total of 50 projects in our province have been selected as "Top Ten Archaeological Discovery in the country",14 projects were selected as "Hundred Years of Archaeological Discovery",Numbers ranks first in the country。A series of major archeological discoveries,clearly outline the human history of millions of years in my country、The cultural history of 10,000 years and the history of 5,000 years of civilization,The long -term cultural The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitedevelopment process brings together the mainstream Best European Cup prediction websiteof Chinese traditional culture。

Ji Gu Trace the source,Henan is the backbone of China。Our province focuses on the two major "archeological China" projects of the "Central Plains Civilization Process" and "Summer Culture Research",Increase Lingbao Beiyangping、Gongyi Shuang locust tree、Nanyang Huangshan、Dengfeng Wangchenggang、Xinmi Xinzhai、Xinmi Xinzhai、Key sites such as Yanshi Erlitou archeological excavation,constantly get new breakthroughs。Since September this year,Zhengzhou Mall Site Site Mochonal Grave Tomb Area issued cash covered for the first time、Erlitou site Handicraft industry archeology obtained major breakthroughs、Kaifengzhou Bridge and Luohe site found high -standard stone carvings murals in the Song Dynasty ... These important archeological discoveries are constantly confirmed、Supplement、Tracks of the origin and development of Chinese civilization,Rich brilliant pictures of Chinese civilization。

"Next step,We will take the time and space of the study of civilized source exploration to the earlier Pei Ligang culture、Yangshao's early cultural stage extension,Constantly pushing the Chinese civilization exploration project to deepening。"Tian Kai, director of the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, said。

Calling the brand to create a major cultural logo

The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteNovember 10,In Luoyang,The Intangible Best bets on Euro 2024Cultural Heritage Protection Exhibition Center of the Yellow River Basin is stepping up construction。It is expected to be the end of this year,The public can "punch in" the Yellow River non -heritage here,Experience Drama、Quyi、Gourmet、Folklore, etc.,Feel "Walking Henan · Reading China"。

Implementation of literary and travelers literary and creative integration strategies、Shape "Walking Henan · Reading China" brand,It is the general trend of the development of the Henan Provincial Party Committee、Strategic deployment made by Henan's historical and cultural advantages,It is a break of the problem of promoting the high -quality development of cultural tourism in the new era、Key one trick。According to the plan,The province is a historical interrogation、Historical events、Historical figures, etc. are the context,After the launch of 16 theme cultural tourism lines at the beginning of this year,Accelerate the construction of a continuous exploration source of Chinese civilization、Empirical and experienced place,A number of major cultural logo projects have been implemented one after another。

—— Implement the digital display project of the 100 major logo.

This year,Our province selected the first batch of "walking Henan · Reading China" 100 major logo projects,Demonstration of cultural relics and 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionslarge sites、Wenbo venue exhibition Best European Cup prediction websiteChen,Use digital technology to create a new scenario of Wenbo,Let tourists walk in Henan to understand China。

—— High -standard construction National Cultural Park.

Henan is the key construction area of ​​the Yellow River National Cultural Park,The main stage of "walking Henan · Reading China" brand。Current,Yangshao Village National Archaeological Site Park、Temple Digou Archaeological Site Park, etc.,Yellow River National Museum、10 iconic project projects including Dahe Village National Archaeological Site Park is promoted in an orderly manner。Secretary of the Party Group of the Provincial Department of Culture Travel、Director Jiang Jiding said,We want to create a number of major value in the evolution of Chinese civilization、Cultural logo of key significance,Tell Henan Story、Chinese Story。

—— Create a unique literary and artistic boutique.

Yuanyuan Streaming Long、The profound Central Plains civilization is a treasure of literary and artistic creation。In recent years,Our province launched the drama "Red Flag Canal"、Henan drama "Jiao Yulu" and a large number of the characteristics of the Central Plains、Boutique masterpieces of national influence,Deep people's hearts。

High standards promote the construction of museum groups; create a family name、Chinese ancient capital、Taiji Shaolin Kung Fu and other Chinese culture super IP,Actively refine European Online Sports Betting 2024the spiritual logo and cultural essence of Chinese civilization,Best bets on Euro 2024Show credible、Cute、Dear China image。

Creative Innovation Cultural Tourism Development is just at the time

"Flying" is between Linzhu Mountain,"Overlooking" red flag canal with 1500 kilometers,Feeling the fiery construction scene of opening the mountain ... During the National Day this year,Anyang's major scenic spots are very hot,The Yuan Cosmic theater created by Hongqiqu Scenic Area has attracted countless tourists to experience;

Multiple cultural and creative products from Henan Museum to remove sales、3D naked eye technology appreciates the wonders of Kaifeng "Castle City"、Put on VR glasses to feel the smile of the Luxiana Buddha ... On the ninth "Bo Fair" held in Zhengzhou this year,Henan Exhibition Hall's "fancy" cultural and creative cultural and creative circles;

Luoyang Guangfa "Hero Post",Create the "Capital of the Entertainment Entertainment" in China; "only Henan · Drama Phantom City" and "Da Song Tokyo Menghua" and other real -life performing arts are well received;

Creative transformation and innovative development of culture into a proposition of the times。Henan as a leading literary and literary creation with Wenyou,Adhere to "Cultural and Creative+Scientific and Technological Innovation" two -wheel drive,Let creativity、Design、Arts and other elements are fully integrated into Best European Cup prediction websitethe full chain of cultural tourism development,Development visualization、Interactive communication、European Online Sports Betting 2024New cultural tourism new format for immersive experience、New mode,Create more high -quality cultural and creative products,Constantly meet people's spiritual and cultural needs。

The 20th National Congress of the Party proposed,Persist in Wen Plastic Travel、Yiji Changwen,Promoting the deep integration of culture and tourism。The heavy Central Plains Culture、Yellow River Culture,The magnificent landscape,It provides infinite motivation for the development of the integration of cultural tourism in Henan。

Based on creating a Chinese cultural inheritance innovation center、Create the two major strategic positioning of the world's cultural tourist destinations,Focus on high -quality development of cultural tourism,Accelerate the construction of Zhengluo Luo's international cultural tourism destination,Comprehensive improvement of Taihang Mountain、Full Mountain、Dabie Mountain Ecological Recreation Travel Quality,Peiyou business,Build a new pattern of cultural tourism development,Henan is going out a new path of integration and development of cultural tourism,Leading the new era of cultural tourism integration and development of new tracks。

Henan today,It is more firm cultural self -confidence,Use the light of bright Best European Cup prediction websiteculture to illuminate the road to modernization。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao