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Release time: 2022-11-04   Source: Henan Daily

November 3,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng to Lancao County, Kaifeng City,Preach the 20th spirit of the party to the grassroots party members and cadres,Research Industry Development、Technology Innovation、Village revitalization、Grass -roots party building and other situations。

Baiyunshan Village, Sanyizhai Township,Lou Yangsheng walks into tomatoes to plant greenhouses,Ask varieties、Cost、output、Income。Baiyunshan Village Party Branch leads the masses to develop characteristic industries,The people's life is over red fire。Look at the bright smiles of the folks,Lou Yangsheng said,The 20th report of the party pointed out,The Communist Party of China leads the people to fight rivers and mountains、Guide Jiangshan,Keep the people’s heart,and the important content of the realization of all people's common prosperity as the requirements of the essential nature of Chinese style。As a Communist Party member, especially party members and cadres,Keep in mind "Blessing for the people is the establishment Best bets on Euro 2024of Best European Cup prediction websitethe party as the public、The essential requirements of governing for the people ",Always stand with the masses、Want to be together、Dry together,To the goal of common prosperity,Kuku on the ground,Running forward solidly,Go out of a new road in the revitalization of the countryside、Creating new performance、Surprove a new answer sheet。Along the neat road,Louyang Shengcha Watch Village Rongcun Village,Understand sewage treatment、Garbage classification、Village remediation and other situations,It is emphasized that it is necessary to promote the improvement of rural human settlements according to local conditions,Explorer can operate、Can continue mode,Makes the countryside more and more beautiful、More and more livable。Baiyunshan Village uses the "land exchange" mode to help solve the problem of elderly care for the elderly with poor family conditions,Lou Yangsheng expressed affirmation of grass -roots innovation practices,Point out the most creative power of the masses,As long as you fully respect and play the pioneering spirit of the masses,Go to the masses,Learn from the masses,You will definitely find the key to solve Best European Cup prediction European Online Sports Betting 2024websitethe problem、How to solve the problem。Talking cordially about Lou Yangsheng and Pier Miao cadres,He said,After getting to the grassroots,Working position、The working environment has changed,But the responsibility is unchanged、Pursue constant,Remember General Secretary Xi Jinping, "Do not forget your original intention、Keep in mind the mission "谆 teachings,True truth to do practical things for the people、Do good deeds。Lou Yangsheng encourages young cadres to take root in the grassroots,Pick up a few more hot potato,Do a few more ants on the hot pot,In the strong wind and waves、Improving ability、Forging style,Growing step by step into loyalty to the party、One heart for the people、Good cadres who are dedicated。

In Lancao Vocational College,Lou Yangsheng Listen to professional settings、Teachers' strength、Fusion Best bets on Euro 20242024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsof production and education、Report on scientific research cooperation,Emphasize the need to thoroughly implement the 20th spirit of the party,Tightly combined with economic and social development needs,Focus on promoting the comprehensive development of people,Deepen the integration of production and education、School -enterprise cooperation,Positioning、Jianqiang carrier,Efforts to cultivate more great artisans、High -skilled talents,Provide strong support for high -quality economic development。Wanhua Hexiang Ban Industry (Lancao) Co., Ltd. uses crop straw、Fruit Wood and other agricultural and forestry surplus -free ecological boards,Lou Yangsheng encourages enterprises,Grasp personalized customization、Factory production、Trend of the overall decoration,Innovative concept、Product、Marketing,Not only meet market demand,Development of leadership,constantly grow bigger and stronger enterprises,made a new contribution to promoting green low -carbon transformation。

Daizhuang Village, in contact with Dianyi Feng Town,Lou Yangsheng and the village party members and cadres and the masses of the masses,Talk about changes in the village,Share the experience of learning the 20th spirit of the party,Looking forward to the beautiful life of the future。Lou Yangsheng said,The 20th solemn announcement of the party,We have been fully built in a comprehensive construction of a socialist 2024 European Cup Match 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsResult Betting Predictionsmodernization country、New journey to achieve the second century -old goal。The 20th National Congress of the Party ended less than a week,General Secretary Xi Jinping for the first time to inspect Beijing for the first time,The theme is based on comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization,Go to Yan'an, Shaanxi and Anyang, Our province to visit and condolences to farmers,Fully reflects the high attention of the General Secretary and the Party Central Committee for the work of "agriculture, rural areas, and rural areas"、Certainful care for the majority of farmers。To fully study and implement the 20th spirit of the party,Adhere to the priority development of agriculture and rural areas,Consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation,Comprehensively promote rural revitalization,Unremitting struggle to achieve the modernization of agriculture and rural areas。

First, we must show new actions in the industry's revitalization。Take industrial revitalization as the central task of the work of "agriculture, rural areas",Based on resource endowment、Industrial foundation,Develop and expand characteristic rich agricultural industry,2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsPersist Best European Cup prediction websitein green Xingnong、Quality Xingnong、Brand strong farmer,Continue deepening the structural reform of agricultural supply -side,Promote the deep processing of agricultural products,Accelerate the agricultural industry chain、Value Chain、Supply Chain "Three Chain Homorrhains",Constantly improving agricultural quality and efficiency。

Second, we must take new steps on science and technology。Tightly rely on innovation、Technology、Talent,Vigorously develop smart agriculture、Facilities Agriculture,Reinforcement of key core technologies of the source source,Increase new varieties、New Technology、Promotion and Application of the New Mode,Accelerate the development of the integration and development of the rural one, two, and three industries,Develop rural tourism、Leisure Agriculture, etc.,Really promotes the modernization of agricultural and rural areas with innovation。

Third, it is necessary to show new responsibilities in the heavy responsibility of stable food safety。firmly insist on hiding food in the ground、Tibetan grain for skills,Strictly keeping the cultivation of cultivated land to Best bets on Euro 2024protect the red line,Vigorously 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionspromote the construction of high -standard farmland,Develop high -efficiency water saving irrigation,Improve the level of cultivated land,Implement various policies for benefiting farmers,Stimulate enthusiasm for planting grain,Steady improvement of grain production capacity、Grain income,Let the Chinese people's rice bowl more high -quality Henan grains。

Fourth, we must rejuvenate the new weather in the construction of a civilized hometown。Leading with the core values ​​of socialism,Innovation mechanism、Innovative method,In -depth excavation of ideological concepts contained in excellent traditional culture、Humanities、Moral specifications,Cultivation of civilized and rural wind、Good Home Wind、Simple Minfeng,Continue to promote rural migration and customs,Rich rural cultural life,Improve the degree of rural social civilization。

Fifth to achieve new improvement on the strong fighting fortress of Jianqiang。Tree Step Grabbing the Grassroots Grabbing Branch Aurora with the Branch,Choose a strong support branch team,Stimulate the vitality of the officer Best European Cup prediction websiteentrepreneurship,Improve the ability of serving the masses,Put European Online Sports Betting 2024more culture、Can struggle、Excellent talents dedicated to absorb in,Make grass -roots party organizations stronger and stronger。

Chen Xing and Wu Guoding participated in the preaching and research.

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao