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Release time: 2022-06-21   Source: Henan Daily

June 20,The Provincial Government holds a video scheduling meeting for the flood control work of the Yellow River in Henan,Research and judge the flood prevention situation this year,Re -arrange Best European Cup prediction The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitewebsitefor the Yellow River Flood Control Work、Re -deploy。

Deputy Governor Wu Guoding presided over the meeting and spoke。Listen to the cities of the provinces along the yellow provinces、Jiyuan Demonstration Zone and relevant departments after reporting,Wu Guoding pointed out,It is necessary Best bets on Euro 2024to thoroughly implement the 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsspirit of General Secretary Jinping on the flood prevention and disaster relief work and the spirit of the important instructions when investigating in Sichuan,Persist in the people first、Life first,Based on the prevention of the flood、Anti -Dahon、The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteGet in danger、Save Best bets on Euro 2024Disaster,The largest flood since the founding of the New China,There are countermeasures for the super standard flood、There are measures as standards,Resolutely keep the bottom line of guarding the Yellow River flood control safety,Make sure that the realization Best bets on Euro 2024of personnel is not casualties、The reservoir does not Best European Cup prediction websitecollapse the dam、The target of the embankment does not decide。

Wu Guoding emphasized,It is necessary to implement the flood prevention and rescue stone in full,Comprehensively carry out the exercise of relocation and ambulance,Promote the full coverage Best European Cup prediction websiteof lighting communication,Powerful clearing the riverside disorder,Non Best bets on Euro 2024-discounted completion of the key task of the Yellow River Flood Control Preparation。To further compact the responsibility for flood prevention,Strengthen the discussion judgment,Strengthen inspection 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsdefense,Focus on key areas,Do a good job of sheltering,Best European Cup prediction websitePerfect the collaboration mechanism,Hurry up and grasp various flood control measures,Resolutely ensure the safety of the Yellow River.,Ensure the safety of the people of the people,Welcome the 20th victory of the party with excellent results。

Best bets on Euro 2024Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao