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Release time: 2022-06-16   Source: Henan Daily

June 14,Deputy Governor Wu Guoding to State Grid Henan Electric Power Company、Zhengzhou Mobile North Ring Hub、The Provincial Emergency Management Department inspects the survey of European Online Sports Betting 2024flood prevention emergency protection capabilities。

Electric Power Company, Henan Province, State Grid、Zhengzhou Mobile North Ring Hurled Machine Building,Wu Guoding carefully listened to the province's electricity、Communication European Online Sports Betting 2024flood prevention emergency protection work report,Check the preparation The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteof flood control materials、Equipment, etc.。He emphasized,To deeply learn from Zhengzhou's "July 20" Extraordinary Rainstorm Disaster lessons,Careful implementation of the spirit of the province's flood prevention work conference,Special inspection of flood prevention and Best bets on Euro 2024flood preparation,Keep key parts、Flood and rescue、Basic people's livelihood,Make sure an immortal、Downside interrupt communication without occurred、No secondary disaster。

In the Provincial Emergency Management Department,Wu Guoding inspected the protection of emergency European Online Sports Betting 2024rescue equipment,Hosted a symposium。He emphasized,Our province is about to enter the main flood season,To accelerate the progress of the implementation of urgently needed materials,Make sure to be adjusted at critical moments、It can be used;,Incorporate the material reserves Best bets on Euro 2024into the pre -flood supervision,Make up in time on demand; establish a list of flood control emergency materials in the province,Strengthening collaboration between departments,​​Improve comprehensive guarantee capabilities。At the same time,To further improve the business research The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteand judgment mechanism,Standardize early warning information release process,Scientific and accurate and accurately publish flood prevention information to the society。

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