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Release time: 2022-06-15   Source: Henan Daily

According to the "Central Civilization Office、The Ministry of Education and other 5 departments on the spirit of carrying out the 2022 "New Era and Good Boy" learning and propaganda activities,Henan Province Civilization Office、Provincial Department of Education、League Provincial Party Committee、Provincial The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteWomen's Federation、Provincial Customs and Industry Commission jointly carried out the "new era good boy" study and propaganda activities in the province's minors,Choose a batch of trees to be good、Filial Lao Lao loves dear、Study of good thoughts、Innovation creation、self -reliance、Advanced typical examples of minors inheriting the excellent traditional culture of China。Recommended by step by step、Careful review、Judgment review,The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteIt is intended to launch 30 candidates for the "New Era of New Era" in Henan Province in 2022。The list of personnel is publicized (attached),The publicity period is June 14th -June 18th。

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Henan Province Civilization Office

June 14, 2022


1. Jia Yongsheng is 17 -year -old Zhengzhou National Defense Science and Technology School

2. Jiya Men's 14 -year -old Henan Normal University Affiliated Middle School

3. Li Bingzheng male 11 -year -old Jiao Zuo Shiqing Primary School

4. Shang Tingting Female 17 -year -old Fourth Middle Best bets on Euro 2024School in Jiyuan City, Henan Province

5. Xie Jinyu Man 15 -year -old Zhengzhou No. 1 Middle School

6. Li Zhaoyong's 17 -year -old Zhengzhou Foreign Language School

7. Li Jiaqi female 17 -year -old Zhengzhou No. 11 Middle School

8. Li Jianchun's 12 -year -old female 12 -year -old Henan Experimental Primary School

9. Guo Yukuan male 17 -year -old Henan University Affiliated Middle School

10. Ding Junru Men's 17 -year -old Henan University Affiliated Middle School

11. Li Wenjing Girl 17 -year -old 2 Senior Middle School in Mengjin District, Luoyang City

12. Li Yue's 16 -year -old Yixian Experimental High School

2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictions13. Guo Qianmo Nu's 10 -year -old Anyang Linzhou No. 1 Experimental Primary School

14. Li Chenyu's 15 -year -old Henan Governor Ge City No. 1 Junior Middle School

15. Zhao Ziyi Girl 16 -year -old Luohe Special Education School

16. Zhang Jianning Men's 12 -year -old Chukou City Liuyi Road Primary School


18. Lu Weiyang Men's 13 -year -old Henan Province Second Experimental Middle School

19. Yumu Children 12 -year -old Henan Experimental Primary School

20. Liang Sihan Female 15 -year -old Henan Experimental Middle School


22. Zhang Xinyu Girl European Online Sports Betting 202412 -year -old Hebi City Xiangjiang Primary School


24. Zhang Shuxiao male 17 -year -old Puyang Vocational and Technical College

25. Wang Zhaoxi Men 12 -year -old Luohe City Second Experimental Primary School

26. Shishi Yang Men's 10 -year -old Sanmenxia Lingbao City Experimental Primary School

27. Xiao Yuhan Girl 11 -year -old Nanyang City Oilfield Fifth Primary School

28. Looking at the laughing female 11 -year -old Shangqiu City Yongcheng Tenth Primary School

29. Liu Zhiqian's 12 -year -old Xinyang City First Experimental Primary School

30. Wang Jiahan Man 12 Best bets on Euro 2024-year -old Zhoukou Wenchang Primary School

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