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Release time: 2022-06-15   Source: Henan Daily

June 14,The reporter learned from the Provincial Retired Military Affairs Best bets on Euro 2024Office,"Picnol Henan" fourth most beautiful retired soldiers' publicity and promotion activity officially launched,It is designed to promote advanced typical deeds,Tell the story of retired soldiers。

Best bets on Euro 2024Propaganda and promotion activities are the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Retired Military Affairs Department、Hosted by the Political Work Bureau of the Provincial Military Best bets on Euro 2024Region,Henan Daily、Henan Broadcasting and Television Co -Office。

"The Henan People" The 4th most beautiful retired soldiers' promotion scope is excellent retired soldiers in various industries in the province,Provincial The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitecities、Jiyuan Demonstration Zone Recommend 2 to 3:,The provincial unit recommends 1 place in this system。

Publicity and promotion activities starting in June,According to recommendation、European Online Sports Betting 2024Preliminary Comment、Final Comment、Published four stages for,The fourth most beautiful retired soldiers will be selected to produce 10 "out of the Henan"。Before December 31,Organize and release 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsrituals in a timely manner,Announced selection results,Organize the provincial media for extensive publicity。

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