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2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictions

Release time: 2022-06-15   Source: Henan Daily

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September 16, 2019 to 18,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when inspecting Henan,Using barren mountains to promote camellia planting,not only promoted the masses to employment nearby,Drive the masses to get rid of poverty and become rich,improved the ecological environment,Get more in one fell swoop。Organize farmers,For the market,Promote the "Company+Farmers" mode,Establish a linkage linkage mechanism,benefit all parties together。To persist in the road of green development,Promoting new technology,Deep processing,Optimize the cash and tea industry,Efforts to achieve economic 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsdevelopment、Farmers increase income、Good ecology。

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Midsummer Season,Herbal,Camellia tree,Camellia fruit is covered with branches。

Early morning June 10,Huang Youde, a 68 -year -old villager Huang Youde, led three local farmers to enter the park,Take advantage of Liang Liang Came Catey Forest Moisturizing、Fertilizer strong fruit。

In the exhibition hall on the top of the mountain,Trainees of Zhengzhou Cultural and Art Work Theoretical Business Training Course,attracted the lens inspected by General Secretary Xi Jinping, which was played by the big screen。

"The General Secretary was standing in this tea forest at that time,Emphasizing the need to adhere to the road of green development,Promoting new technology,Deep processing,Optimize the cash and tea industry,Efforts to achieve economic 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsdevelopment、Farmers increase income、Good ecology。"Henan Lianxing Camellia Camellia Industry Development Co., Ltd. Party Branch、Chairman Chen Shifa recalled。

"The leader's entrustment has injected a strong motivation to accelerate the revitalization of the old district。"The main person in charge of the Guangshan County Party Committee frankly,"Go to the Road" Guangshan multiplied by the situation,Introduction to the development plan of the Camellia Industry,Adhere to the development mode of "Enterprise+Base+Farmers",60,000 acres of spawning、50,000 acres of liquid camellia base,The county's camellia planting area reached 271,000 mu。

Guangshan also implemented the "one acres of tea in front of the house" project,Provide Camellia Mark for free,Movement of the whole county patent tea。Yang Changjia, Secretary of the Party Branch of The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteDongyue Village, Wenshu Township, told reporters,Only their village develops 2,300 acres of camellia。"One acre of categorian oily oil,Marry a daughter -in -law and build a building. "、Real portrait that drives farmers to increase income and get rich。

Chen Shifa's Lianxing Camellia Company,Modern tea oil production line with an annual output of 8,000 tons of tea,Gradually formed an oily tea breeding、Planting、Processing、Sales "Four -in -one" Camellia Camellia Industry System,Selling Dabie Mountain Tea oil all over the country。

Not only "sell well",Also "sell well"。Relying on Sima Guangyou Tea Garden,Guangshan actively constructs the theme of camellia,Fusion leisure sightseeing、Kangyang vacation、National Camellia Park,There is a sightseeing trail in the park、Observation Deck and Tourist Station。

European Online Sports Betting 2024Dongfeng, which is vigorously developed by the oral tea industry,Yu Feng, a successful career in Chenwa Village, Huaidian Township, Huaidian Township, Beijing,2019 Union with two other shareholders,Go back to my hometown to transfer more than 6,000 acres of deserted mountains and tea。They invest in a total of nearly 100 million yuan,The beautiful veil of "Chaxi Valley" on the banks of Longshan Lake:,Camer Camellia Camel Corporation,Watermelon in the forest、Rosemary emit a seductive atmosphere;,Village House、Terrace、Lotus pond、Flower Sea Suddenly,桕 桕、Ziwei、osmanthus、Ginkgo embellishment of it,Frog called、Worm Yin、Chicken Cry、Birds are endless in the ear,Walking is suspected to be a fairyland。

"We will also plan to build wild luxury tents camps、Bird Watching Camp、Best European Cup prediction websiteParent -child Amusement Park and Water Park,Focus on creating an ecological recreation and leisure base。"Yu Feng said excitedly。

Industry to be developed,Technology to help。Director of the Xinyang Forestry Institute Qiu Lin said,Xinyang is interacting with industry -university -research,Planning to build an open and shared camellia test base in Guangshan,Gathering high -level talents in the field of international categorian tea and key common technical achievements in categorian tea,Promoting scientific and technological achievements in place,Using technology to empower the category of the oral tea industry with high -quality development。

"The major development of the category industry is not only in Guangshan County,Provincial、The city has introduced the high -quality development plan for the promotion Best European Cup prediction websiteof the camellia industry。"Party Secretary of the Party Group of the Lincha Bureau of Xinyang City、Director Wu Guoqing introduced,Xinyang is in -depth implementation of the "10 million project" in the category industry,Create 10 industrialization demonstration parks for three -in -three integration,Establish 100,000 acres of oil tea demonstration base,Support 1,000 large -scale oil tea bases,drive more than 100,000 forest farmers to increase income。Today the city's cashmeal planting area is more than 1.17 million acres,Annual hair oil 7192.7 tons,10 cubs above the designated size,Formed Camellia Miao、Planting、Processing、Sales and Tea Travel Fusion and other industrial chains,The comprehensive output value of the category industry reached 2.5 billion yuan,Little Camellia has become a rich industry in the old district。

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