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Release time: 2022-06-15   Source: Party Construction Network

Tianjin takes the strengthening of integrity culture construction as a one -in -one、Can't rot、Basic projects that do not want to rot to catch,Multi -form、Multiple ways to promote the construction of integrity culture and take a deeper into reality

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Leading cadres, especially senior cadres, should take the lead in implementing opinions on strengthening the construction of clean and clean culture in the new era,Study Ben Pei Yuan,Improve party sexual awareness,Enhanced corruption and anti -change ability。

Hold more than 800 games of various warning education conferences,Case of the review investigators repent more than 100 records; create more than 30 different types of integrity theme education positions,Painted the city's "honest cultural map"; more than 5,000 disciplinary inspection and supervision work liaison stations,Realizing the full coverage of the city (community) in the city ... in recent years,Tianjin takes the strengthening of integrity culture construction as a one -in -one、Can't rot、Basic projects that do not want to rot to catch,Multi -form、Multiple ways to promote the construction of integrity culture and take a deeper into reality,Let the integrity culture become popular,Let the breeze be full of air。

Strengthen warning education,Integrate integration of integrity into daily education management supervision

April 18,Tianjin held the city to strengthen the new era of clean and clean cultural construction work conference and party member cadre warning education conference,Participants watched the special film "Integrity and Running" organized by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervisory Committee on the spot。Compared with previous warning education films,"Integrity and Running", from the content of the display to the expression form, etc.,Time span from ancient times to the present、Ancient and modern penetration,The content of the display is mainly positive、Together with both positive and negative,expression form positive opposition ratio、Forms contrast。A young cadre of the meeting said Best bets on Euro 2024deeply: 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictions"As a party member and cadre of the new era,Do n’t do something,Resolutely resist the erosion of the decaying ideology and culture,Consciously maintaining the political ecology of the wind and the righteousness,Building refusal to rot anti -change ideological defense line。”

In recent years,Tianjin City takes warning education as an important part of repairing and purifying the political ecology,Integrate integration of integrity into daily education management supervision,Urges the majority of party members and cadres to know the awe、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line。According to statistics,Since last year,The city held more than 800 games of various warning education conferences、Code of the review investigator's repentance of more than 100 units、28 feature films of warning education,Watch more than 140,000 people。

Leading cadres are organizers of clean cultural construction、Promotioner,It should be a model practitioner、Demonstration leader。"I hope you are the official and honesty for the official,Make an example for me "" You An,The heart is safe; you are here,The family is here; you are honest,Home is more round "... Tianjin City has measured measures such as encouraging leading cadres and families to write clean home books,"Large Articles" for solid clean culture with "small incision" with family style,Guide leading cadres to take the lead in learning integrity、Si Lian、Practice。

Young cadres are the successors of the party and the state。Tianjin City Strict and Ferry、Strengthen management,The "first buckle" that helps young cadres to buckle well in politics。Hexi District Discipline Inspection Commission organized newly promoted young leading cadres to visit the district disciplinary education center,Carry out "on -site experience" education; Ninghe District Discipline Inspection Commission carefully produces the theme CD of the excellent family style,Each newly promoted district management office young cadres will receive this CD;、New recruitment European Online Sports Betting 2024of young public Best bets on Euro 2024officials、New key nodes such as new promotion and reuse of young cadres,Organization to carry out clean government talks、Watch the warning education film、Signing a clean education activity such as the commitment commitment commitment,Guide young cadres to treat power correctly,Enhanced discipline awareness、Conspiracy。

Chaoyang Street Office of Jinghai District has just been established for more than half a year,The Deputy Secretary of the New Street Party Working Committee、Director of the Office Guo Hong is a post -80s,I worked in the organs before,After arriving at the grassroots level, a 100,000 population street developed the heavy responsibility。Just arrived at any,The work in the district refined her job、Family、Ideological Dynamics and other daily education management supervision content,Also organized her to participate in the reading exchange meeting carried out in the district、Family Book Talks。

In Jinghai District,There are more than 140 young cadres at or above the level like Guo Hong,Many are "first leaders" in towns and towns、The person in charge of the department。For this,Jinghai District formulates and launch ten normal measures,Establish a mechanism for the contact contact mechanism of young cadres,Each young cadre at or above the level is supervised by a member of the district disciplinary committee supervision committee,and formulate supervision accounts,Education guidance young cadres integrity and politics、Stable and far away。

Create a clean theme education position,Provide party members and cadres with "realistic classrooms" for party members and cadres

In the Shi Courtyard of Shijia Courtyard, Yangliuqing Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin,,Our party is determined to oppose corruption、Powerful measures are vivid。

"Fear of heart,can only stop,A shocking case brings me a lot of warnings。I will always warn myself,Chang Huai's heart,Be a loyal and clean people's public servant。"A young cadre of Zhangjiawo Town, Xiqing District said。

Education to further European Online Sports Betting 2024strengthen Best European Cup prediction websitethe culture of integrity、Demonstration、influence and guidance,Xiqing District takes 11 clean government education bases as the leader,Drive the "One Town Street and One Brand" and the clean cultural positions of a clean cultural position.,Carefully polished the integrity cultural demonstration site to watch the moving line。

"We don’t simply connect the base,Instead, strive to from aggregation to fusion,Create the integrity education base of the district into a clear theme、Each unique organic whole,Realize the sharing of integrity culture and educational resources。"Introduction to the responsible comrades of the West Qing District Discipline Inspection Commission,Now,Here is the exhibition hall such as the "New China Anti -Corruption Case" exhibition hall,Speaking of the case,Strengthening deterrence; there are also educational bases such as the former site exhibition hall of the Pingjin Campaign Tianjin Frontline Headquarters,Highlight the Education of Education and Belief,Strengthen positive guidance,So as a whole, promote it in one aspect and dare not rot、Can't rot、Do not want to rot and provide vivid integrity education classrooms and powerful clean cultural support。

Tianjin has deep historical heritage、Rich in cultural relics。In recent years,Tianjin City、Level two levels of the district link up and down,By digging the integrity elements in the rich cultural heritage,Create more than 30 different types of integrity theme education positions,String into line、Beads into Chain,Painted the city's "Map of Clean Culture",Create a strong atmosphere of highly honest and honest。

"People along the river will freely send,Small tears Sprinkle your chest,There are more than a thousand two silver in the warehouse,The toll he entered Beijing has made difficulties,One generation of Qing Guan Fengbei Tree,Qinzheng is Yuan Fan for the people ... "The singing lyrics in Jingdong Drum's" Diligence for Yuan Zhixian County "showed the integrity Best bets on Euro 2024and ethics of Yuan Huang, European Online Sports Betting 2024Zhixian County, Baodi County, the Ming Dynasty.。

"Yuan Huang,No.,He is diligent and loves the people、Cleanly self -sustaining ... "Entering the antique Memorial Hall,Qingsong Cuizhu cover,In the description of the interpreter,Yuan Huangqin's government and clean image is vividly presented in front of the visitors。

Introduction to the responsible comrades of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Baodi District,The district will be the Memorial Hall、Er Wangzhuang Town Fengjiazhuang Village Party History Museum、Baimen Town East Route Wo Village History Museum、Baoping Street "Red Memory" Four History Education Bases are integrated together,Launched the Practice Activity of "Clean Bao Bao Xing",Education and Tour,Provide party members and cadres with "realistic classrooms" for party members and cadres。

"Repair‘ Heart Integrity ’,Always practicing loyalty; holding 'body integrity',Always just right;,Always seeking truth and pragmatism ... "Liu Shuainan, a young cadre of Baodi District, who just participated in the" Clean Bao Bao Xing "。

Lianrun Chuxin Cultural Communication and Promotion Center is the main position of the integrity culture construction of Peace District。Enter the bamboo shadow promenade on the second floor of the exhibition hall,Clean ideological saying is alternating with Yongzhu Fu Zhu Poems,Chonglian and honest wind coming out。"The center is based on‘ integrity ’,Taking the original intention as the main line,Select more than 100 exquisite exhibits,Ancient apartment today,Tao of the device,Education Guide Party Member、Cadres Zun Lian、Shoulian、Promoting Lian。"" Relevant person in charge of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Heping District said。

Pay attention to the creation and communication of clean cultural works,Promote the construction of integrity culture to the society、Expand it to normal

"What big tiger,Little Tiger,White Tiger Black Tiger,Creamy Tiger,Become a gray mouse that everyone shouted,punished the corruption The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction European Online Sports Betting 2024websiteand purity of the party ... "" This is exactly: being an official for the people for the people for,It lives up to the party's trust and cultivation "... In the crisp allegro sound,Number Lai Bao "On Ancient and Modern" won applause。"Performance is both grounded、I have deep meaning,The effect is very good。"A bureau -level cadre in Heping District, Tianjin City said。

In recent years,Tianjin Discipline Inspection Commission's unique advantage in Tianjin's "Township of Quyi",Use cross talk、Allegro、Peking opera、Yangliu Qingmu Edition New Year Paintings、"Mudie Zhang" color plastic and other expression forms,Creation and launched a number of "Jinwei" cultural works,Promote the construction of integrity culture to the society、Expand it to normal。

"Although I am difficult,My heart does not blame,You and I are not a boat。The island is my responsibility without him,Not to be able to earn that illegal money ... "May 31,Performing "Model of the Times" Wang Jicai、Wang Shihua couple dedicated to the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of the Peking Opera "Tree Flower" is currently rehearsal at the Tianjin Beijing Theater,The character "Wang Shihua" in the play "Wang Shihua" righteousness strictly rejected the bribes of smugglers。

Lu Yang, a young actor who plays Wang Shihua, said: "" The Tree Flower "has been selected as a key theme creation plan for the National Stage Art of the Ministry of Culture Travel。As a literary worker,It is to create more outstanding literary works with more realistic themes,Let the integrity culture enter the mind、Moisturizer silent。”

In order to further enhance the spread of integrity cultural products、Infectious power,Tianjin still constantly innovate method and method,Coordinating various media resources。Heping District will promote the original promotional video "Supervision and Escort" and "Do Officials" and other bustling LEDs.,In each shopping mall、A full -time display screen in the 186 -building building in the office building; Xiqing District builds more than 110 electronic screens in the region,Play the "Qingfeng and Clean Charm" work。

"Hello everyone,‘Xiaoling telling story’ is now Best bets on Euro 2024broadcast The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitetoday! "This is the column of the" Little Bell Telling Story "opened by the Discipline Inspection Commission of Hexi District,Small video through "Lian Ling Alarm",With reality and tradition、Forms combined with offline and online,The breadth of continuously enhancing the publicity of integrity culture、Hot、frequency。

In recent years,Tianjin also organized a speech contest、Coupled solicitation、Literature and Art Evening and other series of activities; rebuild dozens of clean cultural theme parks,Use Cultural Plaza、Outdoor Corridor and other integrity education,Efforts to make a clean culture deeply rooted in people's hearts、Wei Ran became the wind。Introduction of the person in charge of the Party Wind and Government Supervision Office of the Tianjin Discipline Inspection Commission Supervisory Committee,More than 5,000 disciplinary inspection and supervision work liaison stations in the city,Realize the full coverage of the city (community) in the city,Urges the village -level supervision targets to perform duties in accordance with the law in a closer range、Public rights、Government cleanliness。

"The construction of integrity culture is a systematic project、Long -term task。We will take multiple measures and build a solid foundation、Government cleanliness,Inspiration and guidance of party members and cadres diligent and honest politics,Efforts to form a cadre Qingzheng、Government cleanliness、Politics Qingming、A good atmosphere of society clear。"The responsible comrade of the Tianjin Discipline Inspection Commission said。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao