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Release time: 2022-06-14   Source: 2022 Issue 5 "Party Construction" magazine

Editor's note: General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "History is the best textbook,It is also the best sober agent。"" A party history,It is a Chinese Communist Party to seek happiness for the Chinese people、History of struggle for the Chinese nation for revival。For better party history learning,The "Party Construction" magazine opens the "Study History" column,Talk to、Essays and other forms,Looking back on red memory,Talk about the realization of what you think,Guide party members and cadres and readers to learn Shi Mingzhi、Learning History Responsibility、Learning History Qixing。Party Construction Network and its micro -flat platform will be selected and published in this group of articles,Reader。

From "Xunwu Investigation", how to do a good job of investigation and research

Investigation and research is the foundation of conspiracy、The way of success。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Investigation and research is not only a working method,and is a big problem for the failure of the party and the people's cause and loss。"May 1930,Mao Zedong led the Fourth Army to enter Jiangnan from the west of Fujian,Seeking the county town at the junction of the three provinces of Gan, Guangdong and Fujian,Social survey for more than 20 days in Xunwu。February 1931,Mao Zedong in Xiaobu Town, Ningdu County,Take time to organize the information of the survey into more than 80,000 words of "Xunwu Survey"。"Xunwu survey" is a glorious work that reflects the spirit of seeking truth from facts,It is also a classic textbook for learning how to conduct investigations and research,time to this day,It still has important guiding significance for how we do a good job of investigation and research。

Mao Zedong Xunwu Investigation Memorial Museum

a、To formulate a correct policy that meets the actual situation, we must first do a good job of investigation and research、Master the truth

Mao Zedong attaches importance to investigation and research,Direct motivation is to transform China; in order to transform China,It The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteis necessary to form a correct policy; to formulate the correct policy,You must understand China; to understand China,In addition to reading the indirect way to read newspapers,The key is to understand the real society; to understand the real society,The key lies in investigation and research。

After the Autumn Harvest Uprising,Mao Zedong led the autumn to put up the rush to Jinggangshan,Start establishment of bases in rural areas、Explore the new business of the new road of the Chinese revolution。In this process,He has experienced the joy of victory in the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base Two times and the tech to pain in "Failure in August",The hardships of the construction of the base of the western Fujian and Jiangnan bases,I also encountered land reform、Military struggle、How to scientifically handle and coordinate the actual problems of the construction of the base,Especially how to properly handle the class relationship of the revolutionary base area correctly。

Early Land Revolution,The policies of the central government's treatment of rich farmers have continued to change,Make each base in various areas feel confused。The six major claims of the party held in June 1928 adopted the method of combining and struggle on the basis of restrictions on the rich farmers。but June 1929,According to the instructions of the Communist International,Published instructions again,It is required to expel rich farmers from the Farmers Association,Politically、Economically cracking down on rich farmers。The change of the central government in the policy,Mao Zedong realized that the correct land policy would be formulated,The key is to deeply understand the class situation in the countryside,Especially the basic situation of a wealthy farmers with a certain complexity and its status in rural society,What is the difference between it and the landlord、Clarify how the poverty -stricken farmers' attitude towards wealthy farmers is waiting。

other,Mao Zedong also attaches great importance to the formulation of urban industrial and commercial policies,To make the right Best European Cup prediction websitedecision,It is necessary to understand the specific situation of the local industrial and commercial people and its position in society。

It is with this series of questions,Mao Zedong finally made up his mind,Squeeze out time in busy military and political work,To Xunwu to do a large -scale survey research。

Mao Zedong found it after investigation,The rich farmer who is looking for Wu is composed of a wealthy farmer with a wealthy farmer and a wealthy self -cultivated farmer or a Chinese peasant,The former "is the worst enemy class in the countryside,There is no reason in the eyes of poor farmers.,The latter "Many people do not advocate to fight them in the struggle,The reason is that they have no semi -owner,All of their production is to work in person, not exploiting others "。

Through investigation,Mao Zedong has a deep understanding of the situation of finding Wufu farmers,There is also a true cognition for the class conditions of the entire rural Gannan countryside,These results later proposed to the Chinese Communist Party to collect landlord land、Restricted rich farmers、Allocate according to the population average、Pumping fat supplements、Pump more to make up this more correct land policy,Provided valuable practical foundation。As Mao Zedong later said: "After arriving in Jinggangshan,I made a survey of Xunwu,Only found out the problem of rich farmers and landlords,Methods to solve the problem of wealthy farmers,Not only do you need to make more supplements,And to pump up with fat,This can make rich farmers、Zhongnong、Poor farmers、Employed farmers live all。”

2. The selection of the survey object must be representative

Any survey is conducted under a certain time and space conditions,Therefore, a survey must be carefully selected and the scope of the investigation must be carefully selected。

The geographical location of Xunwu

Why did Mao Zedong choose to find Wuwu County as the survey? Because the geographical location of Xunwu is special。Xunwu County is located in Fujian、Yue、At the junction of the three provinces of the Gancai,is a transit station for commodity circulation in Ganzhou The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteand Dongjiang, Jiangxi、The distribution center of materials,Business is more developed,And has developed a land revolution。Therefore,Choosing it as a survey object has a demonstration significance。

After selecting the location,You need to find the right interview object。Mao Zedong pays attention to the representativeness and extensiveness of the investigation object,To prevent one -sided production。The organizer of the Sophomore Survey Symposium is Gu Bai, Secretary of Xunwu County Party Committee,The remaining interview objects mainly involve 10 people,They are all insightful locals —

Guo Youmei,59 years old,Grocery store owner,Former Chairman of the County Chamber of Commerce,Family has been engaged in cloth business for more than 100 years; Fan Daming,51 years old,Born in poor farmers,Being a elementary school teacher,Then the county Soviet staff; Zhao Jingqing,30 years old,Zhongnong,I have done cast iron workers and vendors,I have been a platoon leader under Chen Jiongming,Then the county Soviet member; Liu Liangfan,27 years old,County Department Qianliang and counter governor,The then Chairman of the Success of the Suburban Township; Li Dushun,28 years old,Poor farmers,former member of the district Soviet; Liu Maozhang,50 years old,Lao Tong Sheng,Open the casino,I have done a small business,Originally a little landlord,Later to fall into a slum,Former member of the County Revolutionary Committee,Soviet member of the then district; Liu Xingwu,46 years old,Farmers,I have done a small business,The then Township Soviet Commissioner; Zhong Buyin,23 years old,Meixian Normal Student,The chairman of the then district government; Chen Yiyun,39 years old,Graduation of the Autonomous Research Institute,Have been a sewing worker、Small business and elementary school teachers; Guo Qingru,62 years old,Xiucai,Participate in the Township Test,I have been a elementary school teacher。

These 11 investigations are representative,From the perspective of age,European Online Sports Betting 2024The largest 62 years old,The youngest is 23 years old; from a career point of view,There is a county party secretary、Soviet government members at all levels,There are also soldiers、Businessman、Farmers and teachers。This is the three generations of the old, middle and young、Information provided by the survey object group with different experiences,Relatively authoritative meticulous,It also provides a guarantee for the accurate and comprehensive development of the development of all aspects of Xunwu。

Except for the basic situation of seeking Wu Xunxun through the symposium,Mao Zedong also visited 47 stores and 94 handmade industrial stores in the local area,To understand the source of its goods、Type、Sales、Industry competition, etc.。These shops involve wooden、Umbrella、Tailor、Yellow smoke、medicinal materials、parallel imports (listed 39 products)、Tufang、Beans、Oil、Grocery (specifically listed 131 foreign goods)、23 major categories such as salt,Almost all the types of urban and rural shops at the time。

Fangwu survey scene recovery

3. The content of the survey should be extensive and detailed

"Xunwu Investigation" total 5 chapters、39,Geographical Transportation of Xunwu County、Economy、Politics、The history and status of each class are comprehensive、System、Detailed inspection analysis。

Chapter 1 Introduce the Politics District of Xunwu,I introduced the 7 districts of the county。Chapter 2 Introduction to Xunwu's traffic,Including water circuit、Land Road、Tele report、Post、Land traffic appliances。Chapter III "Looking for the Whards" is the longest chapter in "Xunwu Survey",Where,In the eighth section of "Xunwu City",Mao Zedong lists 25 entries to describe the condition of Xunhucheng in detail,What is the content of finding Wucheng、salt、Grocery、圩。After a detailed investigation,He concluded that "Xunwu City is such a place where handicrafts and capitalist products have performed a strong and loser place"。Chapter 4 Investigate the old land relationship from 9 aspects。Chapter Best European Cup prediction website5 Introduction to Xunwu's land struggle,Methods involved in the distribution of land、17 questions including mountain forest allocation。It can be said,Mao Zedong's Xunwu survey content is extremely extensive (politics involved in urban and rural areas、Geography、Economy、Social relations and other aspects)、Deep (the ins and out of each problem、right and wrong, try to find out as much as possible)、Fine (such as dividing the rural population into the landlord、Landlord、Little Landlord、Break settlement、New Fentale、Fulun、Zhongnong、Poor farmers、11 types including handicraft workers,A famous land statistical statistical statistical outlets in the county have a total of 8 landlords in the county、113 Chinese landlords)。If there is no such a informative survey research,It is impossible for him to understand the national conditions in depth,It is impossible to further make the right decision。

The focus of Mao Zedong's investigation is to understand the class situation of Xunwu。Through investigation,The focus of Mao Zedong's investigation is to understand the class situation of Xunwu,Farmers account for 60%,Handicrafts account for 11%,71%of the two; urban poor (including tourists and prostitutes) accounted for 16%,Merchants account for 5%。These data indicate,The city is still agricultural、Handicraft industry as the main body,Residents basically come from farmers,belongs to the exploitation and oppressed class,They are generally dissatisfied with the current living conditions,So be able to participate in the revolution through publicity and guidance,Very potential to become the alliance of the proletariat in the city,Therefore, the Communist Party of China must win through the land revolution。

Oil painting: Xunwu survey (Source: People's Daily)

Mao Zedong's "Xunwu Survey" carefully and vividly shows the realistic picture of the South China Soviet Area,Make it the main force of the Chinese Red Revolution、Path、Method、Base construction and other issues have a new more in line with actual understanding,It also provides the correct Chinese Best bets on Euro 2024Soviet regional revolutionary strategy and strategy provided "Thousand Miles Eyes" and "Shunfeng Ear"。

November 2011,Comrade Xi Jinping at the second batch of students in the autumn semester of the Central Party School,Once evaluated Mao Zedong's Xunwu survey: "Open a survey meeting directly with the people from all walks of life,Master a lot of first -hand materials,For the output of various products in the county、Price,Number of people in all industries in the county、ratio,Various types of shops、Income,How much land has farmers divided、How about income,The political attitude of various people,etc.,All make it clear。This deepening、The solid style is worth learning。"Since the 18th National Congress of the Party,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core attaches great importance to investigation and research。Eight regulations issued by the Party Central Committee,Putting the improvement of improvement surveys in the first place。General Secretary Xi Jinping deeply explained the significance of the investigation and research in a series of important speeches、Connotation、Method、Path,and do my own person for myself,Pay attention to the survey for the whole party、In -depth research、Good at research and establish a glorious model。You can see the history of learning the party clearly,When will the entire party pay attention to and strengthen investigation and research,Party decision -making and deployment is in line with objective reality,The party's cause will advance smoothly; otherwise,will cause decision errors,Bring losses to the party's cause。In the new era and new journey,We need to use the important ideological methods and working methods of investigation and study,"The Great of the Country",The implementation of the decision -making of the Party Central Committee,Do your job well for your job。

92 years of past,On the land of the great literature born in Xunwu,The specific content involved in the "Xunwu Survey" has changed dramatically,But pay attention Best European Cup prediction websiteto society、Follow Life、The principles of understanding the world and the methodology of transforming the world are always shining!

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao