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Release time: 2022-06-14   Source: Party Construction Network Micro Platform

Xi Jinping's reading story

After I went to the countryside to cut in the rural areas,I set a motto for myself,Start from slimming。I don't know,I am ashamed,Ask to know if you are thirsty。Sheep,I hold a book,Tie the sheep on the hillside,Start reading a book。Buli to Tiantou,Start rest for a while,I will take out a variety of meanings of a word of Xinhua Dictionary,Accumulate bit by bit。I don’t think the rural areas have been deserted for 7 years,The foundation of many knowledge was played at that time。Now the condition is so good,Everyone has to learn more、Do your own skills。

May 4, 2013,Xi Jinping's speech during the discussion of outstanding young representatives from all walks of life

Speaking of hobbies,I personally love reading、Watching movies、Travel、Walk。​​You know,Drive my job like,Basically, there is no time to。During the Spring Festival this year,There is a song in China,Call "Where is Time"。For me,The question is where my personal time goes? Of course they have been occupied by work。Now,What I can often do is read,Reading has become a way of lifestyle。Reading allows people to maintain ideological vitality,Let people get wisdom inspiration,Make people nourish the vast qi。For example,I have read many works of Russian writers,such as Creelov、Pushkin、Guogei、Lemontov、Torgnev、Dosturvsky、Nicolasov、Chelnie Snowy、Tolstoy、Chekhov、Shawlohov,I remember many wonderful chapters and plots in their books。

February 7, 2014,Xi Jinping said in an exclusive interview with Russian television in Sochi, Russia

We all know,Many of the older leaders of the Communist Party of China are in European Online Sports Betting 2024France for Best bets on Euro 2024learning,Zhou Enlai、Deng Xiaoping、Cai Hesen、Chen Yi、Nie Rongzhen and others are the best among them。For this reason,I have a strong interest in French culture in my youth,History of France、Philosophy、Literature、Art deeply attracts me。Reading Books in the History of French modern history, especially the history of the Great Revolution of France,Make me enrich the thinking of the evolution of human society。Read Montesquan、Voltaire、Rousseau、Dudero、Shengximen、Fourier、Sartre and others' works,Let me deepen the understanding of ideological progress and the role of human society's progress。Reading Mengtian、La Fengdan、Mori Ai、Setanga、Balzak、Hugo、Dazhongma、George Sang、Flou Bye、Xiaozhong Ma、Mopang、Roman Roland and others' works,Let me add the feeling of sadness and joy in human life。Ran Alang、Cassimodo、The artistic image of sheep fat balls still exists in my mind。Appreciate Miller、Maena、Dega、Cezhang、Monet、Art works of Rodin and others,and the paintings of Zhao Wuji Chinese and Western,Let me improve my art appreciation ability。Also,Read Versailles' science fiction novels,Make my mind full of endless imagination。

—— March 27, 2014,Xi Jinping's speech at the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France

March 27, 2014,Xi Jinping attended the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in China France in Paris and delivered an important speech

Tygoor's "Jiganjiali"、"Bird Collection"、"Gardener Collection"、"New Moon Collection" and other episodes I have read,Many verses make me remember。He wrote,"If you shed tears because you lost the sun,Then you have lost the stars ","When we are very humble,is Best European Cup prediction websitethe time when we are closest to great "The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction website,"Failure to go wrong,But the truth is not afraid of failure ","We have seen the world wrong,Talk about it to deceive us ","The bright as the summer flowers,dead as the quiet beauty of autumn leaves ",, etc.,These beautiful and philosophical verses gave me a deep inspiration of life。

September 18, 2014,Xi Jinping's speech at the Indian World Affairs Committee

I read a lot of literary works when I was young,Various books that I could find at that time,Not only many wonderful chapters、Evergrande Chinese characters still remember to this day,and I realize a lot of true meaning of life。Literature and art is also the best way to understand and communicate with each other in different countries and nations。

In Germany,I tell myself the story of reading "Faust"。At that time,I cut in the countryside in northern Shaanxi,I heard that an educated youth has the book "Faust",I walked 30 miles to borrow this book,Later, he walked 30 miles to retrieve this book。

—— October 15, 2014,Xi Jinping's speech at the Literature and Art Symposium

October 15, 2014,General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted a symposium on literary and artistic work in Beijing and delivered an important speech

I studied "Federal Party Humanities" in his youth、Thomas Panne's "Common Sense" and other works,I also like to know Washington、Lincoln、The life and thoughts of American politicians such as Roosevelt,I also read Suloro、Whitman、Mark Twain、Jack London and others works。Hemingway's "Old Man and Sea" is against the wind and heavy rain、Giant waves and boats、The description of the old man and shark left me a deep impression on me。I went to Cuba for the first time,I made a special trip to Hemingway to write the beside the trestle of "Old Man and the Sea"。I went to Cuba for the second time,I went to the bar often gone in Hemingway,Order the rum wine that Hemingway loves to drink with mint leaves and ice cubes。I want to experience the spiritual world and field 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsatmosphere when Hemingway wrote those The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitestories。I think,For different cultures and civilizations,We need to understand in -depth。

September 22, 2015,Xi Jinping's speech at the local government and American friendly groups in Washington, DC

October 21, 2015,Xi Jinping delivered an important speech in the London Financial City Department

"Survival or destruction,This is a question。"This sentence of Hamlet,Leave me a very profound impression。I came from Beijing to a small village in northern Shaanxi, China as farmers at the age of 16,Over 7 years of youth time。That era,I want to find ways to find Shakespeare's works,Read "The Dream of Midsummer Night"、"Venice Merchant"、"Twelfth Night"、"Romeo and Juliet"、"Hamlet"、"Ochisto"、"King Li"、"Macbeth" and other scripts。Shakespeare's ups and downs plots、lifelike characters、All attract me deeply,All attract me deeply。Young Me,On the barren yellow land in northern Shaanxi that year,constantly thinking about the problem of "survival or destruction",Finally, I set up a motherland、Dedicate your beliefs for the people。I believe,Everyone who has read Shakespeare works,Not only can I feel his outstanding talent,And can get a deep life enlightenment。

—— October 21, 2015,Xi Jinping's speech at the Dinner of the Mayor of Financial City, London

Xi Jinping’s reading view of reading

"My life also has the end,Knowing no end。"The pursuit of learning is endless,Need to study hard,You should also "read good"。On the one hand,Use "Qiaoli",Reading,Read it true,Read deep,Know how to choose,Focus on thinking,No book nerd,Do not allow harmful information to fill our minds; on the other hand,Can't read reading too easily,Don't solve it,囫囵 囫囵,Can't grasp the substance,Can't hold the essence。

Reading is an objective thing to get rid of rough and fine、Real process of fake and fake deposit,2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsYou must contact the actual、Knowledge and Film One,Through the guidance of Best European Cup prediction websitetheory,Use the accumulation of knowledge,Come to understand the laws of the development of objective things。The ancients said, "It will be shallow on the paper,I must do it if I know this matter ","It's not as good as seeing the audience,It's not as good as you see "and so on,This is the truth。Especially leading cadres make decisions、below instructions,often requires a lot of objective、Real、Effective information。This requires more knowledge about practice,Read this book with good reading,Further strengthen the investigation research,Ask at the grassroots level,Question about the masses,I heard in the audio、See you、See Weizhi in the foot practice、Tube peeping whole leopard,Getting true insight,Form the correct idea,Make a scientific judgment。

—— Xi Jinping: "Seeking knowledge and reading,Guizhong Eyes ",See "Zhijiang Xinyu",Zhejiang People's Publishing House 2007 edition

November 26, 2013,General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the Confucius Research Institute of Qufu to inspect

The three realms of the study of the famous scholar Wang Guowei in our country。The first realm is "Last Night West Wind Wither Blue Tree,Looking back,Looking at the end of the world "; the second realm is" the belt is gradually wider and does not regret,I can get rid of people to dispel people "; the third realm is" Finding him thousands of Baidu,Looking back,That person is in the mountains "。I see,Leading cadres should also have these three realms: First of all,It is necessary to have the pursuit of high ambitions as "looking at the end of the world",The coldness of the "Last Night West Wind Wither" and the loneliness of "alone on the high building",Reading and reading hard; second,Dermitting hard European Online Sports Betting 2024work,Drilling hard research,willing to pay,Uncomfortable,Lower True Kung Fu、Bitter Kung Best European Cup prediction websiteFu、Fine Kung Fu,Even "the belt gradually wider" is "do not regret","People haggard" are also willing; again,To persist independently,Learning use combination,Learn has realization,Use something,"Looking for him a thousand Baidu" in the study and practice,Eventually "suddenly looking back",Realize the true meaning in the "Lighting Place"。

May 13, 2009,Xi Jinping's speech at the second batch of training classes and special seminars in the spring semester of the Central Party School of the Central Party School

May 2, 2018,General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects research at Peking University

Learning history can see if it is defeated、Learning gains and losses、Zhixing replace; learning poetry can fly emotional、Zhigao、Human Spirit Show; learning ethics can know integrity、Understand honor and disgrace、Differential right and wrong。We must not only understand China's historical culture,Do you have to open your eyes to see the world,Understand the historical culture of different nations in the world,Go to its dross,Take its essence,Inspiration from it,I used it for me。

March 1, 2013,Xi Jinping's speech at the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the Central Party School and the opening ceremony of the 2013 spring semester

The most effective way to learn theory is to read the original work、Xueyuan、The principle of enlightenment,Strong Reading Strong Ji,Frequently learning and new,Go deep、Go in the real、Go in my heart,Put yourself in、Put my responsibilities in、Put in the job,Learn、Thinking、Use through,Knowing、Letter、Unified line。

March 1, 2019,Xi Jinping's speech at the training class of young and middle -aged cadres at the Central Party School (National Academy of Administration)

August 21, 2019,General Secretary Xi Jinping came to reader publishing group European Online Sports Betting 2024Co., Ltd.,View the staff of the editorial department of "Reader"

You can get in good learning,Only learn to learn。Chinese Communists rely on learning Best European Cup prediction websiteto come today,It must also rely on learning to go to the future。Leading cadres at all levels must be diligent in learning、Min Yu Si,Adhere to learning、Question、Think about it、Differential、Tu Xingzhi,Learning to enlightenment,Learning to self -cultivation,To learn to increase talents。Strive to learn all aspects,Efforts to add talents in practice,Accelerate knowledge update,Optimized knowledge structure,Broadening the horizons and vision,Efforts to avoid being caught in young and fascinated、I don't know but blind、Dilemma of ignorance and chaos,Efforts to overcome the insufficient skills、British Panic、The problem of backwardness。

—— January 18, 2015,Xi Jinping made "Preface" for the fourth batch of national cadres to learn and train textbooks

Reading is human acquisition、Qizhi Zenghui、An important way to cultivate morality,Can make people inspire for thought,Establish a lofty ideal,Cultivation of Haoran。The Chinese nation has advocated reading since ancient times,Pay attention to the knowledge of the grid、sincerity,Inheritance of the spirit of the Chinese nation's endless,Shape the Chinese people's self -confidence and self -improvement。I hope the majority of party members、Cadres take the lead in studying and study,Slim -fitting,Growth talent; I hope that children will develop reading habits,Happy reading,Healthy growth; I hope that the whole society will participate in reading,Form love reading、Read a good book、The strong atmosphere of good reading。

April 23, 2022,Xi Jinping's congratulatory letter held at the first National Reading Conference

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