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Release time: 2022-06-14   Source: Dahe.com

Editor's note: Since the community cannot be released,We will join the community epidemic prevention and control work on the spot; as long as there is need,We will "locally turn to post",In the community and vegetable market、Bridge between residents ... early May,The new crown epidemic raids Zhengzhou again,In this war "epidemic",Everyone is a line of defense! Henan Civilization Network launched a special report of "local transfer",See how volunteers who transfer to the locally transferred to be a "slash youth",Dedication、Friendship、mutual assistance、Progressive Volunteer Spirit Help the epidemic prevention and control。

"I wore a protective service for a volunteer service and sent a circle of friends,Many people like me,I am a little embarrassed,Just do the little things that can be done。"Cao Lin is a party member volunteer of the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee,From May 4th,She started doing European Online Sports Betting 2024volunteer services in the community where she lived,Although I have done many voluntary services,But the first time I wear a protective clothing for the first time,Cao Lin secretly determined to complete the task of quality and quantity。

May 3,Zhengzhou Xin Guanye Pneumonia's Epidemic Prevention Headquarters Office issued a notice on the city's multi -wheel nucleic acid test,Notice to propose party and government agencies、The staff of the institution immediately report to the community where the residents belong to,Turn on the spot to community volunteer,Fully participate in community epidemic prevention and control work。After the notification is issued,Cao Lin looks like many party members and cadres、Employees of the unit actively register,Turn on the spot to community volunteer,Provide intimate services for Zhengzhou epidemic prevention and control,Build a community epidemic defense line。

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Cao Lin, who put on a protective service for the first time to make a protective service

For the first time wearing a protective suit, I left the "regret" without writing a name

Cao Lin lives in Jinyi West Community, Qinling Road Street Office, Zhongyuan Best European Cup prediction websiteDistrict, Zhengzhou City,After turning to community volunteers,It is arranged at the community nucleic acid detection point as an information collector。"When you know that the information collector wants to put on the protective clothing for work,I am a little excited,I thought about it the night before,Be sure to write your own name on the protective clothing,Commemorate this meaningful thing。But what I didn't expect is,The work arrangement of information collectors is actually very compact,I don’t have time to write a name on the protective clothing,Even this ‘big white’ is worn on the point。"Cao Lin told reporters,A total of 680 residents for nucleic acid testing for nucleic acid testing in the morning was collected,During the collection process,She wants to overcome the strong light sprinkled on the brim of protective clothing,I want to ignore the fog water from sweat on the protective eye mask,More spiritual concentration,Only in order to achieve orderly work without mistakes。

"The moment you take off the protective clothing,I feel unprecedented refreshing。As a party member,As a 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsvolunteer,Our pay with medical staff、Bachelor workers compared to,It's really insignificant。Through this experience,It can also understand their hard work。As long as there will be time,As long as the community needs,I will always be volunteers。"After this special volunteer service,Cao Lin has a clearer goal for the next volunteer service。

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Wang Di is on duty at the entrance of the community

The cooperation of residents gives volunteers greater strength

Although not put on a protective suit,But Cao Lin's colleague Wang Di is also struggling in the front line of volunteers。The community where Wang Di lived was classified as the seal control area a few days ago,On the first day of strengthening the prevention and control of epidemics in the city,He goes to the community to report,Start participating in volunteer service: "A member of the party committee's propaganda department,I should also have to participate in this volunteer service。”

"This time the epidemic came suddenly,higher requirements for volunteer service,Our actions must be faster than ever,Residents of the community also cooperate with our work。"Wang Di Best bets on Euro 2024is mainly on duty at the gate of the community,Remind residents to bring a good access permit before going out。Wang Di told reporters: "The cooperation of neighbors gave us great encouragement and strength,Let us be more serious in voluntary service work、meticulous、Responsible。”

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Feng Likang is maintaining the order at the community nucleic acid detection point

The end of the nucleic acid detection is getting earlier and earlier

For Feng Likang, who just arrived in the community volunteer service post,Today is a warm day of harvest。Feng Likang is the first community volunteer,Because I am not proficient,So he is a bit embarrassed。But two days of volunteer service to do it,While he is proficient in acceptance,Also often moved: "Residents in our community are so intimate,The weather is hot these days,Many neighbors advocate in the community group,Let everyone quickly complete the nucleic acid detection in an orderly manner,Don't rub at home,Let the medical staff and volunteers go back from get off work early and rest。Our volunteer service work has ended earlier than a day,The first day is end at 5 Best European Cup prediction websitepm,The next day is end at 3 pm,Today, under the orderly cooperation of everyone,All ended at 1 pm。I am actually quite moved。”

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Wang Yan is doing volunteer service in the community

This time, the enthusiasm of the volunteers of party members to participate in volunteer services is high

Wang Yan as a staff member of the party committee of the Ministry of Propaganda,Walk on the front line of volunteer service every time。"Although the organization has participated in the epidemic prevention and control volunteer service has been many times,But I feel more different this time,Organizer as a unit volunteer service,I feel that this time party volunteers are more enthusiastic about participating in volunteer services,Everyone is actively reporting to the community to report on the spot,To dedicate your own strength。”

"As my personal,It feels that the residents of the community are more orderly,Everyone also supports and cooperates with work,I hope that with everyone’s joint efforts,Epidemium breaks out early。"Since the epidemic of this round,Wang Yizhen issued an initiative to the party member volunteers of the organs,Report to the community as soon Best bets on Euro 2024as possible,Assisting nucleic acid testing code registration,Maintaining the order of the scene。

Cao Lin、Wang Di、Feng Likang、Wang Yan is just a microcosm of the majority of party members and cadres of the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee into a community volunteer,When the community needs,They come out,or the brave "big white",or put on red vest,Traveling through every corner of the community,Provide intimate services for residents,Contribute your own strength to the prevention and control of the epidemic。

The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Henan Provincial Party Committee said,After the notification of Zhengzhou No. 73,The Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee quickly acts,Specialized meeting,Published proposal,Organize home office members and cadres to report to the community immediately,Turn on the spot into volunteers,Orderly participate in community epidemic prevention and control。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao