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Release time: 2022-06-08   Source: 2022 Issue 6 "Party Construction" magazine

Gathering Heart Gathering with the Party

—— a century -old publicity of the Communist Party of China

Zhang Dongming

Mao Zedong pointed out: "Our policy,Not only to let the leader know,Cadres know,Also let the masses know。"emphasized the correct publicity of the party's policies and policies" is a unreceived in the party's work、Questions that have significant principles "。Back to the first century of struggle,Our party always follows the main contradictions of society、Changes in the task of the central task to formulate public policies and policies to publicize the party,Mobilization inspires the majority of party members to fight for it,In different historical periods, it played an irreplaceable important role in promoting the development of the party and the people.,Show around the center、Close to actual、Diverse forms、Focus on the characteristics of leading。The party's policies and policies have become the political line of adhering to the party、Strengthen the party's political construction, ideological and political leaders、The important way to consolidate the party's mass and governing foundation,It is the party's leading the people to continuously seize the revolution、Construction、The excellent tradition and political advantage of the victory of reform。

Fight for the liberation of the Chinese nation

The Communist Party of China is established,Write Marxism on your own flag,Pay special attention to the publicity of the party's political program and the goal of struggle,Inspired people's consciousness,Promote the workers and peasants and the masses,Make the Chinese revolution quickly show a new situation。

July 1921,The first resolution of the Communist Party's first party clearly states: "Any publication,Whether it is a central or place,None of the principles that violate the party、Policy and resolution articles。"This provides a solid discipline guarantee for the party's policies and policies。In the early stages of the founding of the party,Communists in various places unite and lead the masses through translation、Edited Indian Third International File Bookmark,distribute leaflet、Memorial Book,Publishing Marxism -Leninist books and other methods to work hard to carry out extensive political propaganda,"Make Marxism can develop in the shortest period,People who believe in Marxism are increasingly increased "。June 1922,The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China published "The Communist Party of China for the Time Bureau",This is the first time that the Communist Party of China on the democratic revolution in China,Any public political claims from all walks of life,It is also the party's use of Marx Leninism to analyze the social status of China,New starting point to solve the problem of Chinese revolution。In the same year,The Second National Congress of the Party first clearly proposed the anti -imperialist and anti -feudal democratic revolutionary program。September 1922,The Communist Party of China founded the first publicly issued central government newspaper- European Online Sports Best bets on Euro 2024Betting 2024"Guide",Mainly published current affairs political review articles,To promote the party's program、route、policy、Policy,Guiding the masses to fight as the main task。After vigorous propaganda,The party's program and political proposition will spread quickly,"Dowry the powers,Except for warlords "becomes the common call of the masses,strong leading the Chinese revolution。

The first issue of Weekly report.

In the Storm of the Land Revolution,The party's policy and policy promotion work bravely develops、Actively seeking,To carry out the land revolution、Great Long March、Lift the climax of the Anti -Japanese Salvation Movement,Positioned an important role。Mao Zedong clearly pointed out,"The Communist Party is going to get a leaflet in the left hand,Right -handed gun bomb,can knock down the enemy's ",and often take the lead in making policy promotion to the masses。January 1928,Mao Zedong's opportunity to use Fengxu (market) in Suichuan County, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province,Hold a mass meeting,Specific content of preaching and protecting the policies of small and medium -sized businessmen,Call for the masses of the masses to unite,Beat Two、Division。1929,The resolution passed by the Second Plenary Session of the Sixth Central Committee of the Party pointed out,The task of current propaganda work,It is to expand the publicity of the party's political platform,Pay special attention to the anti -imperialist anti -Kuomintang armed riots and the land political platform,Expand the propaganda of Marxist Leninism among the masses,Proposal to seize the central issue of each period to expand the party's political propaganda。

During the War of Resistance Against Japan,The Party vigorously promotes independence、The route policy and strategy of uniting the anti -Japanese war,Mobilize all Chinese children to fight against the enemy with iron bones、Build the Great Wall with a flesh and blood body,Condensing to resist foreign aggression、The common will of the rescue map deposits,To completely defeat the Japanese invaders、The great victory of the Chinese People's Anti -Japanese War made historic contributions。

During the National Liberation War period,Facing a complex and fierce struggle situation,Mao Zedong proposed that "all reactionists are paper tigers"。According to this new spirit,The Central Propaganda Department issued a notice,Requirement newspaper、Magazine、Broadcast、The troupe etc. must mobilize to promote,Intellment of the confidence and determination of the people to defeat the Kuomintang reactionaries。This period,Development of the situation of the war of liberation,The party carried out the situation of the situation in the People's Liberation Army、Policy discipline education,Enhance the political awareness and confidence of the majority of officers and soldiers,To ensure the party's absolute leadership of the army、Consolidate and improve the combat effectiveness of the troops,Therefore, the great victory of the National Liberation War has played an important role。

Build a new world

In the great historical process of the socialist revolution and construction,The most trustworthy European European Online Sports Betting 2024Cup betting prediction websiteTo adapt to governance nationwide、Leading the needs of the socialist revolution and construction,The Communist Party of China pays more attention to the publicity of policies and policies。1950,Deng Xiaoping pointed out at the news work conference in the Southwest District,Take the pen is the main method for implementing leaders,Leading comrades must learn to get a pen。Require leading cadres to publicize the party's policy and policies through writing articles,Requires the use of comments in the use of newspapers、Social and Reporting Policies and Policies to Promotion and Police。This period,The Communist Party of China revolves around the people's democratic regime that consolidates the new life、Fully restore the national economy、Three transformations successfully、Promoting large -scale socialist construction and carrying out party and state policies and policies,Stimulated the ambitions and struggle of the Chinese people。

Construction of New China、In the great struggle of establishing a basic socialist system,Party leadership propaganda ideological front in the whole society to vigorously publicize the party and the country's densely introduced internal and external policies,Leading the people actively transform old thoughts、Old concept、Old habit,Make all strata of society from deep ideological and political education,Condensing has formed a unified will to jointly build New China under the leadership of the Communist Party of China。For example,March 1953,The national movement monthly activity of publicity and implementation of marriage law has been carried out。All places in the countryside、Working、Typical tests on the street,Training a large number of grassroots cadres、Propagators, etc.,Issuing and implementing the outline of the marriage law,Use newspaper、Publication、Link of painting and report、Symposium、Broadcast、Drama and other methods to promote the public。After extensive publicity,Most areas of the country destroy the feudal marriage system,Starting formation of freedom of marriage、New fashion for equality between men and women,The vast number of women who account for half of the country's population to participate in production and social activities are high,Political status has been greatly improved。

March 1953,Beijing's implementation of the Marriage Law Movement Committee held a publicity and implementation of the marriage law and radio conference。The picture shows the residents of various households who listen to the radio in Zhongjie, Xidan District。

After the basic system of socialist system is established,The party leads the people of all ethnic groups in the country to conduct a comprehensive large -scale socialist construction,Discovery exploration of socialist construction suitable for China。The party's policies and policy promotion,Both the eight spirit of the party to promote and implement the party、"Flowers in all flowers、Baijia Contention "policy、Correctly deal with the correct aspect of the people's internal contradictions,It is also subject to the "Great Leap Forward" Movement、"Cultural Revolution" and other errors。This period,The party's policies and policies are the same Best bets on Euro 2024Best European Cup prediction websiteas socialist construction,Turn forward in the exploration,I have adopted serious frustration,Finally re -embark on the correct development track。

The story of singing spring

After the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party,The party's policies and policies are promoted closely around the center of economic construction,In -depth publicity and implementation of the basic route of the party in the primary stage of socialism,Lead the people in the party to create socialism 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsBest bets on Euro 2024with Chinese characteristics、Playing an important role in the new situation of reform and opening up and socialist modernization。September 1980,The Central Propaganda Department in the "Reporting Outline of the Propaganda Work since the Third Plenary Session",Determine "the transfer of the focus of the party's work,The focus of publicity work must also be transferred to economic construction "as an important issue that needs to be solved by the current propaganda work,Emphasize extensive、Systematic goal against socialist modernization、Road、Method to promote,Concentrated propaganda new achievements in socialist modernization,Advanced characters and advanced experiences that have emerged from various fronts,Driving the confidence of the progress of hundreds of millions of people。This period,From the in the field of ideology and culture, rehabilitation of unjust and false cases to the implementation of the party's intellectual policy,From the publicity of rural reform to the education of urban economic system reform and economic situation,Proposal from the policy of "two civilizations together",To "Serving the People's、Submitting Socialism "direction, etc.,Propaganda of the Party's Policies and Policies,strongly promoted the majority of party members、Change of cadre thought,Consolidating and developing the political situation of the stability and unity of the whole party,The confidence of the people across the country to carry out socialist modernization。

The Sixth Plenary Session of the Twelfth Central Committee of the Party passed the "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Guidance of Socialist Spiritual Civilization Construction"。

After the Fourth Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Central Committee of the Party,The party clearly proposes the goal of my country's economic system reform is to establish a socialist market economy system。Propaganda ideological front always revolves around the center of economic construction,Persist in promoting the party's line policy and policy,Creation is conducive to further reform and opening up、Establish a socialist market economy system、The atmosphere of public opinion to develop socialist productivity。For example,Difficulties and problems encountered in the reform of state -owned enterprises,1997,The joint organization of the Central Propaganda Department and the National Economic and Trade Commission jointly carried out the "implementation of the spirit of the 15th National Congress、The theme of large -scale publicity activities with the theme of creating state -owned enterprises,Concentrated reports of 10 state -owned large and medium -sized enterprises including Best European Cup prediction websiteShanghai Anda Cotton Textile The most trustworthy European European Online Sports Betting 2024Cup betting prediction websiteFactory deepen reforms、Typical experience of turning losses to increase profit,Especially pay attention to introducing laid -off diversion、Reducing employment、Specific experience of implementing re -employment,created the spirit of the 15th National Congress of the Party in the country、Public opinion strong for state -owned enterprises to turn losses。This period,The party's policies and policies are closely cooperated with the introduction of major reform measures of the party and the state,Strengthen the strategy of the country and education for science and education、Sustainable Development Strategy、Western Development Strategy、"Introduction" and "Going Global" strategy,Carry out the economic macro regulation、Propaganda for the transition of the business mechanism of state -owned enterprises,Promote the news media to promote the guidance of social hot issues such as "second occupation" and "business in the sea",It provides strong public opinion support and ideological guarantee for the leading reform and opening up to。

After the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The party's policies and policies are promoted and implemented.、Around the overall situation、Services、Reform and Innovation "general requirements and" close to actual、Close to life、Working principles close to the masses,Requirements to the rapid development of the Internet,Persist in taking the overall service of the stability of reform and development as the central work,Broadly and in -depth publicity to build a comprehensive construction of a well -off society,Comprehensively and accurately publicized the major decision -making deployment and various policies and policies of the central government,Focus on creating consequences of consequences、A good atmosphere of development in one heart。This period,The national urban and rural concentrated on the development of the situation and policies,Careful organization "Scientific Development、Building Harmony "theme publicity,Carry out large -scale theme interview activities for "Implementing Scientific Development Outlook",Special topics such as "the Western Development", "Northeast Revitalization", "Rise of the Central China" and "New Eastern Leap",Around deepening reform and opening up、Looking back on the "fifteenth" brilliant achievement、Looking forward to the topic of "Eleventh Five -Year Plan" and other topics,Organizational interview report,Fully displayed all regions and departments to promote scientific development、New weather that promotes social harmony,It provides strong ideological support for the promotion of economic and social good and fast development。

In the great process of reform and opening up and socialist modernization,The party's policies and policies are advancing in the reform,Develop in innovation,Constant expansion of the content area,Methods continuously improved,The institutional mechanism is continuously improved,Vitality strength is greatly enhanced,It provides a strong ideological guarantee for reform and opening up and socialist modernization。

Tongxin Casting Chinese Dream

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Socialism 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsBest bets on Euro 2024with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era。With the rapid development of information technology,Deeply changes in media form and public opinion pattern,To adapt to the development of the situation at home and abroad,The importance of doing a good job of party policies and policies is even more prominent。Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,Party policy Policies Publicity Based on "two consolidation",Adhere to the correct political direction,Persist in the people -centered work orientation,Persist in steady progress、Shouzheng Innovation,Persist in daring to fight、Good at fighting,Showing a new actions in the overall situation of working party and state work、Get a new weather。

According to the requirements of the Party Central Committee's deployment,The party's policies and policies are promoting while improving publicity and reporting methods,Focus on the great practice of governing the country with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,Highlighting and explaining major decision -making and work deployment of the Party Central Committee,In -depth publicity of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of the Eighteenth Plenary Session,The Chinese dream of promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the "two hundred years" struggle goals,Promote the overall layout of the "Five -State" and the "Four Comprehensive" strategic layout,Publicity new development concept,Publicity adapting and leading the new normal of economic development、Promoting major deployment such as supply -side structural reforms,Publicize the construction of the “Belt and Road”、Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei Coordinated Development、The Development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt、National Food Security and other major strategies,Actively do major topics、Major Meeting、Publicity reports of major activities,Strengthen public opinion guidance on economic and social hot issues,Fully reflect the spiritual style and great practice of the people,Promote the main theme、Propaganda positive energy,Stimulates confidence and strength of the people of all ethnic groups in the country and the people of all ethnic groups in the country。

November 3, 2013,Xi Jinping discussed with villagers in Shibaidong Village, Pai Bi -Township, Huayuan County, Hunan, Xiangxi, Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture during his inspection in Hunan。

Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The party's policies and policies are promoted to follow the party and the country with the core of the party and the state with the core of the party and the state.、The pace of stable and far away,closely focusing on the new stage of development,Full、Accurate、Comprehensively implement the new development concept,Build a new development pattern,Promote high -quality development,Around the major activities of the party and the country、Major decision、Major node expansion。For example,Organize the study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China "New Era and New Act" theme interview activity,Do a good job of modification of the Constitution、Reform of the Party and State Institution、Party building and other publicity guidance,In -depth promotion of the European Online Sports Best European Cup prediction websiteBetting 2024construction of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area、The integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta、Major regional strategies such as ecological protection and high -quality development of the Yellow River Basin,In -depth publicity and implementation of the new ideas and new ideas of the party's new concept of governing the country,Inspiring people of all ethnic groups across the country to work hard,Take the Long March Road in the new era。

Facing a greater impact on the economy and society of the new crown pneumonia,Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee,Various media at all levels in the country go deep into the front line interview and report,Actively as,Working solid work,Vigorously publicize the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee on the preparation of the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development,Vigorously publicize a series of policy measures introduced by the relevant departments of the central government around "six stability" and "six guarantees",Vigorously publicize the orderly recovery of various industries and various departments in various departments to do a good job of external prevention input、Measures taken by internal defense and rebound work、achieved results, etc.,The country's economy takes the lead in recovery worldwide,Provided solid public opinion protection。

Tack to poverty around the decisive battle,Under the unified deployment and arrangement of the Party Central Committee,The Central Propaganda Department organized the major theme publicity of the "Decisive Winning Comprehensive Well -off and Fighting Poverty Alleviation"、"Decisive Battle and Fighting Poverty Alleviation · Governor of the Governor Unlike Hats and Poor County" theme interview campaign。Central and provincial media formation interview groups have penetrated into poor counties and poverty -stricken people who have penetrated their unloaded poverty -stricken counties、Poor villages with difficult poverty alleviation for interviews,Launch a large number of fresh and vivid news reports,Fully reflects the measures taken by all parts of the country to win the battle against poverty、The results obtained,showing the cadres and the masses of cadres in poor areas "one drum、Stubborn combat、Do not win all wins、Never Receives the Essence of Qi,For the decisive battle to win poverty、Get the new victory and concentration of a well -off society in an all -round way。

This year will hold the 20th National Congress of the Party,This is a major event in the political life of the people of all ethnic groups in the whole party。Welcome to the 20th National Congress of Publicity and Performing the Party.。Focus on Juggling to do a good job of greeting the publicity and implementation of the 20 major work of the party,Reinforcement and Policies and Policies of Promoting the Party,It will definitely build a new journey of a socialist modern country for progress、The Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation provides strong ideological guarantee and strong spiritual power。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao