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Release time: 2022-06-02   Source: Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission
        2022 Dragon Boat Festival is coming,A strong signal for continuously release the new wind of the "Four Winds" trees,The Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection has informed 4 typical issues that violate the eight regulations of the Central Committee。

  The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteMay 2020 to June 2021,Liu Ming under the circumstances that he has received official transportation subsidies,During the double break period, the unit driver drove the official vehicle and pick it up to and from Zhengzhou Hebi 34 times,The cost of incurred a total of 16673.46 yuan。December 2021,Liu Ming was punished by a warning within the party,Obto the disciplinary income is collected。

  2. The former party secretary of the Urban Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Wenfeng District, Anyang City、Director Li Yujiang illegally accepted gifts and gifts。2016 Mid -Autumn Festival to 2021 Spring Festival,Li Yujiang has received a total of 46,000 yuan in cigarettes and alcohol pickup cards。February to April 2019,Li Yujiang received a total of 3,000 yuan in gifts during his daughter's hospitalization。Li Yujiang still has other disciplinary problems。January 2022,Li Yujiang was severely warned within the party、Government Affairs Books Over Disclosure,Obto the disciplinary income is collected。

  3. The former party secretary of the People's Procuratorate of Yuwangtai District, Kaifeng City、Prosecutor Tang Yong issued subsidies for illegal regulations。June 2011,Then the party group of the People's Procuratorate of Yuwangtai District、Attorney General Tang Yong proposed and decided by the party group to study,Get funds in the name of reporting awards as funds for handling cases。July 2012 to October 2016,A total of 662,200 yuan was reported by Tang Yong to sign a false list of false lists,As a police officer handling and funding for handling cases,received by each case handling department。Tang Yong still exists in other disciplinary problems。March 2022,Tang Yong was severely warned within the party、Destroy of government affairs。

  4. Member of the Party Group of the Market Supervision and Administration of Taikang County、Deputy Director Li Huadong and others lost their duty during the prevention and control of the epidemic。March 22, 2022,A epidemic in Taikang County,The county enters the emergency state。According to the work arrangement,Li Huadong serves as the specific person in charge of the daily management work of Gaoxian Township's High School isolation point,Yuan Wentong, director of the Office of the Second People's Hospital of Taikang County。Li Huadong、Yuan Wentong is not true in implementing prevention and control measures、Unable to perform their duties,As a result, the management system is not sound in the isolation point、Incorrect information ledger、Staff and isolation staff are not managed、No time for garbage clearance in the isolated area,There is a major epidemic dissemination risk。May 2022,Li Huadong was severely warned within the party,Yuan Weitong was dismissed by government affairs。

Work style construction is a tackling battle、Auctional War。The above -mentioned case,Reflect that individual party members and cadres are still indifferent,Some regions and departments breed the "four winds" problem soil is still,Urgently needed to be considered ring、Against three,Precise treatment、targeted therapy。Party organizations at all levels in the province must raise political standing,Strengthening political fixed force,Sober understanding of the stubbornness of the The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction website"Four Winds" problem、2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsRepeatedness and its political hazards,Accurately grasp the phased characteristics of the current style construction,Continue reinforcement to the eight regulations of the Central Committee,Promoting the construction of clean and honest Henan,The actual effectiveness of the new wind of the "Four Winds" trees,To create a stable and healthy economic environment、Cathay people's social environment、The political environment of the wind is strong,Hold a full responsibility for the 20th victory of the party、Contribution。

The closer to the festival,The more we must supervise strictly,The rhythm of work with continuous work,Let the nodes become a "gas station"。Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels must continuously deepen the "Capable Style Construction Year" activity,Actively urge the assistance to the party committee (party group) at the level to earnestly fulfill the The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitemain responsibility,Strengthen the sense of European Online Sports Betting 2024responsibility of "rest assured",Tightly surrounds "the epidemic must be defended、The economy must be stabilized、Significant requirements for development,Find the focus point and breakthrough out of the job,Grab it from a meal、Strictly lifted from a glass of wine,Party spirit, party style and party discipline together、Zhengfeng Su Ji anti -corruption together,Promote the festival atmosphere to continue to improve with the powerful measures of adhering to the node。To adhere to the strict word、Comprehensive and strict,Comprehensive use of clear inspection and unannounced visits、Media reflection、Report on the masses、Big data information and other methods,Do actual supervision、Innovative Supervision,Focus on the violations of the holidays to eat and drink、Violation of gift gifts and gifts,Staring on catch、Continuous grasp,Continuously promote the 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsspecial rectification of the "Best European Cup prediction websitetwo violations"; we must closely focus on the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development around the efficient coordinating overall epidemic situation,Serious investigation and punishment of epidemic prevention and control、Post -disaster reconstruction、Flood prevention and flood preparation and other tasks in the work of unspeakable and inaction、Forms such as loss of duty、bureaucracy。Discipline of the top wind、Repeated teachings will not be changed、Bad circumstances,Check quickly、Public report,Forms a strong deterrence。To persist in correction trees,Education guides the majority of party members and cadres at all times to tighten the strings of discipline,Vigorously promote loyalty to the party、Hard struggle、Hard struggle、Cleaning and integrity and other party's glorious traditions and excellent style,Consciously be responsible in the European Online Sports Betting 2024new journey、responsibility as,Efforts European Online Sports Betting 2024to make new and greater contributions in the construction of modern Henan。

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