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Release time: 2022-06-01   Source: Central Discipline Inspection Commission State Supervision Commission

  2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsA few days ago,Jilin Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection made public exposure to 5 young cadres in violation of the eight of the central regulations。These 5 typical problems are:

  1. The former second -level sheriff Wang Yan (born August 1982) Wang Yan (born in August 1982) Wang Yan (born in August 1982)。2018 to 2021,Wang Yan served as the person in charge of the vehicle inspection department of the traffic police detachment of the Changchun Public Security Bureau of Changchun City Public Security Bureau,Use the opportunity of the Spring Festival every year to receive a shopping card from a motor vehicle safety technology testing enterprise in Changchun City,Total value of 2000 yuan。Wang Yan still has other disciplinary problems。December 2021,Wang Yan received a year of inspection of the party for a year、Government affairs removal (from the second -level sheriff to the fourth -level sheriff) punishment,Get the income of disciplinary violations。

  2. Zhong Qinsheng, former party branch secretary of Yushu Village, Hongqi Street, Hongqi Street, Jilin City (born in July 1986) to operate a full moon for a full moon for his son。August 2020,Zhong Qinsheng acquies n’t the family hosted a full moon for his son in three times,More than 130 people participated,During the period,Zhong Qinsheng sent a banquet notification to his family in his own name and did not stop it in time、Clarification,I booked a wine banquet、Attended three banquets,Accept village cadres、Villagers and other management and service targets have a total of 1300 yuan in gifts,and have not reported it to the street party work committee where they are located,Causes adverse effects in society。January 2021,Zhong Qinsheng was punished by a warning within the party,Get the income of disciplinary violations。

  3. Yuan Xinyu, Director of Liaoyuan City Savings Water Management Center (born in January 1983) illegal acceptance of gifts。September 2018,Yuan Xinyu as the technical person in charge of the construction management office of the key project construction management office of Liaoyuan City,1 box of moon cakes and cigarettes with a total value of 500 yuan and 1 cigarette。Yuan Xinyu still exists in other disciplinary problems。March 2022,Yuan Xinyu was severely warned within the party,Get the income of disciplinary violations。

  4. Tonghua Public Security Bureau Erdaojiang Branch Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Brigade、Grade IV sheriff Zhang Dadao (born in June 1993) illegal acceptance of gifts and gifts。July to September 2020,Zhang Dadao during the execution of official duties,Gifts and cigarettes sent by related parties many times、Gifts such as crab picking vouchers,Total value of more than 12,000 yuan。There are other disciplinary problems in Zhangdao。December 2021,Zhang Dadao was inspected for a year of inspection of the party、Government affairs removal (from the fourth -level sheriff to a first -level police officer) punishment,Get the income of disciplinary violations。

  5. Song Yankui, Minister of Engineering, Changbai Mountain Urban Infrastructure Construction Co., Ltd. (born in July 1984)、Accepting banquet issues that may affect fair execution of official duties。July 2017 to January 2019,Song Yankui served as Deputy Minister of Engineering Management Department of Changbai Mountain Development and Construction Group,4 cigarettes with a total of 2070 yuan of cigarettes from multiple management and service objects three times in three times、2 boxes of red wine、1 box of liquor,Received the banquet 1 time。December 2021,Song Yankui was punished by a warning within the party,Get the income of disciplinary violations。


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