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Release time: 2021-03-08   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

"Speaking of civilized etiquette", "History of the History of the Party", "Sending Literature and Art Programs", "A warm love", "sending health science" ... March 2nd to 6th,The first "Henan Province New Era Civilization Practice Promotion Week" activity was widely launched in the province,The colorful practice theme day activity of the colorful civilization practice allows the light of civilization to illuminate the land of the Central Plains。

Playing a volunteer service banner,Put on a warm red European Online Sports Betting 2024vest,March 2,The first "Henan Provincial New Era Civilization Practice Promotion Week" activity was launched in the province。Volunteers from various places quickly "assemble",Civilization Practice Center in the New Era (Institute、Station) is the activity platform,Using the county -level Rong Media Center as the communication platform,Concentrate a theme activity every day,Vigorously popularize civilized behavior specifications。

In Shangqiu,"Shangqiu Good Man" theme park "Speaking Civilized Etiquette" Civilization Practice Theme Day Activity Day Activities to attract The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitemany citizens to participate。Publicity Ship、Lecture、etiquette display、Play video、On -site interaction and other methods "multi -pronged approach",Just to make everyone pay more attention to the etiquette of life、Public etiquette and traditional Chinese etiquette culture。

In Huangchuan,"Study of the History of the Party History and Country" Civilization Practice Theme Day A total of 10 lecture venues。Director of each exhibition of the lecturers,Let everyone have a deeper understanding of the party's innovation theory and "four history"。After listening to preaching,Student Yang Fan said deeply: "Learn the party'Best bets on Euro 2024s history、Summary,Inherit the party's successful experience、Promoting it,is our ‘compulsory course’,You must learn it well。”

Tip "After Poverty Alleviation"、The opera "The Farmers Say",There is also a pendant drama、Popular song ...,Villagers call friends,Appreciate the wonderful performance of the "Sending Literary Program" Civilization Practice theme Day。"Later,We must continue to strengthen the civilized volunteer service team in the village,Send more and better services to the young and old。"Secretary of the Party Branch of Shangzhu Village、Village New Age Civilization 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsPractice Station Director Zhao Wenjie said。

Wanchangmen Square in Kaifeng City,"Dedication of warmth and love" Civilization Practice Theme Day Activities attracted many volunteers to participate。They are empty nest elderly、Left -behind children、Employees and other groups focus on groups,Carrying and caring for targeted manner、Psychological Guidance、Environmental sanitation、Big Hair and other volunteer service activities。"Red Vests" and the smiley face of the people being served,It is fun on the square。

In Liyang,"Sending Health Popular Science" Civilization Practice Theme Day Activity was held in the Plaza Best European Cup prediction websiteof the Mass Plaza of Jiayu Town,Volunteer service staff at the New Era Civilization Practice Station uses easy -to -understand language,introduce health science knowledge to the masses,Guide the masses to enhance health awareness。

In Luoyang、In Xuchang、In Pingdingshan、In Sanmen Gorge、In Puyang ... During the promotion period,Over places around the country revitalize、Moving the customs and customs、Civilized behavior development、epidemic prevention and control、Caring for difficult groups and other groups have implemented a large number of civilized practice volunteer service projects,Carried out a series of Best European Cup prediction websitegrounding gas、Volunteer service activities welcomed by the masses。

The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Civilization Office said,According to the provisions of the "Regulations on the Promotion of Civilization Behavior of Henan Province", which was officially implemented on January 1, this this January 1.,In the first week of March each year, it will be promoted by the new era of civilization in our province,I hope that more people will participate in it,Create a fight for civilization in the province、The strong atmosphere of the civilized people。(Reporter Chen Xiaoping)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang