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Release time: 2021-03-05   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

From Dengzhou's "Outside Leifeng Group" to the "Greentown Messenger" in Zhengzhou,From the "Red Flag Emergency Rescue" in Linzhou to the "Happy Cafeteria",From Xu Chang's "Love Mother" to the "Micro -Heart Fight" Epidemic "" in Pingdingshan ...,Volunteers wearing red vests every day are active in all corners of urban and rural areas。

From 132 county -level new era civilization practice centers in the province,To 2088 New Age Civilization Practice Institute,Further to 29340 New Age Civilization Practice Station,"Battle Fortress" relying on these volunteer services,"Red vests" do with heart to help the elderly and help the disability、Epidemic prevention and control、Emergency assistance and other work,Promote the spirit of Lei Feng。

March 5th is the 58th "Learning Leifeng Memorial Day",It is also the 22nd "Chinese Youth Volunteer Service Day"。On this special day,Let's take a look at the "Lei Feng" around us with a hotter eyes,Look at the warm heart "volunteer red"。

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Accompanying Spring,Walking with civilization。March 2,The first "Henan Provincial New Era Civilization Practice Promotion Week" activity was uniformly started in the province。"I need you,Warm our city together! "In Zhengzhou,Excellent Volunteer Organization Representative issued a sincere invitation。

One hundred responses! Square in various places、Station、New Era Civilization Practice Center (Institute、Station),The banner of the volunteer service organization on the face flutter the wind,A batch of batch of volunteers to the director of each exhibition,Actively carry out the theme activities such as "Speaking Civilized Etiquette", "Learning the History of the Party", "Sending Literature and Art Programs", "Warm and Warm Love", "Sending Health Popular Science"。

Construction of a new era civilization practice center,It is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee from strategy and global.,It is to promote Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to deeply root the hearts of people、major measures to take The most trustworthy European 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsCup betting prediction websiteroot。Henan conscientiously implemented the "Guiding Opinions on the Pilot Work of the Construction of the New Era Civilization Practice Center"、The Central Civilization Commission "Implementation Plan on Deepening the Pilot Work of the Construction of Civilization Practice in the New Era",Careful planning、Powerful Organization Implementation。

As of now,The province builds a new era of civilization practice center (institute、Station) 31560,Establishing a civilized practice volunteer service team at all levels 47628、Civilized Practice Volunteer Service Organization 14443,Practice Civilized Practice Volunteer Service Project 11472。58 counties (cities、Area) Established a new era of civilized practice center or volunteer service center with formal establishment,Establishing volunteer service centers in 9 provinces,Preliminary formation of a civilized practice volunteer service work system。

early 2020,Facing the test of the epidemic of new crown pneumonia,Civilization Practice Center of the New Era of the province (institute、Station) Give full play to the roots The most trustworthy European 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsCup betting prediction Best bets on Euro 2024websiteof the grassroots、Advantages close to the masses,All set up a fighting epidemic volunteer service team,Mobilization organizations more than 3 million grass -roots volunteers join the epidemic prevention and control,Build a strong and reliable "epidemic prevention and control wall"。

Demonstration drives civilized practice projects to benefit the masses

Demonstration of Civilization Practice Project,July 2020,from the Provincial Civilization Office、The "New Times Lectrler" volunteer service hosted by the Provincial Social Sciences Federation of Concentration Explanation Campaign is carried out simultaneously。From the provincial unit、University、Party School、72 "New Era lecturers" selected by scientific research institutions, etc.,By concentrated counseling、Symposium and exchange、On -site teaching and other forms,Face -to -face communication with you,Professional and grounded preaching is generally welcomed by the masses。

The "Volunteer Service Country Trip" activity jointly carried out by the Provincial Civilization Office and a number of The most trustworthy European 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsCup betting prediction websiteprovincial units,Extend the tentacles of The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitevolunteer service to the countryside,At present, it has become the "star" civilization practice activity of various places。Now,15 departments participate,Carrying out a total of more than 50,000 activities such as "pairing assistance to promote the revitalization", "civilized practice warming thousands",More than 85 million people who benefit the people。

Precision docking volunteer service activities becomes normal

Where is the masses,Where is the volunteer service。Give full play to the Civilization Practice Center of the New Era、Station) Function,According to the needs of the masses,Our province has planned and implemented a number of civilized practice volunteer service projects。

Since last year,Question of "one old and one small" in rural areas,Our province has implemented 18 Guan Ai left -behind elderly and left -behind children's projects、18 rural school juvenile palace literary support projects,Spell 100,000 yuan per project。Huixian City、Lancao County、Yixian、Xiang City、Lintian County and other places 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionstransform the party's policy of Best European Cup prediction websitebenefiting the people into specific volunteer service items,Launched a number of service brands such as "Happiness to Knock Doors", "Happy Dumpling Banquet" and "House of Schools for Schools"。

The Provincial Civilization Commission also has widely mobilized all parties,Organize 38 member units of the Provincial Civilization Commission and 23 provincial direct civilization units to subcontract 1 county -level new era civilization practice center,Extend the volunteer service of the organs to the countryside; organize 121 universities with 121 county -level new era civilization practice centers to carry out volunteer services,Rich civilized campus creation connotation; mobilize the "two new" organizations、Xinxiang Xian、Professionals, etc. participate in various civilized practice activities,Cultivate a group of civilized practice volunteers backbone。

The "Health Central Plains Travel · Da Medical Dedication Love" carried out by the Provincial Health and Health Commission enters the Volunteer Service Activity of the Civilization Practice Center in the new era,Since 2018,Enter European Online Sports Betting 202430 counties to carry out free clinics,Serving 65,000 people。2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsProvincial Science and Technology Association "I Science Popularization" Science and Technology Volunteer Service、Provincial Federation of Trade Unions "Be with You"、Zhengzhou "Greentown Messenger -Little Red Elephant · Health" and other projects also often carry out volunteer service activities close to people's livelihood,Promoting the normalization of the volunteer service of civilized practice。

According to statistics,At present, 13 million registered volunteers in our province,National Lei Feng Volunteer Service "Four 100" advanced typical 81,Henan Province Volunteer Service "Four Excellent" advanced typical typical 754。

Let Lei Feng's spirit "pass",Let the volunteer service "live"。Relying on the New Era Civilization Practice Center (Institute、Station),The Light of Volunteer is in every corner of the Central Plains。(Henan Daily reporter Chen Xiaoping)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang