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Release time: 2021-03-05   Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 4th. Question: Based on the new era of showing new actions -Learning Lei Feng Volunteer Service is widely carried out all over the country

Xinhua News Agency reporter

March 5th is the 58th National Lei Feng Memorial Day。In recent years,Learning Lei Feng Volunteer Service is widely launched around the country,Participate in national strategy、Serving the people's livelihood、Integrated into social governance、2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsHelp the epidemic prevention and control,It played an increasingly important role in the process of economic and social development in my country。

Current,my country's volunteer service shows a vigorous development trend。The volunteer team is getting stronger,The field of participation is becoming more and more extensive。Introduction to the Central Civilization Office,According to incomplete statistics,The national real -name registered volunteer has more than 190 million people。

Volunteer service is an important symbol of the progress of social civilization。Volunteers、Volunteer Service Organization、The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteVolunteer service workers are based on the new era、Showing a new role,Write the story of Lei Feng of the new era with actual action。

Explaining the theory of scientific communication science

Yunnan University for Nationalities will organize people and Han bilingual volunteer service lectures every year,To Yunnan Ethnic Minority Living areas to promote and popularize the popular language of the country,Preaching the party's theoretical guidelines and policies,Promoting the party's innovation theory "Flying into the Home of Ordinary People"。As of the end of 2020,The school has 5,249 volunteers enter the countryside,Preaching theoretical policies 2568 games,Service time for nearly 40,000 hours,Cover 1284 villages、50199 people。

"Villagers will do farm work during the day,We just use the night time,Under the leadership of the village secretary,Sitting around with the villagers sit around the fire pond and communicate。"Li Qiujiao, a junior student at Yunnan University for Nationalities, participated in volunteer service lectures twice,In the "Huatang Night School" again and again,She and volunteers The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteexplained precision poverty alleviation to the villagers in the people and Han bilingual、Ecological and Environmental Protection、Civil Code and other policy and legal knowledge,and really feel the changes brought by volunteer services to the villagers。

The Memorial Hall of the First Convention at the Shanghai Communist Party of China established the "Birthplace of the Party" Volunteer Service Team,Nearly 3,000 explanations in two years; Chongqing formed the "Speaking theory、Policies、Law of Law、Talking about technology、Speaking of health、Speaking of typical "6 preaching volunteer service teams,More than 20,000 volunteers participated in it ... Tell me about historical changes、Explanation of vivid practice、The theory of communication science,A large number of preaching volunteer service items emerging from all over the country,Attract hundreds of The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteThousands of volunteers to join,New ideas in spreading、Himmons of the new fashion has played a unique role。

Serving the people's livelihood to participate in social governance

Fried Yuanzi、煨 soup、Dumplings ... New Year's Eve,The Volunteer Service Team of the Hug Group came Best European Cup prediction websiteto Peng Hanzhen, the lonely old man in the warm old man in the Baibu Ting Community, Jiang'an District, Wuhan City,Cooking a different kind of New Year's Eve dinner for her。

The Volunteer Service Team of the Hug Group was established in 2012,Over the years as the severe patients in the community,Residence、Family service of vulnerable groups such as empty nest elderly people。

"Spring Festival every year,Volunteers come to see me,Make me delicious meals for me。They usually care about my life very much。"Watching the volunteers brought out a plate of hot and steaming dishes,Peng Hanzhen was moved。

Watch neighborhood、Family Care、Social Rescue、Ecological and Environmental Protection ... All kinds of temperature、A distinctive volunteer service is continuing to carry out,Serving the people's livelihood,Help social governance。

Entering Hongxiang Village, Huhong Town, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province,From time to time, you can meet volunteers in red vests back and forth,Some rush to the village square to help the elderly free haircut,Some have just taught the homework of children in the village。Last year,This village 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionswith a permanent population of about 2,500 people is rated as "National Civilized Village",There are 7 volunteer teams in the village,More than 300 people participated in it。

Li Hao is a staff member of a beauty hairdressing shop in Huh Town,He comes to Huanchen, Hu Yan Town every week with colleagues,Give the elderly for free、Pruning hair。"We use our own skills,Do something for the people in the countryside,Yes。Everyone gives a force,Society can be better。”

Teachers of Gao Xueyao and Xu from the Youth Activity Center in Hongkou District, Shanghai are two young volunteers who promoted garbage classification,The popular science activities they designed "Green Environmental Protection Campus Hongkou District Campus",Let children of different ages experience garbage classification on the spot,Education in the music ground strengthened their awareness of environmental responsibility and conscious classification。

According to statistics,As of the end of December 2020,Shanghai garbage classification registered volunteers are about 530,000 people,Cumulative volunteer services for more than 29 million hours。

2024 European Cup Match Result Betting PredictionsHelp the epidemic prevention and control to protect life and health

Wearing a volunteer vest,Holding the soundtrack in one hand to inform the residents of the community during the Spring Festival prevention and safety precautions。Among the "flow whistle" crowd participating in the inspection,International student from Africa Patg is particularly eye -catching。

"Can participate in community volunteer service,I am very happy。"Pat was the second captain of the" Yang Lei Feng "volunteer service team of Huazhong Normal University,I have participated in many volunteer service items。During the prevention and control of the epidemic last year,He felt the care and help of community staff,This year he took the initiative to find the community,Registration becomes a member of the "mobile whistle"。

The reporter learned from the Civilization Office of Hubei Province,During the anti -epidemic period,More than 30,000 volunteer service organizations in Hubei Province、1.2 million volunteers actively engaged in the prevention and control of the epidemic。

Not only Hubei,In the struggle to fight against the new crown pneumonia,The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteThousands of volunteers throughout the country "retrograde" through the streets and alleys,Fighting day and night in the first -line positions of anti -epidemic。

In terms of protecting the lives and health of the people,Volunteer service is continuing to work、Innovative development。

Captain of the Chinese Medical Emergency Volunteer Corps、Professor Guo Shubin, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University, told reporters,They are promoting the establishment of the "Medical Emergency Volunteer Program",I hope to use Internet big data resources,Official registration of medical personnel who have mastered first aid knowledge in the country、Registration,and introduce relevant data into the Internet platform。Once there is a problem with the patient,You can call medical emergency volunteers around you through this network platform,To get timely、Effective first aid treatment and treatment。(Reporter: Cao Dian,Participate in writing reporters: Xiake、Li Wei、He Leijing、Word strong、Yang Youzong、Dong Xue)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang