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Release time: 2020-06-02   来源:光明日报

  国家繁荣富强、人民安居乐业,It has always been unremitting pursuit。Today's Times,更是如此!

  多年来,我国以人民为中心,Efforts to achieve the "two hundred years" struggle target、Realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,Promoting the construction of socialist spiritual civilization is its important content and important guarantee。

Gathering force provides strong mental motivation for preventing and controlling the epidemic

  2020年1月,Facing the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic,凝心聚力、Judong -time hardship is the common wish of the people of the whole country。

In the battle against the epidemic,my country gives full play to the advantages of the creation of spiritual civilization,Widely mobilized the masses to participate in the patriotic health movement,Provide a strong mental motivation for the comprehensive winning the prevention and control of the epidemic,营造了良好的社会环境。

With the help of urban civilization creation work and the experience of the patriotic health 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionscampaign for many years,我国大力整治环境脏、乱、Poor phenomenon,Special rectification of urban human settlement environment、Sanitary Rectification of the Farmers Market Environment、Infrastructure transformation of old community ...

  河南开封,全市累计整治小区、村庄2059个,整治农贸市场44次,Clear Sanitary Dead Horn 14590,Organizational and Pathogenic Biological Prevention Control and Capital Activities 1394 times。And this is just one corner of many cities in the country。江苏苏州、Liaoning Dalian、Anhui Huaibei and many other cities also combine patriotic health campaigns with spiritual civilization construction,全面推进垃圾分类、Public chopstick operation、光盘行动、New Actions of Civilization and Civilization and Civilization of Qingming Festival。

In the process of fighting with the disease,人类文明得到不断发展。The epidemic of the new crown pneumonia further awakened the public's ecological and environmental awareness,That is the concept of building a person and nature that is a community of life。

A mobilization of "improving environmental sharing 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsof health", "Promotion of bad habits to unsanitary and uncivilized diets", "Harmonious mentality and happy life" as the key topic,A new climax of the patriotic sanitation movement in the country,A more civilized lifestyle is strengthened and sublimated。

During the time of the Gongji, the results of many years of spiritual civilization are highlighted

Facing the sudden epidemic,The people of the whole country actively respond to the national call,People's War that actively devoted to the prevention and control of the epidemic、Overall battle、Blocking War,Not afraid of hardships,冲锋在前。

Facing the new crown virus full of variables,以钟南山院士、李兰娟院士、42,000 medical staff represented by Academician Wang Chen regardless of the risk of infected,逆行奔赴湖北,Establish an immortal merit for the victory of the war;,Volunteers from all over the world of four seas selfless dedication,提供心理咨询,The elderly and children who take care of the medical staff in Hubei,Help closed management communities to carry and distribute food and vegetables; there are tens of thousands of policemen、疾控人员、Courier、快车司机等,Also holding my job silently ...

Best European Cup prediction website  一方有难、八方支援,This is the fine tradition of traditional culture in my country;、Difficulty in the time of over gram,This is a vivid embodiment of my country's attention to the creation of spiritual civilization over the years。

  改革开放以来,my country creatively proposed the strategic task of building a socialist spiritual civilization,Establishing material civilization construction and spiritual civilization construction "two hands、Two hands must be hard "strategic policy,Incorporate the construction of spiritual civilization into the overall layout of socialist modernization。

  党的十八大以来,my country attaches great importance to the construction of spiritual civilization,Put forward a series of new ideas, new perspectives and new requirements,strongly promoted the coordinated development of two civilizations。Realize the "two hundred years" struggle goals、The Chinese dream of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is more deeply rooted in people's hearts,Socialist core values ​​are increasingly becoming the common value pursuit of all people。

  多年来,my country attaches great importance to showing the leading role of advanced The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websitetypical models on promoting the new fashion of the era。Selected "Moral Model", "Model Model of the Times", "Most Beautiful Character", "Good People around" through the grassroots masses,The common points of these examples are all important contributions in their own posts,群众认可度高,社会影响力大。

Navy "Heping Ark" hospital boat,It is the first system of Ocean Hospital in my country。Since entering the list,It breaks the ocean hammer to refine the high -sea health security capability,Go overseas to carry out humanitarian medical services,先后9次走出国门,航行24万余海里,Services 43 countries and regions、23万余人次,It has won high praise at home and abroad; Zhu Youyong, known as "Farmers Academician",It is a famous plant pathology expert in my country,He took the initiative to go to the deep poverty "nation's direct zone",Founded Academician Science and Technology Poverty Alleviation Guidance Class,Trained more than 1,000 technologies for the poverty -stricken areas of Yunnan minority ethnic minorities; Chen Liqun,President of Taijiang County National Middle School, Taijiang County, Miao and Dai, Guizhou Province, Guizhou The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteProvince、The former president of Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School, Zhejiang Province,After retirement, go to the poverty -stricken area of ​​southeast Guizhou.,Home visits and funded more than 100 families with Miao people ...

  在我国,There are many moral models such,郑德荣、杜富国、Meng Xiangmin ... They are like a lighthouse long Ming,闪耀着善良、忠诚、担当的光辉,Affecting generations of generations of Chinese。

People -oriented realization sharing

With the deepening of the construction of spiritual civilization,我国的城乡环境面貌、社会公共秩序、公共服务水平、The quality of life of residents has improved significantly,社会文明程度显著提高。

  当前,In the face of the historical mission of realizing socialist modernization and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,The status of spiritual civilization construction is getting more important。但不论何时,Persist in the people -centered development ideas as firm as a rock。

  多年来,The construction of spiritual civilization is firmly established to rely on the people、为了人民的思想理念,增进人民福祉,促进人的全面发展,动员人人参与,实现共建共享。

Health is an inevitable requirement for promoting the comprehensive development The most trustworthy European Cup betting prediction websiteof people,是社会文明进步的基础。近年来,my country vigorously promote the construction of healthy China,加强全民健康教育,Popularization of public health knowledge and health scientific knowledge,优化健康服务,完善健康保障,建设健康环境,发展健康产业,Efforts to improve the health level of the people。

  多年来,my country's in -depth creation of a civilized city、Civilized Village、文明单位、Civilized Family、文明校园活动,greatly enhanced the sense of gain and happiness of urban and rural residents,Promoting people's happiness for family、为他人送温暖、Improve the spiritual realm in the process of contributing to society,培育文明风尚。

Campus culture is the unique spiritual logo of the school,Become a spiritual cradle for the country to train teenagers。2017年11月,The Central Civilization Committee grandly commended the first national civilization campus,494所学校名列其中。These schools are good at drawing nutrition from traditional culture,Forms campus cultural characteristics with self -"soul"。Excellent traditional culture is the "root" and "soul" of the Chinese 2024 European Cup Match Result Betting Predictionsnation,深入挖掘和阐发讲仁爱、Zhongmin's original、Keep integrity、Chong Zhengyi、Shanghehe、求大同的时代价值,The creative transformation and innovative development of the excellent traditional culture of China,It is an important content created by my country's spiritual civilization。

  人民有信仰,民族才有希望,国家才有力量。During the creation of spiritual civilization,my country takes ideals and belief education as the central link of the massive spiritual civilization creation activity,Let the lighthouse of ideals and faith shine in the hearts of Chinese people,Guide the Chinese people's unremitting struggle to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation! (Jin Zhenya)